Sharing is Caring at School… an erotic story

“You do know I have to get my arse out the door to work?” I said while laughing into the camera of my computer.

He looks at me and smirks, while I jump off my bed and reach for my clothes on the edge of the bed. “So.  I want to watch you get dressed.  You can get ready and still talk. And I get a show.”

Again laughing at him, knowing he still had plans to get me back for all the countless times I’d cornered him while he’d been busy and took advantage of his one weakness.  Watching a woman masturbate.  He could never say no.  At work, at home, calling him while he was driving… all the times I’d made him watch or just listen while I came.  “Fine. But no funny business! I’ve not the time this morning!”

“Moi?  Funny business? Not likely.”

Pulling my towel down, standing naked before my camera with my hands on my hips, “Not likely???” Trying my best not to smile.  Reaching for my panties, bending to pull them on.

“Come on woman. At least go a wee bit slower so I can enjoy it at least.”

“Not likely! You kept me too long from my shower,” squirming as I adjust the waist band of my panties around my hips, letting the material snap into place.  “You got your evening show which you were…” puckering my lips up in thought, I suddenly realise that my fingers were tweaking my nipple, once again, the nipple still tender from my abuse of it earlier.  “Quite… magnificent by the way. And distracting. Then I brought you with me to my shower where I played some more for you, and now I have six minutes to get out the freaking door!!!”

“It’s a good thing you’ve already brushed your teeth then!”

Laughing as I fasten the clasps of my bra, pulling my breasts up to rest more comfortable, looking down at him.  Softly chuckling while I pull on  my green low v-neck sweater before sliding into a pair of hip hugging jeans.  Jumping up and down while I pull them up, then buttoning them and doing up the fly.  Sitting on the edge of my bed, yanking on my socks all the while bantering back and forth as he watches.  Reaching for my boots, zipping them up, smoothing my pant legs down over top of my boots.  In a distracted voice saying, “You know, I’ve always hated the fashion trend of tucking pants into the boots. I just don’t get it.” I said as I stood up looking at the camera.

“Ya know, I so wanna be a student in your class.  Sit right at the front of the class, and every time you came close to my desk, pull you to me and thrust my tongue into your belly button while my fingers slide along that thick seam of your jeans.”

Cocking my eyebrow at him as I pulled my hair up and wrapped it in a pencil. “And I’d smack you and send you to the Dean’s off for taking liberties with the teacher.”

“You wouldn’t my pet, I’d bend you over your desk and ride you.”

Shushing him with a huge grin on my face looking at him.  My green eyes bright and little fly aways of my hair floating down about my face. “DON’T start! Or you know what will happen you fart!” Pointing into the camera, attempting to look serious. “I’ll not be able to focus on my lessons today!”

“You are teaching at the university today, these kids would love an aroused teacher.”

Smoothing my hair, then my shirt, fixing the pockets of my jeans, looking at him.  “How do I look?”

“You know I am not going to answer that.  You off?”

“In a moment…” I putter about my room packing my work bag.

*              *              *

Standing at the foot of the stairwell, my heart already racing and my body on fire.

I hadn’t even climbed one flight of stairs yet to cause my heart to quiver as it is.  But that could just be the vibe in your pussy you idiot. Laughing inwardly, knowing that is exactly the reason my blood feels like it is boiling.

Taking hold of the railing, I pull myself up that first step.  Only one hundred ninety-one steps left.  Fuck me I am done for!!! Cornering the third floor. I can’t take anymore.  I had to stop and try to calm down a little or I’d be cumming like a teenager discovering her first vibrating toy.

My pussy beginning to close tighter round that wireless mini vibe (muttering; That bastard) deep within me.  Chest heaving, my somewhat sore nipples were hard pressing up against the soft fabric of my bra. In my agony of trying to decide to give in and cum or try to put it off for a while yet I watch my students dash past me up the stairs. Their stares and questions if I was alright barely registering.

Oh hell, what have I gotten myself into this time? Why on earth did I agree to this? I knew it was a bad idea the moment he said, “I want you to do something for me”. FUCKER!!!

Resisting the urge to press my thumb down on the power on button, just to feel that hum spark deep within me. I know it would have had me orgasming right then and there relieving some of this insane frustration.

Who cares about the students mulling by on their way to class.  But.  But I did make a promise this morning. And I planned to beat that MAN at his own game.  I can go a whole work day without cumming.  It is possible.  I have that control over my pussy!! Ah… who the fuck am I kidding? I can’t go for an hour without wanting to cum.  It is fun to try though!

