Woman finally places and order… but of what?





Uncontrollable urges.






Give me.






It all started with an email from www.edenfantasys.com…..

The email was like oh so many I had gotten before; but with one… perfect… small little difference.  “Happy Valentine’s Day!!! And for the month of February enjoy 35% off all our toys!!!”

Or something to that extent. How am I to remember? I got it a week ago!!!!

How could I say no? How could I turn a blind eye to that three. Or that five. Or that percentage sign???

How was I to wait till I had hundreds of dollars in gift certificates saved up? How was I to write more reviews? How was I to just continue to search through a newly beloved site and do nothing but flip through it and sigh… wanting… needing… aching for all the silicone, all the glass (l’grande sigho) all the adult toys that could make me oh! so happy??? And in return… cause remember my fabulous readers, I can be nice at times!!!! Yes. When it suits my purpose…. and in return? Tempt and excite you as well.

The answer was simple. I could not wait. I could not sit back and idly read the forums, read other peoples reviews… I had too.  I couldn’t stop myself.  I just had too!!!

Forgive me? A weak woman.

I was weak.  I should be ashamed. But how can I be?

The thoughts… the stories I have read… the memory of toying with a custom made gold pair flickering past my eyes like a smokey dream daring me to get my own pair.  Taunting me with the memory of how they felt.

I caved.

I folded.

I gave in and couldn’t wait any longer.

But gentle readers…. you who are so kind, so patient, so lovely with your comments that you leave for me to read, knowing that your thoughts that you share are at times a turn on for me just as much as my words were a turn on for you…. you will forgive me will you not?

But wait!!!

I’ve not told you what I need your forgiveness for!!!!


Just look.

Let your eyes slide up the gentle swell of my breast.

The way the creamy milkiness joins that pinky brownish nub of my nipple.

The hardened nub between my fingers, so hard, so soft, so needing to be bitten.

The way that simple touch sends waves of gooseflesh cascading over my body, sending waves of hope through my pussy, knowing that soon… soon… my fingers will pinch and pull my clit… while the rest of my fingers play over my labia.

Is not something missing? I dare say there is!!! But what?

Have I tempted you? Have I tortured you? Have I your eyes and your ears? Have I entrapped your in

your thoughts of wondering just what have I done?

Good.  Now you have an idea of what I had been feeling for about six weeks.  And for six oh good lord help me… very long… agonizing weeks I resisted.

It was that email.  That email that sent my nipples into a frenzy.  That email that said to take 35% off my next (*gulp! First and might I say… definitely not last) order from edenfantasys.com.

I sat. I hummed. I questioned. And I read.  And I made the decision for what toys to get.

Years and years ago, I had the chance to play with a pair of custom made nipple clamps. They were made from gold, and were the traditional “Y” chain with a precious stone that hung down near my navel.  Every time my breasts bounced, the stone danced sending my nipples into the throws of bliss. Which of course sent waves of what I swear was electricity to my clit, causing it and my pussy to want more than just some nipple play.

And I wanted a pair for myself.

I didn’t want the memories anymore.  I wanted the feel.  I wanted to feel the latex nubs pressing harder and harder against my nipples.  I wanted to feel my pussy drench with each step I took while wearing them.

Then my brain went into over drive and I got lost in the thought of nipple clamps, vibrating remote controlled egg (damn you SJ!!!!) deep within me and the additional thought of a hard glass anal plug in my ass while running on the treadmill; every so often my thumb pressing down hard causing that toy to buzz… in reality if I were to do this… remember I am not graceful. And I have been having a very terrible one way conversation with the treadmill of late as I seem to fall off it more than I stay on it.  But… in this little fantasy I was having… I was of course graceful. Soft coo’s, deep moans, while my pussy clamps down around it, and my ass tightens pulling the plug in deeper, and my free hand takes the chain of the nipple clamps and gently but firmly tugs hard upon it.

Yes. Of course.  I masturbated to this fantasy.

I ordered it.  I ordered a pair of weighted nipple clamps.

And they should be able to be picked up on Wednesday morning. And yes. I will be waiting at the office of the delivery people, with my passport in hand, an evil glint in my eyes, nipples so hard they would be able to cut the hardest of diamonds with the expectation of their very own toy.

These are them.

I know.  They look a little… ah not really my style.  To which I would agree.  But.  If you have learnt one thing from reading these blogs I do hope that you have learnt that I enjoy sex and masturbation.  Ok.  Two things.  That I am a klutz and a clumsy goof.

Ok. Sorry. Three things.  That I have the ability to see potential in many things.  When I saw these clamps for the first time, I knew these were the ones I was going to own.  Of course. That did not stop me from looking at all the other nipple clamps that edenfantasys had.

These caught my eye for they were weighted.  That was the first.  The second was the potential for possibilities.  Imagine if you will… a silk ribbon replacing the cold hard chain.  Maybe red.  Maybe crimson.  Maybe a deep blue.  Maybe green or maybe your favourite colour.  The ribbon is long enough to tie in a bow behind my neck, and trailing down my back, directly over my spine is the tails of the ribbons with a pretty stone used as a weight that you get to tug, and pull, and watch move over my back with every thrust you take. Or a thread as transparent as a fishing line, the light of the room making the pearls placed on the line look like they are stranded in mid-air while I rock over you. The pearls dancing upon my naked flesh.

