Woman’s Arse Plug Challenge….

First. Let me start by welcoming all you new readers to my brain and my world. It is wonderful to know that people actually read this stuff.  Who knew that people would find me so interesting? Or is it just you enjoy the bluntness and way I try to explain things… And the way that the only thing I don’t share with you all are feelings? Oooohhh feelings… Nothing more than feelings!!! Hummm… I shall have to play with this brain teaser some more later. to figure it out. Well in any case; Welcome to The World According to Me!!! Where masturbation is indeed encouraged, and sex is usually at the front of my thoughts, my actions, words and deeds.  And all the fun that comes along with being a sex deprived lunatic in The Big Silly.

After all… this IS just another masturbating site in China.

And for those of you- oh! Gasp! Yay!!!! You can be my gaggle!!! Or do you want to be my flock? No. Not good. Ummm… Posse? Groupies? Nah. I am not keen on these terms. I shall come up with something very nifty for you regular readers.

And for those of you who are regular readers of TWAT-me (bet you never saw that one did you? Tee hee hee); a special call out to the boy who reads when there is nothing better to read, Vixen darling, Saucy Man, Steven, AM, Meri, Blaine,  and all of you sneaky private readers (you cheeky emailers!!!) thank-you for your support and constant comments and frequent encouragements to not only help me see the humour of the situation (great song by the way) but for being such grand people.  Who are very clever- how do I know this? Well you read my blog… so you must be!!  And to all you I don’t know… a huge hump in your general direction in thanks for reading!!!

Now, I was reading a blog from WordPress the other day about blogging and people trying to blog everyday, or weekly. Well, I would love to blog daily, but that is just not possible. Plus can you imagine your amount of reading? Holy noodles with Lou Diamond Philips penis (l’sigho) that would be a lot of reading for you. I am trying the weekly blogging. Heck… Actually bi-weekly. As long as WordPress stays permissible in China that is.

Now. Onto the good stuff.

You all remembered my post last week about What’s a Woman To Do… The post about a bum plug? Well… I got to thinking.  That base is just a little scary to me as I do not fancy a trip into the emergency room here in China to get a toy removed from my arse. I’ve had enough doctors and people I do not know poking around down there, I really do not fancy another photo-op of my nether regions on the walls of hospitals telling people that they should not put things up their asses.  Cause for one… I just do not agree with that.  I think everyone should discover the joys of playing with their arse!!!  Cause it is jolly fun for me and you!!!

I’ve never actally bought a toy specific for my ass.  And many of my readers are men. And many of my women readers have enjoyed the lovely play time of arse play. And after a conversation I had with a good friend the other day, about how would a man explain his desire of a toy to his long term significant other (to which my comment on what would my reaction be, he’d not need too. Chances are he’d already have them), I thought it would be neat to have your input on what you would buy for your bum, if you were going to buy a toy for your arse!!!  Or for your significant other if you thought he/she would enjoy an anal plug.

And that is exactly what I shall be doing.

So this blog is all about you and what you want for you or what you would like to see your significant other use (maybe on you too!!!! Yes. I would love to tie you up, lube you up then slowly slide an bum plug into you then take full advantage of you in oh so many different ways.  What can I say? I can be very controlling at times too!)

Here are the rules;

1. Read my blog (of course!!!)

2. Click here to get to Eden Fantasys that fabulous site for adult toys we discussed last week.  This link will take you directly to the section on anal toys. (Trying to make it easy for you!!! and since today links work I am going link crazy!)

3. Search through the anal toys for something you would want given to you as a present for say your birthday, or Christmas… hell… I’d give a sex toy as a present just because the day ended in y.  Or to give to your significant other as a present because…well… the day you give it to them ends in y of course.

4. Open up the comment section of this blog post and add the link, and the reason you would pick this toy.  Ok, ok, ok. I know not all of you are blessed with my verbal diarrhea, but if you just want to add the link it is all good!!! OR for my private commentators (fondly called my peanut gallery in my head) feel free to remain private by emailing.  Now for those of you who do not have my email address, and do not feel comfortable commentating publicly, add your comment, but in the box, just mention you’d rather not have your comment public.  Which works too!!!

5.  The closing date for this blogging game on bum plugs is February 14 (figure what a way to spend Valentines Day… look at bum plugs!!!!)

Now… you might be asking, “Woman, get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich.” or better yet, you might be asking, “Woman, what on god’s green earth are you going to do with this list?”

Well dear readers…. I will pick two or three of the plugs you choose, and do another write up about why I like them.  THEN we will have another poll.  Where you, yes you!!! But not you though… will vote picking one plug and that is the plug I shall be buying from www.edenfantasys.com.