Standing there, my hand on the cold railing, my breath finally calming itself, my pussy no longer quivering.  I take a step.  Then another as I slowly make my way up to the eighth floor.  Attempting to ignore that wetness between my thighs, with each step trying to think of other things.  Lunch plans.  Planting trees.  The morning lessons.  My students.  The cat next door.  Pus-sy. Fuck me!

It worked.  Somewhat…poorly. But I made it.  Drenched. But I made it.

Opening the door to my classroom, arranging the front of the classroom to be a lecture style classroom, the podium, the chalkboard, making sure the erasers were clean before going to get my first cup of coffee.  Returning to my class as my students began to trickle in.

Their murmurs of “good morning”, as they shuffle to their seats, I put my phone on the podium ledge, and attempted to begin my lesson, forcing my mind on my lessons and not my crotch.

*              *              *

About twenty minutes into my second lesson my phone rumbles and vibrates.  Looking down not stopping my lecture, I cannot help but smile as I see his Skype message. Video phone.

Stumbling through the rest of my sentence, my face turns a vibrant shade of red, as I click on “ok” and see the swirl as the connection establishes.  “Ok students, I’d like you to work in your groups for the rest of the class getting your presentations started.” Taking my notes and my phone to the back of the classroom to my work desk, sitting down and putting on my ear phones.

Paybacks a bitch.

All I can do is grin at his words in my ear, while my juices seep past that egg within me.

Still wearing the egg? A quick nod from me before my eyes roam over my students chattering away in their groups.  Have you cummed yet? My face flushes once again as I feel my nipples hardern once again within my bra.  His inane grin turns into a chuckle.

Sitting there, so terribly turned on, so horribly aroused, my pussy just needing something more to fill it.

I know that look my wench… his cheeky bastard face grinning like an idiot on my screen, I can see the glint in his brown eyes and can tell how much he is enjoying my… my… my… frustration!!!!!!!!!!!

Scowling at him, I can tell he is aroused, and by the way his arms were thrown over the back of his couch, I knew he was playing me.  I knew he was going to enjoy whatever it was he had in store for me.  Cocking my eyebrow, narrowing my eyes staring into the camera.

Do not cum.

Gasping at him on my screen. Shocked.  I was pissed off with his words.

Your students.

Whispering into the microphone of the head peice, Fuck my students.

His head falls back as he laughs hard, his chest shaking. His laughter fills my ears, and my pussy pulses over that vibrator still yet to be turned on.  Now that would be fun to watch!!! Thank god they’re adults, but you’d never do that you’re too proper.

My eyebrow cocks high, my lips pucker as I mouth, Proper??? Pulling the phone towards me, pulling the neck of my shirt forward, letting him catch a glimpse of my breast and my so very hard nipple.

Again he laughs at my attempts to prove him wrong.  Shut up woman and just enjoy.  But remember. No orgasm for you.

Chuckling at that familiar phrase altered from the Soup Nazi in Seinfeld, nodding in agreement but all the while thinking, he doesn’t need to know. I made it an entire summer without screaming as I came, how hard

would it be to control my face if I need too?

I’ll know.  Don’t try it.

My jaw falls forward as I wonder how he can read my thoughts.

Your face is like glass.

Scowling at him, but enjoying the fact that he knows me so well.

Now hush woman, I’ve a surprise in store for you.  You sit there, no touching that cunt of yours, no touching your nipples.  No touching your body. Staring right into the screen, his brown eyes serious, but a strange mocking tone in his voice.

Raising my brow and all I could do is nod.  Quickly looking up to make sure that my students are working, which of course they are.  I might get distracted easily, and let my pussy lead me in many things, but my students know better than to misbehave.

Sitting back with my phone in my hands, I watch as he takes me into his bedroom and places the computer on the dresser.  Curious. Was the thought that filled my head. Then I watch as his fingers disappear, some

clicks on buttons, and then I watch as his body walks over to the bed.

Watching him turn and face the camera, his cock making his trousers tent, my tongue tasting my minty lips.  I watch as he slowly undoes the buttons of his shirt, exposing his black t-shirt with his “Mr. Grouch” beneath it.

I can’t help but to smile at the sight.

