Sharing is Caring at Home… an erotic story

To you both… for being an inspiration for oh so many things…

I dare you… turn on your cam.

Looking at myself one last time in the mirror before setting down my phone.  Nervous.  That text message now out.  He had called me a slut this morning, and tonight? I wanted to show him just how much of a slut I could be.  I had on a red lacy demi cup push up bra with just a low cut white tank top over it and a pair of black lacy knickers, more of a thong than French cut though…and oh so very see through.  That was it.

My long auburn hair lay about my face in kinks having been up all day in a pencil, curling about my chin and breasts, making me grin.  Finally, poofy hair. I had applied a dark lip stain to my lips, and watched as the corners of my mouth slowly curled up forcing my cheeks to take on a very seductive look, which I know he likes.  Almost as if I am hiding something from him.

No time like the present. I thought.  I knew what he’d be doing at this very moment; he’d be sitting on the couch in his house, his feet propped up on the coffee table, his lap top on his lap, wearing his comfortable house clothes, while his wife sits in the chair adjacent to him.  I knew this from the countless hours that he pretended to work while she sat there and we cybered the other.

Only today; I don’t plan on cybering him.  I plan to have him watch while I fuck myself. The previous week, when I played for him while he was at work still sent flutters of excitement coursing through my body.

Across my screen flashed his name, telling me he just signed in, and I just knew, that he was slowly getting hard just thinking of turning on the cam.

My message to him was simple. Direct.  To the point.  Turn your volume off. No hello, no greetings, just a simple demand.

It was then I clicked the “Video Call” on his Skype window and watched as he appeared on my screen.  Giving me a quick grin before his expression turned back into one of fake boredom at pretending to work.  But his eyes focused on me.

My eyes staring right into the camera, raising a brow I let my fingers slide down over my neck, my touch feather light as I let it slide over the swell of my breast.

God, I love seeing your nipples hard through your bra.

Flashing him a smile at his words, bending forward slightly, my hands cupping my breasts and pushing them up.  Letting him see the valley between them, my tank top crumple between my hands.

Letting my hand slide down between the satin of my bra and my warm, soft flesh of my breast, my fingers searching for my nipple.  Needing to feel its hardness, the skin soft between my fingers, and as I pinched it, I felt that warm gush of my juices start within my pussy, I could feel the material over my slit now damp with my nectar.

Pulling my breast up over the neck line of the tank top by my nipple, stretching it, I watch as my own creamy orb appears above the whiteness of my tank top, my hard nub only a flash of colour between cream and white.  Leaning back against the couch, placing my feet on the edge of the coffee table, all I wanted to let him see was my breast and naked knees.

I wanted his mind to go wild trying to picture what I was doing when my hands disappear from his sight.  Letting my fingers slide down my inner thigh, slowly creeping to my very wet pussy, my eyebrows raised high in that momentary shock when cold fingers touch your inner most heat.  Massaging my fingers over the crotch of my panties, warming them before sliding a finger under the material again and thrusting it deep within me, covering it with my juices.

Grinning like a Cheshire cat, I see his eyes now glued to his screen with this look of stunned disbelief.  My finger comes to my exposed nipple and I cover it with my juices.  Gently my finger swirls around the hard nub, coating it, making it glisten.

I watch his mouth move and I think he said suck it.

Going along with what I think he said, never being good at being able to read lips,  lowering my head and extending  my tongue.  Flicking it with just the tip before wrapping my lips about my nipple and sucking it deep into my mouth.

A flood of sensation overwhelms me.  My flesh so warm to the touch, my fingers digging into the softness of my breast, pushing it higher.  My head lowers a little bit further.  My eyes glued to the camera, my teeth feast upon my nipple, pulling it deeper into my mouth.  I watch him inhale sharply, cough slightly, and look over to where his wife must be sitting. His eyes return to the screen watching as I roll my tongue around my nipple, closing my eyes in bliss at the taste.

Hearing my own moans surround me, I lock my teeth on my nipple and pull my head back.  Letting it fall from my mouth, my hands at my sides pushing my body straighter, my breast falls and jiggles as it lands over my bra and tank top.  Glistening, my hard browny pink nub pointing straight at the camera.

Running the tips of my fingers over the swell, tracing little patterns as my fingers slide down till they come in contact with my nipple, glistening in the light from my saliva. Bowing my head, my hair falling foreword, parting my lips to blow on the exposed nipple.  Watching it pucker and rise again, harder than before.  Shivering, feeling my skin tighten and gooseflesh spreads like wild fire across my exposed bosom.