Since shipping a parcel from www.edenfantasys.com is going to cost an arm and a leg for international delivery, I will order it come Spring time and have it delivered to my house in Canada (15USD delivery baby!!! BOYAH!!!!) Where I shall do a full review on the toy, with pictures and possibly short video to be posted on http://www.edenfantasys.com.  And on my blog here, I shall properly in Woman style, write a very lovely little (ok long) ditty about how I found the toy.

Now… here is the fun part…. if I end up picking the same arse plug that you want too… I will share with you a racy photograph of me and the toy.  And yes, I really mean that I will get on a horse and race it holding the new plug in my hand.  (*Woman facepalms…)

Are you up for this bit of fun???

AND might I just say… gentlemen.  I do hope that you do regularly massage your prostate. Or have someone take care of that for you.  Cause if I hear you don’t… I shall be very disappointed.  And my look of disappointment is one that can make students quiver in their shoes!!!

PS- There is a way that I might be able to get it earlier… if I win this competition I have entered to win a gift certificate  which I would be put towards the cost of postage, put with the other gift certificate, I’d be able to get not only a bum plug, but nipple clamps and postage covered!!!! BOYAH!!! L’grande sigho… damn you postage costs!!!! Er… ah… rather damn me for choosing to live in a country that has astronomical international postage costs!!!!

~ by Woman on January 14, 2011.

20 Responses to “Woman’s Arse Plug Challenge….”

  1. Okydoky!!!! We have our first pea nut gallery (what I call them in my head remember) vote.

    The first one is from CD51… he has submitted three…


    http://www.edenfantasys.com/anal-toys/anal-plugs/luxotiq-glass-anal-plug In the dark blue!!!!


    Thank-you for your comments CD51!!!

  2. http://www.edenfantasys.com/anal-toys/anal-beads/erotic-symphony-beads

    Well the idea of controlling the …frequency…and watching u squirm! Need i say more

  3. http://www.edenfantasys.com/anal-toys/anal-plugs/sexy-spades-medium -Ok, first and foremost I think it should be glass… from my readings, I think you truly enjoy the cold smooth feeling of glass. I like this one for the shape and the design, as a basic arse plug.

    -Now this one I like more… its a bit longer and the thoughts of slowwwwly removing it during an orgasm… a wow factor!!!… and again in glass…

    I feel for you woman, so many choices, I think it would be better if they let you try them all out for say a week at a time so you can find the one that truly is the best. Good luck with your search and your contest… and of course im hoping I win!!! LOL!!!

    You always make me smile and chuckle when you write… and oh yes horny as hell too!!! LOL!!! Bye for now!!

  4. TongueFun and AM…. thank-you for your postings!!!!

    You know… I’ve been through the EdenFantasys.com Anal Toys section numerous times over the past few weeks… but reading all the reviews again on the toys you all have suggested is quite …er…ah… fun!!!

    Thanks for your suggestions!!!!

    Watch this space over the next few weeks!!!


  5. Get drunk with moonshine: http://www.edenfantasys.com/anal-toys/anal-plugs/moon-shine

    And have the royal intruder: http://www.edenfantasys.com/anal-toys/anal-plugs/royal-intruder
    Otherwise known as Prince Charles.

    Now, Woman, you promise a saucy picture for the winner, but I do not want this picture. Never mind that I have a gimp leg, one eye and a bald spot on my balls, I do this for another. His name is Jim. He lives in the wifi enabled homeless shelter, in the same bed as me. Jim is an unfortunate young lad who has been through a lot in his short, short life. For you see his was beating by his parents when he was barely a day old, and then set on fire, both to provide heat and to calm the demons troubling his parents. But that is not all. Once, while alight at the tender age of 5, he burnt down the house, killing his psycho parents as well as his loving if racist gran. He is tortured by this every day. But his time is growing short, as he is dying from an almost incurable disease. The doctors say he would surely rally if there were something to cling to, to give him hope. So I hive you these links in the hope that you’ll think of wee Jim and award him that racy photo.

  6. http://www.edenfantasys.com/sex-toy-reviews/anal-toys/2-ends-r-better-than-1

    Hello everyone,

    ok its a bit cheating then i do own this toy and can speak from experiance. as a lesbian girl who enjoys anal with her partners
    i did look for something fun this toy spell out fun for 2 girls or even male/female anal then both get the fun and the beeds in accending size couse for the the wonderfull sensation each time one gose in or out so this is my winner choice lol

    kiss to you all and licks to all the ladies
    always ur wet judy

  7. http://www.edenfantasys.com/anal-toys/anal-plugs/royal-intruder

    Hello Woman, I picked the Art Deco (small) butt Plug @ 15% Off. Not only Is it useful but you can stand it on a coffee table & it will make a great conversation piece

    Also it’s cheap, small (it hurts me to poot much less have a large object slammed up my ass), And above all it’s a contemporary piece of art!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Saucy Man, Judy and Ronnie…. merci buttocks for your suggestions!!! They are lovely!!! Choices, choices, choices!!! If this keeps up might have to take the top two suggestions!!!!