His hands slide down his chest and stop at his buttons of his pants, pulling the waist line away from his body, Yes, if I were you I’d be falling over right about now. You klutz. My laughter catches in my throat as his long fingers unfasten the button and the zipper.  Letting his trousers fall free of his pants, his cock springs forth and my breath catches while my nipples harden in their bra cage.

Thought of Fucking hell what did I agree to! Race through my head as I bite my lip least my students hear my moans of anguish, wanting to rip my clothes off and at the bare minimum pinch my nipples.

His voice floats into my ears, and I barely could make out his words from the pounds echoing with each pump of my heart. Every time I say “fuck” you will hit the buzz button on your vibe. His hand gripping his cock, my pussy sopping wet, my knickers feeling like they are too tight covering my pulsating pussy.  My labia feeling like they are swelling, pressing hard up against the cotton of my panties.  My jeans pressing tight against them, my hips squirming, my fingers digging into my thighs as my eyes remain glued to the tiny screen now sitting on my desk.  My breath catching in my throat, my world spinning.  I want him.  I want him more than

air right now.

I wanted to feel his hard, erect cock bury itself in my hot and drenched cunt.  I wanted to feel his hands in my hair pulling my head back while my body is bent over my desk.  I wanted it all.  I wanted his cock to plunge so deep, so hard, the force of his thrusts making me scream that I am being spilt in two then have his hand come crashing down on my ass, leaving his hand print behind.

He’s on my screen, his fingers squeezing his sac while the head of his cock hiding under his Mr. Grouch shirt. He wiggles his shoulders and his shirt falls to his elbows.  Setting free his scrotum, letting his shirt fall ballooning to the carpet, reaching for the hem of his tee, pulling it slowly over his head.  I swear, I saw him grin before his head disappears.

Standing before his computer, his body naked, imperfect, his tuffs of hair blurred on my screen causing him to have shadows on his upper chest and groin.  His cock rock hard, erect, twitching against his belly.  His face breaks out in a huge grin as he starts to kick his legs out from side to side, his cock flailing following the movements of his body doing the naked dance before me.

My head falling back in both surprise and laughter, my students turning to look at me sitting there laughing for no apparent reason they could understand.  I’m reviewing the movie we are going to watch next week… back to work all of you.  My words filled with mirth, my face still flushed from laughing.

As soon as I looked back at the phone’s screen, he was no longer dancing, but laying down on his bed, his upper body propped up by pillows.  I couldn’t help but mutter, Fuck! I wish I got pictures of that!!

I know you laughed, his smooth voice louder to make his words carry, he sounded like he was just behind me, but I cannot see you, I turned the screen off.

Never more than at that instant had my mind questioning the millions of possibilities of why he darkened his screen.  But I wasn’t caring too much, I was being entertained.  I had a naked man on my screen that was there for my pleasure.

His hand gripping his cock, I watched him slowly begin to stroke it.  His other hand rising to his nipple, pulling it… which is exactly what I wanted to do right then and there in the classroom.  To reach below my neckline of my shirt, squeeze my nipple, seeking some physical release.

FUCK! The utter loudness of that single word ringing in my ears.  For an instant I forgot his orders of making my egg vibrator hum.

Only. For an instant.

My body shaking as my pussy spasms over it that silicone toy humming deep within me.

My chest heaving, my nipples hard sliding against the inner soft fabric of my bra, their hardness it felt more like sliding over a brick fucking wall.

The bell sounds throughout the campus of the school, making me jump having lost track of the time.  Bye students! Don’t forget to have your presentations done for next lesson!

As the last one files out of the classroom to his soft chuckles at hearing my words sound out in my head, I stand to go lock the doors of my classroom.  I was now free, and on my lunch break.

Sitting back down in my chair, my ass so close to the end of the seat, my knees spread wide, phone in my hands, my eyes locked once more on the screen.  Watching him bring his finger towards his mouth, sucking it for a moment, then sliding it under his foreskin, swirling that digit around the fat head of his cock.

“Oh there you are.” Said a woman’s voice. I looked around my classroom wondering who could it be.

“And here I be.” He replied his finger still swirling round and round.

It was his wife! She was in their bedroom!!!

“I see you’ve had a productive day.”

My mouth hung open, stunned, speechless.  Watching him grin at his wife, I could see him, but not his wife on the screen no matter how hard I tried to look to the edge of the screen.  All I could see was a purple blouse fall on his chest.  His hand grabbing it, and wrapping it about his cock as he stroked.