Leaning back against the sofa, just grinning into the camera, idly toying with my exposed nipple for him to watch, I watch him squirm sitting there.  His face flushing, I could see the tendons in his neck more prominently than usual.  His hand reaching up to adjust the neck line of his shirt, and as his hand came back down to the keyboard, his hand grazed over his chest, over his nipple till it rested on his lap top.

His hands disappear, and I watch his camera shake as he does.  Then I hear the ping of a new message in my box.

Move your table back, I want to see all of you.

Reading the message, grinning from ear to ear, my cheeks flushed watching him on the screen, slightly nodding his direction.  Raising an eyebrow, looking directly into the camera, my body leans back once more against the backing of the couch as my feet rise and push the table back.

Further. His message pops up on my screen.

I do just that.  I push it back further till I see my body from knees to the top of my head in my little window.  My breasts high above the top of my bra and tank top, fingers sliding down over them, down over my stomach, my long fingers covering my lace covered slit from his view.  My knees parted wide apart, I let him watch as I drag my nails over my wet heat.

Biting on my lower lip, I watch him on the screen.  A stunned look of disbelief on his face; watching me get ready to fuck myself for his enjoyment.

He’s watched me countless times before, but never when his wife has been around.  We’ve chatted so often while he pretended to work, but this is the first time he’s been helpless. I wanted to make him feel what I feel every time I saw his name flash across my screen.  And I was enjoying it.  I wanted to egg him on.  I wanted to drive him wild.  I wanted him to cum so hard without even touching himself.  I wanted him to tell me what he wanted to see.

That was it!

I wanted him to tell me what he wanted to watch me do.  I wanted him to tell me how hard to thrust my toy.  I wanted him to tell me what toy to start with, and where to put each toy.  I wanted him to tell me when to rock and when to let go and cum.  Er… well attempt to be told what to do.

Still biting my lip, I finally focus on the screen and watch his face change from one of hunger to one of curiosity, watching my body come closer to the screen.  My breasts follow gravity, they are pushed together as my elbows rest on my knees and I type.  The valley between my breasts and the occasional flash of nipple is all he can see.

Tell me what you want to see me do.

You are serious. His eyebrows raised in shock and excitement.  He’s always tried, but I’m not the kind to listen very well if it doesn’t suit my purposes.

Deadly.  I cannot promise I will follow your instructions when I get close… you know me… a greedy bitch when it comes to orgasms and getting my own way.

I hear him cough and sputter, trying not to laugh at my words as they pop up on his screen.

Besides, if you just sit there and stare at me like that and not even pretend to work your wife will want to know what you are working on.

Clever whore.  Fine.  Get your fingers off the keyboard then.

Sitting back, one hand idly playing with my nipple as I watch his camera again shake while he types.

Sit up. I want you to remove your bra and leave your tank top on.  Do it. Slowly.

Sitting up, my knees still wide apart I slowly arch my back.  Breasts pointed high, nipples so hard and erect while I reach under my shirt for the clasp.  Fingers moving with long practice of bra removal, undoing each one slowly.  Breathing in a sigh of relief as the air fills my lungs, my breasts rise even higher.

My shoulders come forward, letting the straps fall of their own will down my arms till I hook one thumb under a strap and pull my arm out.  First the one side, then the other.  Leaning back, my breasts fall into my shirt and the cups of my loosened bra.  Smiling into the camera again as a hand slides up my arm, down over my chest, the red straps dangling from the arm holes of my tank top.

Lifting my arms high above my head, breathing deeply, happy to be free of the confines of my bra.  My body stretching long, before bringing my hands down once more.

Sliding my fingers into my top, taking grasp of the front and pulling it slowly up and out of my shirt.  The cups stiff in their shape as my breasts fall free, their hard nubs making the cotton of the tank top uneven.

Pulling the red lace up, letting it dangle from my fingers before me.  Lifting a knee to rest a foot on the couch while tossing the bra to the other side of the room.

I hear his ping, and I tear my eyes away from his face on my screen to see what he has for me to do.  Move your hips forward, sit closer to the end of the couch. Feigning boredom, I slump back, and push my body forward bringing my knees wider apart for him to see.  I could tell how wet I was.  And if he was here in this room with me, he’d smell my musk.  He’d see how wet my panties are.

