Picture Post of July 2010

Well here you have it folks…. Some snap shots of my summer away from you all…..

These are of the Forbidden City in Beijing, China.  I mean they don’t call me The Middle Kink for nothing.

I mean the sites to see are one thing…. but the decorations and the seals and the ceilings and the door knobs… well the door knockers and the doors themselves have lots to say about them.  Yes, yes.  Call me weird, call me crazy… I have a thing about door knobs.

With all my complaining and laughter at Chinglish…. There are times when their beauty of words just strike home.  This little ditty is just one of those… along with….

And in all personal opinion… this is just is perfect with its simplicity.

BUT….. this is what I mean when I say the Chinese have a way with Chinglish…. stating the obvious, and being direct…..  

And here is a picture of my hotel accomodations in Xilamuren near Erdos, Inner Mongolia.  It is called a “yurt”and is a traditional Mongolian house.

Sorry about the blury pic… but this one is of the trip out to Xilamuren….

I mean camels!!!!!  How could one not think these animals are cute????

And here is the final picture…. this is me (wow!!!! an actual pictue of me!!!! I know! How brave am I??? LOL!!!)  climbing down from a mountain top on the way out to Xilamuren.  Never fear!!!! I shall include many more pictures of my adventures through China!!!!

~ by Woman on August 5, 2010.

One Response to “Picture Post of July 2010”

  1. Great shots!

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