Once I have tested and played with these, and enjoyed them quite completely, I will be buying a pair of “clover clamps“.  Those might look a wee bit nasty… and in my opinion… really not the most prettiest thing on the market.  Well… neither are the weighted nipple clamps I bought… but I do get the appeal of them.

I’ve spoken to a few people who have have basically asked, “what is the whole deal with nipple clamps???” (That was a delicious question too from you… I think you should ask some more too… that way my darling… I can be sure to… and umm… I should stop right there)

The answer is quite easy.  I am not into BDSM.  I am not into that whole aspect of things.  And in my personal opinion, nipple clamps are not BDSM gear.  Well, they are.  But not.  Can it be both?

Think of it like this.  Think and remember your best orgasms.  Some of my best orgasms were the ones where I am distracted just before I cum.  Now my very best and favourite ones have been where I focus on my body and what is happening to it.  That doesn’t make a lot of sense to you does it?

Ok.  Let’s try this.

I’d slide my finger nail over your nipple, firmly but not roughly.  Slowly circling it with that nail.  Bringing my lips closer to it, you’d feel my breath hot and moist.  Opening my mouth, I’d let my teeth sink in slowly to your flesh, dragging my teeth together till just your hardened nub is between them.  Your nipple between my teeth, holding it there, pulling my head back gently, see-sawing my teeth upon it while my tongue flicks its tip.


You’ve only one mouth.  And there are other places on my body where I want your mouth to travel too.  Plus not to mention the fact that I have two nipples.

Biting and nibbling upon ones nipples is similar to the purpose of the clamps.  Only… they stay there longer.  And mine will have a chain to toy with. Is this a better picture?

There are the tweezer clamps that I was looking at too (why do these ones in the link make me want to grin and say, “every time a bell rings an angle gets his wings”?) only I had read so many people have had issues with the rubber loop that makes the clamp press harder falling off, or the metal bending.  I might one day purchase a pair of these just because they are pretty… but not this time around. Or the next.  Or the one after that.  But maybe… the one after that!!!

So as I mentioned above, I finally placed an order with EF for some toys, and when my parcel arrives (fingers crossed!!!!) on Wednesday morning, I shall play away the morning and be sure to write another blog post about all the new toys, especially the clamps.

As a side note; I was so very much impressed by the ease of shopping at EF, and the check out and the delivery so far.  I found it fun, interesting and I cannot wait to do it again!!!! There was only one issue I had with ordering my items and I think the issue came from my parcel being an international order.  No one told me the estimated date of arrival for my box of tricks.  Other than that??? I cannot get over how wonderful the delivery company has been (DHL- just wanted to share!!!!), how great the EF staff were and my strange request at changing my address from one layout to another to follow the rules once it gets past the big cities… just I am actually still pretty stunned to be honest.

And I don’t often get stunned with the postal service in any country.

And since I have never ordered anything online before… I just couldn’t get over how easy, and how simple it was to do.  So before I bid adieu and sweet dreams to all and I run away to jump Resker before he returns for the night shift, I leave you with this banner, which I fully believe in after making an order.  Granted… granted… I’ve only ever made one purchase online… and it was at this site.  But… I cannot wait to do it again!!!!

PS- Don’t forget! If you have not yet participated in “Woman’s Arse Plug Challenge” there are still a few days left to submit your toy of choice!!!!

~ by Woman on February 6, 2011.

9 Responses to “Woman finally places and order… but of what?”

  1. I cannot trust that site. Simply because of the appalling spelling. Fantasys? Really? To borrow your word – fartknockers.
    But…this post wasn’t that bad. It only had one.

  2. sound like your oing to be having lots of fun. i hope theyre exactly what you want and give you pleasure beyond belief

  3. My Peanut Gallery… you guys make me laugh. Yes, those are my breasts, and I know they do not have nipple clamps on them. For I do not have them yet!!! My thoughts were to show you what my nipples looked like without the clamps, then when I get them and tell you all about them then I would share those pictures.

    Thanks for your comment Mister Horse and those of you in my Peanut Gallery!!!

  4. I am really looking forward to hearing about your adventures with your clamps. I hope you an amazing orgasm just like you described.

  5. Okay…not sure I would do the ass plug challenge! But the nipple clamps it was recently brought to my attention how wonderful the feeling is of pain and pleasure and how they are inter related on the nipples, yes it is like a jolt of lightning erotic lightning…but a jolt of both pain and pleasure. I also am not into BSDM but wow I do want nipple clamps with a jewel sold!!! and in Gold…show me where to sign up for those!!! But the arse plug…hon nothing goes in there it is exit only in my little world..at least for NOW>.. lol

  6. wish you an orgasmic valentine day

  7. My my my… your descriptions makes one feel the need to have a set of clamps in the bedside drawer for a moments notice… Sounds like a great toy for any woman. you have me thinking doggy-style and the clamps are like reins, you shake them to go faster and pull back to go even faster…LOL!!! lovely pictures too, delicious…

  8. You have beautiful breasts — I would love to taste your nipples!

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