He wouldn’t stand a chance at the moment if he were here.  I’d have him pinned to the ground, fucking him senseless.  My partially naked body riding him, panties pushed to the side, with only his cock free of his jeans.

I want you to slide your fingers along your slit through your panties.

He watches as I slide my fingers up my inner thighs, nails slightly digging in leaving faint red scratches, bringing them slowly closer to the crease connecting my inner thigh to my lips.  My fingers spread wide as they slide up and over the lace still covering me, leaving two fingers along my thighs while my thumbs meet on the crest of my mound sliding down over my slit through the material.  Pushing them in, forcing my lips to part, causing my juices to seep from me, coating the crotch of my knickers.

Moaning at the feel of my thumbs through the material passing over my protruding labia, thighs quivering as I feel of the smoothness of the material and my wetness. My eyes locked on the screen watching his face as he watches my fingers push through the material.  My lips puckering slightly, my brow furrow, frustrated, wanting more, but holding back in anticipation of his next instructions.

“Everything ok, honey? You look a little flustered,” says a strange feminine voice.

I startle and my fingers freeze pressed into my slit, my wetness escaping.  It was if she had just walked in on us and we were on his couch; but I know she cannot see me.  Suddenly; I find the whole situation hilarious as my head falls back and I laugh uncontrollably.  My nipples hard through the tank top pointed at the ceiling while my fingers dig into me trying to push into my depths.

“Yeah,” he clears his throat nervously, “it’s all good.” His voice deep and husky. “Just trying to think and work out an email for that work report I was telling you about yesterday and will be bitching with Paul on Skype about tomorrow’s meeting. Just frustrated is all.”

“Uh-huh.” Her voice sounds distant as her attention focuses elsewhere.

Fuck I am so fucking horny right now. He types.

Laughing into the camera, feeling a high from the excitement of having him in such a way with his wife in the same room.  Tears escaping from my eyes, running down my cheeks while catching my breath with one word being spoken, Sorry.

I watch him smirk into the camera, Fuck woman, you drive me insane you slut.  And you mock me with your laughter.  My cock is so hard, I feel it twitching in my shorts.  Hell, I can see it twitch.  You are gonna get it.  I wanna have you over the back of that couch and spank you till you beg for my cock.

Watching him in the camera, smiling coyly at him, licking my lips.  My face still flushed from the laughter, I let him watch as I slide a finger under the crotch of my panties and bring it to my lips.  On my screen I see the light glisten off my finger as I coat my lips with my juices.  Licking my full lips slowly, he squirms more in his seat.  His hands move to his face, rubbing it as if he wants to wake from a sleep.

You fucking teasing whore! Lean back and put your feet on the edge of the couch.  Do it now.

Blowing a kiss to the camera, then quickly moving how he wants me.  Feet up on the edge of the couch, my ass low on the end, my back hard against the back of it.  My hair spilling all around my breasts, over my shoulders and across my face, still flushed from laughing.

Get your fingers back to where I ordered them to be.

Raising an eyebrow at him, a wide toothy grin spreads over my face, as my fingers return quickly to their manipulation of my pussy’s lips.  Pressing the lace into me, rubbing them along my lips.

Part your ass cheeks wide.

Curious to know what he has in store for me, I move my hands to the flesh of my ass cheeks, gripping them and shuffling my body till they part.  The result?  The lace slides into the crack of my ass, pulling the material tighter over my slit.  Seeing my lips part slightly around it on the screen.

I scowl at him as his eyebrows rise, attempting to look innocent.

Pull your knickers hard.

Reaching for the band at the top of my panties, taking them in my hands, slowly, ever so slowly, pulling them up.  Dragging them higher, forcing the material to slip between my lips, causing them to bulge on either side of the material.

I hear him groan softly as my lips part, he watches as my labia is forced on either side of the lace, slowly letting up on it, then pulling it tight once again.  Over and over I do this, squirming each time I pull them tight.

Moaning hard, I hear him gasp as my thighs quiver. Feeling my body works its way to an orgasm.  I want it.  I want my body to shake as it explodes.  I want to feel my hot cum spill from my pussy.


Over and over I pull them, tightening them, feeling the lace sliding over my clit.  Massaging it, stretching it then relaxing.  The lace sliding over my entrance, the lace feeling so good, slightly itching me, driving me closer and closer to orgasm. My whimpers of, please, please, please slide over my lips, my eyes partially closing, losing myself in the oncoming orgasm.

