There was thunder… and then… there was lightning….

Last night I went to bed.  And the world was all dry.  But that is the joy of living in the desert.  But this morning? Boy.  This morning.  I awoke to a world wet, the streaks of lightning thrashing through the sky.  It was spectacular.

I’d not seen lightning or heard thunder since this past summer in Canada.  And before that? It had been years.  This past summer, driving through the flat fields the lightning just lighting the dark sky, the thunder cracking through my ears.  That scent of ozone filling my nose causing my hair to get all weird assed.  It was glorious.

This morning, it was just rain.  Cold air during the beginning of September.  A light wind.  The thunder; those booms echoing through my top floor apartment.  The sky  still dark, the sun still not having risen; the lightning making the sky brilliant, the holes through the clouds light up like purple and pink swiss cheese.  But only if swiss cheese were purple and pink that is.  But it’s not.

It is now just before lunch, the rain hasn’t let up here in the desert, the thunder and the lightning is still going strong.  Reminds me of life back on the base in Cold Lake, Alberta. The sounds of the jets on arrival and departure.  The bangs with every time they soar through the air.

It’s actually making me homesick.  For the life I had before China.

But to chug along.  Yup.  I took matters into my own hands and did what I always do when I suffer a bought of homesickness.  I get naked, wrap a big fluffy towel around my body, and pull out all the Western body products I have.  Washing my hair with shampoo that smells like summer, running that amazing razor over my body, feeling my skin soften under it.  Those Venus razors with the huge head? Holy smokes.  Talk about soft skin during your shower, then even after it.

I couldn’t help myself.

I turned to pump some of my favourite lotion into my hands, to run it up my legs to help prolong that fabulous tan I worked all summer on, up over my thighs.  Over my smooth mound… my fingers wandered to my clit.

Looking into the mirror while I was bent over slightly with a finger circling my clit, my other hand reaching for more lotion to apply to my stomach.  It is then I notice my nipples.  My skin still hot and red from the water, my nipples flat and fat slowly puckering to those hard nubs that I know they’ll become soon.  Grabbing one between my fingers, twisting it.  My moan echoes along with the thunder.

It is now much later in the day… actually nearing my bed time.

My last post, TIFC, I was quite bitter.  Bitter and frustrated about my new apartment, my new place of work and so many other things as well.  I thought I should mention one of my most favourite things about my new place.  My bed.

My bed is not the most beautiful thing in the world.  The head board is so Chinese.  It actually has a pink and white heart on it.  I mean… what person in their right mind would actually have yet alone buy a head board that has painted pink and white hearts on it? But the bed itself…..

I adore high beds.  Beds so high off the ground where you have to do a little jump up or I have to get up on my tipie toes then literally climb into bed.  Not like my last apartment’s bed where it only came up to my knees and I was so close to the ground that it felt odd.  This bed is just so high up.  Up just above my hips.  It is fantastic!!!!!! I love it!!!!!

Back to the moaning….

Well none of that at the moment…. It is night time, I am horny and I’ve lots of toys to play with.  If you are good, I shall tell you about it later.

Keep your eyes open to this place; I have entered a challenge which I hope I do not loose, but if I do, I have made a promise to post racy photos in this place.  Well not this place. But in a future post on this blog.

Happy masturbating!!!!!

~ by Woman on September 8, 2010.

One Response to “There was thunder… and then… there was lightning….”

  1. You weave quite a tale, woman! I can just imagine you there, clean and dirty all at once…
    Excuse me, my glasses just fogged up!

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