“Productive is one way of saying it. Fancy a frolic in the sack?”

“That is why you called me to come home early isn’t it?”

His only answer was a toothy grin.

And then his wife appeared on my screen, standing beside him laying there in their bed. She looking down on him, and he looking up at her, still with her purple blouse wrapped in his hand over his cock.

“You started without me.”

His hand rising to toy with her nipple.  “I’ll make it up to ye.”

Her body milky white against the taupe colour of the walls of their room, the deep purple of the duvet cover contrasting both their naked bodies, her large browny nipples against her orbes turned me on even more than her trimmed pubic hair.

I watch him sit up and whisper, Fuck. My thumb working of its own accord presses down hard on the button, and my body trembles.  Trying to hold back.  Trying not to cum right then and there in my classroom.  I feel droplets of sweat break out upon my forehead and between my breasts.  My pussy dripping, it is like I could feel every drop of my juices seep from me.  I could smell the scent of my arousal plain as day.

His thighs on either side of her legs, his lips kissing her flesh just above the thatch of hair and bellow her navel.  Her fingers dragging over his scalp, pulling him closer as his fingers rise up her inner thigh.  She trembles

as I can only assume his fingers dance over her lips, while his tongue darts in and out of her belly button.

I sit there helpless, watching, not daring to tear my eyes away from the screen least I miss something.  I must look like a panting bitch in heat stunned senseless as I couldn’t move to save my life.  My imagination running wild thinking of what his hands were doing unseen by me.

He stands and takes her by the hand, leading her to the foot of the bed, pushing her till her arse rests on the edge, and he slowly kneels before her.  I watch his ass lower to rest upon his ankles while his hands run down the length of her inner legs, and I am forced to watch as her breasts heave.  Taking her ankles in his hands, he raises her feet till they rest on his shoulders.

I watch as his dark head leans forward, listening to her moan, watching her head fall back and a hand rise to her breast, the flesh bulging out from between her spread fingers.

My body alive but immoveable, I cannot do anything but sit there watching.  I feel my blood hot running through my body, my pussy pulsating to the pounding of my heart, my fingers clench my phone so tightly.

My breath coming in short gasps, trying to listen closer to the sounds of his tongue and lips over her wetness.  I need to hear that unmistakeable sound of lips to cunt.  I want to hear how wet she is.

His head moving slowly up and down, side to side as I imagine what he is doing to his wife.  Licking. Sucking. Nibbling.  Thrusting.

I want to be there.  I want to be laying on the floor with his knees on either side of me, the head of his cock sliding over my chin and neck, with my fingers wrapped around his length, slowly teasing his head with my tongue, thrusting it neath his skin. And all the while watching his mouth on his wife’s cunt.  My mouth open waiting to catch any droplets of her juices that he does not catch.

Watching her arms fall back along with her head, propping herself up with her elbows, I watch as he pulls back and slides a finger into her wet pussy.  You are so fucking wet, what have you been doing all day?

I couldn’t hear her reply. All I could hear was the thrum of the vibrator.

Her moans replace the sound of the toy, her cries of fuck yes as I watch his arm thrust back and forth.  I see his thumb on her clit and his fingers fly into her as her body falls back.  Her breasts pushed sky high as she arches.  The sounds of hard fingers against her soft wet flesh drill into my head.  His thrusting, the pounding of my heart the same tempo.

He pulls back from her and I hear her groan.  I know that groan.  That groan of dismay at being spilt seconds before letting go and climaxing.  Pushing herself back up to her elbows, I watch her look at her husband with daggers in her eyes, I was almost there you bastard

He stands, turning to face me, I see his grin flash before my eyes before he turns once more.  Grabbing her by the knees, listening to her yelp of surprise as he spins her on the bed.  No longer at the foot of the bed, but now at the side.  I can see the light reflect off his pre-cum, trickling down his steel hard cock.

It is only then do I feel my lips, and force my teeth to let loose my lower lip.  My body shakes as I watch him lift her legs once more and rest them against his chest as he pushes forward.

His hand guiding his cock into her, I watch her sigh as she is filled. I watch her eyes close as his body leans forward, his fingers find her nipples and twists them as I watch his hips gyrate.  Her hands reach up to grab the backs of her knees.