Faster and faster I pull then loosen my panties over my bald cunt, my fingernails sliding over my exposed lips and mound, my juices seeping, being absorbed by the material.  Still I move them faster.  Faintly hearing the pings somewhere around me, my moans and gasps of oh my fucking god yes!!! Filling my head.

Looking at the screen, seeing the box highlighted with his text.  Wanting nothing more than to watch my body spasm as I cum.  Groaning my displeasure seeing his incoherent words upon my screen, trying to get my attention.  I then watch his face turn from one of frustration at trying to get my attention to one of quiet mirth.

So you gonna pay attention now, my little slut?

Scowling my frustration, letting go of my knickers, my chest heaving, I watch as I bring my hand up from between my parted thighs and give him the finger with an evil look plastered on my face.

Hearing him sputter and cough, banging his chest.  His lap top bouncing all over the place.

“Are you ok?” the wife asks.  “Need a drink?”

His face a brilliant shade of red, watching him as he tries to compose himself once again, “Yeah, a drink would be great, thanks.”

He’s breathing hard as I watch him fumble, trying to get his hands on the keyboard.  Watching his wife walk behind him, her puzzled face turned towards the screen.

“Damn that John and his warped sense of humour.”

“I thought you were chatting with Paul?” her voice rises a notch as I hear the sound of glass on glass.

Suddenly I get a good view of his chest as he brings the computer closer to his body. I can only assume he is trying to hide his hard on.

I watch his stomach tighten as he clears his throat, “It’s turned into a group chat.”

I take this chance of him not watching me to slide the crotch of my panties from my slit and slide my fingers along my wetness.  Biting my lower lip hard to keep from digging my fingers into me, giving me the relief I seek.

“So you are talking to your work buddies with a hard on.”

“I’m also watching a woman masturbate.”  Hearing those words my breath catches in my throat, and I begin to cough hard.  A flood of emotions wash over me.  Getting even more turned on.  Worried. Fear.  My nipples harden. My chest heaves as I try to catch my breath.

“Glad you found some entertainment.” She says brushing off his comment as if he was joshing.

Pulling a blanket over my knees, it is at that moment I watch his face reappear on my screen with a displeased look on his face.

Get that blanket off of you.

Bringing my body forward to read his words, my fingers on the keyboard tapping out, You could have said the boys sent you pictures!

How wet did that make you? And how badly do you want to cum for me?

My eyes become little slits, my lips pucker in mock anger. How the fuck did you know that turned me on more?

One side of his mouth curls up into a smile, I know you, my little hussy.  Best policy.  Tell the truth.  Most people will think you are just being a smart ass.  And Paul and John are in another window pinging me like crazy. Thank god I’ve the volume off.  Now get your body back the way I left it.

Shaking my head, knowing I should put a stop to this, but my pussy is running the show.  And I need to cum.  I need that release.  And payback’s a bitch.  I want to make him cum from no contact.  I want to make him explode just by watching me.

My puckered lips turn into a mocking smile, Your wish is my command before leaning back, my knees up, sticking my tongue out at him, just to make him smile.

Slide a finger under your panties.

I slide my fingers down my thighs, running them over my panties. Down further, letting my fingers run along my slit, past my perineum towards my ass.  Sliding my finger under the lace, dragging it up through my lips till it passes over my clit.  Shivering slightly, feeling my arousal, that anticipation of a great orgasm in the making.  My body still hot from almost cumming moments before.

Swirling my finger around my clit waiting for his next instructions. 

Tap it. Then press down hard on it.

Sliding my finger slowly around my hardened nub, biting my lower lip as my body remembers being so close just a moment ago.  Belly trembling, thighs quivering as I press hard upon my clit.

My eyes spring open, my hips buck against my finger still pressing hard against my clit.  Grunting hard, my free hand stretching my panties to the side so my fingers have more room to move.

Looking intently at the screen, trying so hard to remain on this precipice of feeling.  Wanting to give in so badly, needing to give in.  But holding back to let the feeling last longer.  My body curled forward, my nipples so hard like diamonds rubbing against the cotton of my tank top making my breath catch in my throat.  My finger pressing hard into my clit, slowly moving it in circles, while my remaining fingers toy over my labia.

Take your fingers off your pussy. Do it. Now!

Growling, not wanting to follow his instructions, but not yet far enough along to totally ignore him… just yet.

My back resting once more along the back of the couch, my heart thumping within my chest, my eyes closed trying to just breathe as I hear his pings.

Cracking one eye to look at what he wants me to do next.  Stand up.