    Thank-you everyone for reading and participating in this- well for me at least- fun blog post!!!!! Hope you are finding it as much fun as I do!!!!


  9. When you were using the word arse I totally thought you were European of some sort, upon further reading realized you were Canadian and got super stoked!!! And your blog is amazing. ahmen

  10. http://www.edenfantasys.com/anal-toys/anal-plugs/the-big-end

    Oh my…sweetest G:

    This has got to be the one…the review sold me along with the engineering.

    It works well if you are…”Slip sliding Away” with yourself…or with your kind and gentle lover…”I’m a doctor Jim, not a butt plug engineer.”

    So with your favorite lube in one hand…and this Big End in the other…put on some nice music, a second glass of wine…and after a nice bath hop into bed and get your twat just about ready…and have a nice sit on this wonderful lubed up delight.

    Oh yes…you must have one hand free to do a little Chubby Checkers….and “Twist away!”

    Then just let the song…”Rocket man”…take over.



  11. I picked Kobe Tai’s anal adventure. For a few reasons…

    1. It’s a good bargain. Lots of bang for your buck.

    2. They’re purple. Purple is nice yeah?

    3. If you don’t like one well you can just try another.

    4. Matching lube.

    5. It’s an adventure… An adventure for your ass.


  12. http://www.edenfantasys.com/anal-toys/anal-plugs/pleasure-pearls

    Now this looks like lots of fun to slip in and out, it would be even better if it lit up. A girlfriend of mine had something similar, if a little smaller and enjoyed it immensely. Both of us enjoyed it. I hope that you would like it as much.

  13. Dora… I am thrilled you are enjoying the blog!!!! Hope you find a few things of interest and enjoy the links!!! There are a few good Chinese related blogs up there, and if you know of more let me know!!! There are also some REALLY amazing blogs in the blog roll too to take a gander at if you’ve the time!!! Also, if you like a good erotic story (must pimp my own… must must must!!) read mine first!!! LOL!!! then check out some of the erotic sites listed.

    Mister Personal, Jason, Rimmer… swell choices!!!!! I love the options and… well… I do enjoy all the suggestions made!!!!

    Thanks everyone!!!!

  14. I like this one. At least, I think I’d like this one. Maybe you would like it too…😀


  15. http://www.edenfantasys.com/anal-toys/anal-beads/ringed-body-beads

    Ive used these on a girl before and you can pop them in slowly one by one until you feel full during foreplay. Then start having sex, you can pull on them or add more as you get use to them and then as your cumming start pulling them out and it makes the pleasure more intense.

    it said things that we’d like and everyone loves a bit of tongue play around there.

  16. Hmmm.
    I made a few choices, I think you have to get something with character… Something you can name easily

    I think it just looks cool, almost like a little lava lamp. Plus, you can’t argue with a 5 star review! Not sure if you like glass or not though.

    Hmmm… Your own personal Royal Intruder! Think of the possibilities!

  17. Oh my heavens!! I cannot wait for a steady income. I’ve fallen in love with this site. So here are my choices.:)


    I love the design and then I love the handle! I’m picturing hubby sliding it into me and then turning the handle like a crank. MMM!


    Same concept as the first one, but the swirl! Can you imagine how good that would feel? lol

    Self explanatory. lol


    Oh my god, yes!

    I like this one because if there is someone else involved they get to enjoy it too.

    And this is my last vote, because while it is a beginner’s kit, I love that it’s flexible and the vibrations. *spasm* So good. LOL

    Mmm, snug

    Now this has potential.

    Wow. I am definitely going to get in trouble on this site. And I may have picked too many, but oh lordy. There are so many that look fantastic!

  18. Holy Jiminey Crickets on pogo sticks with giant purple dildos!!!! You created a list!!!! Well gosh golly Ms Morbid… Sign your arse up to the sight!!!!!!!

    Kiwi, Carthorse and Mister Nudie Man- thanks for the suggestions!!!!!!! I want them all!!!!!!!

  19. And the final entries I have received from the peanut gallery….

    From you: http://www.edenfantasys.com/anal-toys/anal-probes/sapphire-falls


    From another you: http://www.edenfantasys.com/anal-toys/anal-probes/emerald-explorer

    Thank-you all for your thoughts on this challenge!!!! I do not know about you, but I had a blast reading and it is a chore picking the finals!!!!!


  20. It takes a special kind of writer to make a subject like anal toys really fly off the screen, but you’re really that special! Good job.

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