My finger nails digging into my thighs once more when I hear the unmistakeable sound of slapping flesh to flesh as he begins to thrust with earnest.  I can see his wife trying to rise her hips to meet his to take him harder. To take him deeper.  His grunts, her moans, flesh to flesh, the pounding of my heart with the thrill of watching them fill my ears.

His voice ringing out of Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. My thumb pressing hard, my body coming alive, my nipples aching, my cunt clenching that tiny egg hard, letting up then clenching it.  Over and over it buzzes through its pattern.  Lodged right against my g-spot, buzzing over it, my body shakes as I see fireworks behind my eye lids as I cum hard.  My ears filled with the sound of their fucking, my body alive with its orgasm.  Every sensation causing my pussy to continue spasming.  Tremors flooding throughout my body for what feels like eons.  My toes curling hard within my boots, my thumb still pressing hard against that rubber button.

Hearing him grunt louder, hearing her cries of Harder! Faster!!!!!! Fuck me!!! My eyes crack open to watch as he pull out of her and his seed fly from his cock covering her belly and the undersides of her breasts.

Her head falling against the mattress, my body slackens as her chest heaves.  His grinning face first looking at his wife then into the camera as he drops his face to her body licking up his cum.  His arms on either side of her, his tongue moving slowly up her body, pausing to swallow as his rubs his stubble over her sensitive flesh.  I watch as she trembles below him, and he does it over and over again till his lips fasten on her nipple.  His hand reaching down between her quivering thighs, I can only assume his finger is pressing against her clit for her weak moans as her body trembles hard beneath his once again.

Bringing his finger up to his mouth, sucking it clean.  He then brings his lips to hers, kissing her deeply.

Watching this husband and wife take each other, my body begins to quiet down from its boiling rumble to a low simmer.  My crotch damp as I let my flingers slide over it.  And all I could do was smile.

I watch them break their kiss and look over to the dresser where I in the computer was still sitting.  It was almost as if they could see me with my fingers on my lips and my face still flushed red.

There smiles of content, his body resting over hers.  His head propped up by his hand. “Whaddya think of my pay back?”

His wife’s breath still coming quickly, “She looks like she came hard.”

“Oh I know my little hussy well enough to know she did.” I know my face in less than a split second went from flushed to white in utter shock.  Their smiles on my screen before he says, “Want to meet the wife?”

If you missed the first two installments of “Sharing is Caring” you can find them here… Sharing is Caring at Work and Sharing is Caring at Home… hope you have enjoyed!!!

~ by Woman on February 10, 2011.

12 Responses to “Sharing is Caring at School… an erotic story”

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Your descriptive language and patience to allow the story to build kept me captivated. The twist at the end was unpredictable, and erotic.

  2. Hmmm, I will have to search egg vibrator. He does like to tease, but I guess in payback. Lovely relationship you have going there, btw. Continues?

  3. I gotta say, I really didn’t see the twist coming. But, I liked it, and look forward to see where the story continues.

  4. Blah blah blah blah BOO!!!

  5. ok so i shouldnt not have read all three of them in a row without a break haha. that one was my fav though. the thoughts that are racing through my head i am no longer in emerald city😉 haha but i have fufilled my orders and am now caught up with the current yay:)

  6. Whoa!!! one of your best I have ever read… I could feel the excitement of being in the room with all the students around and trying to hold back… A very hard thing to do!! and then the ending was… shocking in a great way!!! To be the only one who did not know what was going on, but enjoying it immensely… Sounds like many more great adventures to be had… Cannot wait to see more…

  7. Found you on Eden Lit and am your newest stalker.This was absolutely amazing and I believe I need to go relieve some of my pressure now.. Damn.. just damn.

    • I am thrilled you enjoyed this story!!!! I just hope the rest of the series lives up to your expectations!!!! And welcome to the blog Angel! Any chance I could convince you to join WordPress and give up Blogspot so I can read your blog?? LOL!!!!!

  8. Great tale of erotic exploration -hot and engaging with a M. Night Shamalyn twist! Well done.

    • You know; every time I hear M. Night Shamalyn all I do is get that song stuck in my head, “Shamma lamma ding dong”. I love his movies!!!! I very rarely figure them out before they are over!!! It is a true honour to be told my twisted Harold the Brain Hamster leaves one twisted- whoops! Wrong word! Leaves one surprised!!! Cause if it were predictable… where is the fun!!!!

  9. Damn if I was in that class and school I would of fucked you right then and there over the podium very well written

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