I stand on unsteady legs, my inner thighs still quivering every so often, my fingers adjusting the waist band on my panties making them more comfortable.

Take them off.  Slowly.

Smirking at the camera, knowing the only part of me he could see was my body covered by my knickers and my thighs.

Lifting my leg and placing my foot on the table supporting the computer, leaning forward , bringing my pussy closer to the camera for him to see before hooking my fingers into the waist band and pulling them down over the swell of my hips.  My mound still covered in the see through lace, I feel the rooms coolness wash over my backside.  Turning in front of the camera, letting him see the gooseflesh.

Bending my upper body forward, parting my thighs slightly, pushing my panties further down till gravity takes over and they fall to the ground.

Left in just my tank top, facing away from the camera, body bent over, an idea floats to the surface in my head.

Pressing my knees into the soft seat of the couch, resting my arm against the back pushing my arse up and out.  My free hand running up my thighs, toying with my pussy lips.  I hear him moan softly.  I hear the sound of his computer shifting on his lap.  I slide a finger deep into my pussy.  Curling it, feeling the firm contact of my finger on my g-spot.

I know he is watching as I throw my head back, my moans echoing off the wall.  My hips bucking.

Pulling my finger from me, twisting my body so he can watch as my pussy juice covered finger slides into my mouth. My lips closing around it, closing my eyes at the delicious taste of me.

Sitting back down, my breasts resting on my knees as I type to him, I don’t know if I can stop anymore.

Good.  Now take your pink toy, the one with all the ridges on it.

Thinking that he knows me all too well as I look beside me and see all my favourite toys resting beside me.  Reaching for that pink toy, shivering in anticipation at the feel of each ridge sliding over my g-spot, its vibrating head pressing against my clit then to just pound my pussy with it.  Plunging it deep and hard, ramming it, letting that base hit upon my clit.

Holding it in front of me like a dueller, showing it to him, licking my lips in anticipation.  Waiting for his next instructions.

Turn it to its highest setting. Make it rumble.

Loosen my fingers letting the head fall, holding the base firmly between my fingers, he watches as my fingers squeeze the silicone shaft, and my thumb reaches for the control.  Pressing down, turning it on, feeling the vibrations begin to rumble through my fingers.  Turning it on higher and higher, feeling it rumble, its vibrations so intense feeling them up my lower arm.

Tease that sopping wet cunt of yours, slide it over your lips, but no more than an inch goes in.

My eyes go wide, not wasting a moment, and my free hand moves to my pussy, parting my lips.  He catches a glimpse of my blood engorged shiny center before my toys head hides it from his sight.

Enjoying the self teasing and the thrill of having him watch me while his wife sits so close.

Short quick thrusts.  Over and over.  My juices seeping out of my pussy, my white viscous nectar trickling down towards my arse. I watch in amazement at how my fluids cover the smooth back of my toy.  The contrast between the colours on my screen pushing me closer to the edge of my orgasm.

His gasps, coughs surround my head, my moans bouncing off the walls, I cannot help it.

Milking my pussy, plunging that toy deep and hard, no longer following his instructions. My breasts bouncing with each hard pump of the humming toy.  Each ridge sliding over my g-spot, reaching for my breast through my tank top.  Squeezing it hard as I hear him whisper, Cum.

My body shaking hard, my eyes close and I see fireworks. Toes curling, I feel my pussy spasm and clamp down hard on the toy still vibrating deep inside me, shouting out Fuck! as my cum spills from me, each thrust leaving droplets of my cum on my inner thighs.

Chest heaving with each breath, letting go of my breast, collapsing with a sigh and a grin.  My vibrating toy still being slowly worked with each slow rock of my hips.

Wow.  Fuck that was amazing. What I wouldn’t give to have you straddled over my lap and your pussy milking my cock of my seed.

Licking my fingers, sucking them clean before smiling into the camera.  Letting my fingers slide down over my chin, slowly dragging them down my neck and across my breasts.

Down over my stomach they travel, catching the hem of my tank top in my fingers and pulling it up over my head.  My naked body before him now on his screen.  His face one of stunned delight. Shaking his head, his hand travels over his body and I know his hand found his cock through his pants.

Knowing I almost got my way, I pick up my glass toy.  Taking it and swirling its ice cold head over my nipples.  Gasping at the feel of the smooth hard surface over my now hardened nub.  Bringing it lower over my body, down my belly, till it rests just at the v of my mound. Holding it there, twirling it, my eyebrow cocked in watching him.  Pushing it, letting it slide over my clit with a sigh.

Slipping it down, thrusting it hard and deep feeling it stretch me.  My body bending forward slightly, its base caught on the edge of the couch, pushing it harder into me.  My eyes locked on the screen, his hands moved from his cock to the arm rests beside him.  His fingers digging in just as my fingers find my breasts and squeeze them.

My hips bucking hard, plunging that toy deeper and deeper into me. That fat bulbous head massaging my cervix, its ridges sliding over every square centimetre of my pussy.  Not being able to stop myself, my hips rise and fall, bouncing on it, it slides from me and then is plunged deep again.  My breasts bouncing my hands with each thrust.

His words once more appearing on my screen, Fuck woman you’re pure evil, I wanna cum so hard over your tits and then have you lick them clean.

Faster. Faster my hips rock over this glass toy, having it fill me, stretch me.  My fingers now attacking my clit, pinching it in between smacks.  Uttering some incoherent phrases with each smack. My head falls back, arching my back for him to see, pushing my clit harder into my fingers.  Pushing that

toy deeper into me.

He watches as my body begins to shake, harder than before.  My thighs trembling as my legs rise up off the floor as my body gives into another orgasm.  Sweat forms on my brow as I shake.

Shuddering to completion.  Falling back once more.




My pussy still spasming around the now hot glass toy, while I lay there, sprawled before the camera.  I see him just sitting there smiling at me.  Returning his smile while my fingers play over my pussy, collecting my juices and licking them clean.

You feel better my slut?

Nodding my head while weakly smiling, using the back of my hand to wipe my brow of my sweat before leaning forward, grimacing as my pussy tightens around the toy still buried deep.  I feel like a god.

How do you taste?

Grinning from ear to ear, Delicious!

Seeing him smile at me sends small tremors through my worn out pussy.  I took pictures.

What??? Why?

The wife might want proof that I was watching a woman masturbate.

But to your wife?

Sure.  Then I can fantasise about you and her.

Shaking my head at him while still grinning.  Just crop my head out.

Would you ever consider fucking a woman if I asked you?

My lips coming together, my eyes glued to my screen watching his face turn from one of anticipation to one of hope. It’s as I’ve always told ya, I am bi for the right man. As long as I get to share you.

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~ by Woman on January 29, 2011.

21 Responses to “Sharing is Caring at Home… an erotic story”

  1. the ending is just as good as the beginning if not better. Very good

  2. I am speechless at the sensuality of this blog, Woman. Thank you for such a well-described image.

  3. Delightfully sinful. Your attention to detail is breathtaking.

  4. Daff darling, Carthorse… to you both. Thank-you so much for your comments on this story!!!!

    Steve; I still scratch my head at you!!! As always, I love having your comments here at TWAT-me!!! LOL!!! I so love that line. It is so… odd.

  5. Wow… So well enjoyed!! I truly enjoy how one can read your story and immerse themselves into it and see exactly what you are writing… cannot wait to see more…

  6. you really can write very well indeed, Happy Rabbit Year

  7. My oh my oh my….
    Very…err…err… I honestly could relate to the way his Laptop wouldn’t stay still! Now where can i get one of those waterproof keyboard covers…..:)


  8. ….nice pic too…

  9. I her cling wrap works well!!!! LOL!!!!!

  10. still following orders… that was beautiful woman ur such a tease and it flows well in ur writing. once agian i can hear ur voice in my head when u write and people are right u just dont stay out of their heads and its kinda crazy :p

  11. This is really stimulating, You’re a remarkably highly trained article writer. I have enrolled with your feed and also will enjoy enjoying your personal good write-ups.

  12. OMG Woman that was AMAZING! Thanks for sharing it with us.:)

  13. Hi there, Thanks for the interesting read, I was looking to hear more about this. Anywho.. look forward to coming back to the site. Cheers! Bill M

  14. Hi there! Thanks for sharing this. Cheers! =)

    • Hello Jacquie!!! I am glad you like my version of sharing!!! Welcome to my World!!! Hope you enjoy the rest of the “Sharing is Caring” Series!!!


  15. What a great story thank you very much for sharing with us.

  16. What can I possibly say? Great pics, prose and attitude – your considerable skills could be used to do so much more than teach. Not that it isn’t a noble profession, but hot damn Woman, your writing ignites my mind every time!

  17. What a great story thank you very much for sharing with us.

  18. Simply throbbing…

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