Woman Reveals All…

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Hey-Zeus’ on flying dildo unicycles with naked lizards riding!!!! You guys did not make my choices easy did you??????

One month ago, I started something called “Woman’s Arse Plug Challenge“.  And I started it all because I have discovered the intense sensation of anal toys by using my current favourite glass dildo in my arse.  Let me just say; in case you haven’t figured it out that is, but I am so glad I did!!!  And that is what sparked the challenge.  Where I supplied you all with a site that you can go to and pick a bum toy.  Originally, it was about you thinking of using that toy on your significant other or yourself… but most people thought about using it on me.  YAY!!! I am a fantasy for some people!!!!

Now that is something to celebrate!!! Well me celebrate that is… and I did.  Quite a few times!!!!

It was a lot of fun to get the email posts of your comments… they really did make me squirm and have made my job very hard to pick only three.

And even now, at this moment, I have nine toys up on my screen, and I can only pick three right now.  You all have not made my job very easy!!!! Simply because, I want them all!!!!


Let’s go through what I like… ’cause after all… it is all about me and my arse!!!!

Glass.  My future anal toy would have to be glass.  Congratulations to ArdentMale for figuring that out!!!!  I do indeed enjoy the smoothness, the hardness, and the feeling of the chill of cold glass upon my hot flesh.

Cost.  Initially I was looking for something under thirty dollars, but not limited to staying under that thirty dollars.  Using the EdenFantasys.com website, becoming a member of it, being active on the site, gives you “credits” and with enough credits, you get free stuff!!!!  So during my holidays I have been “working” on the site, building my credits, reviewing my toys, writing about the site, just being an active member and having some fun too!!! Plus, they have some really good blogs posted there too.  And I’ve built quite a substantial wish list.  Mmmm… wish lists.  Would I be greedy in my saying I want all the toys on the site????? No? I did not think so!!!

Flexibility.  I was on the fence about this one, I like to get the most out of my toys so if it would be possible to use vaginally and/or anally, I’d be a happy camper!!! But bought specifically for my arse.  Originally I was looking for just a plug, but after more investigation and more readings, that thought just went right out the window.

Those were really my only three things that I was looking for.  And as I said, the cost was flexible.

Everything else was pretty much debatable.  Size, length, girth… all negotiable.  For with me, if I’ve too many choices, I cannot choose if it is just for me.  I am never plagued by the “what if’s” but I am plagued by the, “I like this because.. but this one has this feature… oh and that looks like it could be fun…” etc…  That is what stumps me.

My swirled blue dildo being my first toy that I played with in my arse, has these specifics….

Length: 7 1/2″
Insertable length: 7″
Circumference:4 3/4″
Diameter:1 1/2″
Weight:1 lb

Yup… and I just slid that swirled blue deep within my bum.  I love the way that bulbous head stretches me to the point where it is almost painful but that feeling of being stretched is so filling that I actually would feel unhappy if I stopped slowly sliding it in.  Mmmm… bulbous heads.

Figured that since I am writing about my toys and my future toys I should be using a toy while I write this.

I like the feeling of the weight of it in me, the base where I can sit on it and just rock over it and feel my body take it.  Ok, maybe I should not have inserted this toy as I am finding this distracting.

My future toy would have to be about the same width give or take as the Swirled.  I like ridges and bumps or bubble like stuff.  The texture of the smoothness with my muscles being stretched to take each bubble or ridge then tightening once more then again stretching as I slide it in… mind boggling!!!

A little while ago, I wrote “Woman finally places an order…” where I actually had pictures of my tata’s up… and thank-you all for the private emails about my boobies!!! I quite like them myself.  In that order I did indeed buy some toys as well.  I was getting 35% off and I had a whole slew of gift certificates to play with… I figured why not take advantage of it all and not only buy my nipples clamps but also buy some toys to make that parcel box worth the trip?

So I spent the day shopping, and viewing, and reading, and comparing and finally narrowed it down to two toys to buy.  One was a crash and burn disappointment the other… oh boy.  There are going to be a few pictures in here… so I am going to keep them on the smaller side so that way *fingers crossed* the page loads faster.

Here is the crash and burn one.  As I mentioned in the Arse Plug Challenge blog, I was thinking of buying more than one. And since the “Pleasure Pearls” were actually the most popular picked one by you all (three picks, but only one of you only picked it and nothing else, so I there will be two winners over all, one for the “Pleasure Pearls” and the other continue reading…), I decided that I should cave in and get it.  I bow to the will of my hormones.  They are in control!!!! And for just under twenty dollars… how the heck could I go wrong? I looked at the size and the length and attempted to compare it to various things, but…. Still… nothing quite prepared me for the… lack of a better term… size.  And no YOU bumlicker darling, size is not everything.  It was also the most recommended toy, three overall suggested it, two of you picked it along with other items, and one of you picked just it.  So I’ve got a decision to make in regards to who wins the “Pleasure Pearls” picture, but will discuss that later when the challenger is all over.

I’ve worn this one about the house doing some various activities (word of advice? Do not wear this one while doing yoga especially the warrior pose, it really does slip and breaks your concentration!!!!!), and it is stimulating and a little arousing, but just not enough, once I get to that point where I can think of nothing else other than giving into my …er…. physical needs.  It is a good “beginner” toy to get my body into the mood faster and I really do enjoy the pearls as they slide in, but to be honest, the length was Tony the tiger GREAT!!!!!! but it was the thickness just did nothing for me.  I don’t really feel them other than when they slide in and out.  And unless I was bouncing up and down while they were in and let just one or two pearls slide from me then thrust it back in as my body lowered to the couch… it just wasn’t enough for me, once my body past that point of initial arousal to a more heightened state of holy fuck I need… I need… I need NOW!!!!

These “Pleasure Pearls” are not something I’d recommend for people who have enjoyed some anal, or enjoy anal play on a regular basis.  This being said; anyone who has not had anything other than a finger, or a tongue thrust into them… this is something perfect for you.  See? Look over there!!! The “Pleasure Pearls” in comparison to various objects.  Passport size, AA battery, tube of Burt’s Bee’s lip stuff (in the original of course… mmmm tingly on my clit!!! Woman!!!! Behave!!! Type! Stop thinking of other things!!!)  and a lighter.

I have discovered that this toy actually feels good in my pussy if I can time it just right to switch up my toys just before I orgasm.  The coldness of it and the pearls as my pussy clamps around it… but this is me we are talking about here and I’ve only been able to do this once.  I have tried but more often than not it is me cussing just after cumming thinking that next time!!! Next time!! I’ll get it right!!! But I am about to stop trying actually cause I am just not that coordinated.  And running out of good cusses to use!!!

For me personally, these did not do anything for me, as there was none of that fun stretching that for me is the fun part of anal.  It is like I have said many times… average length but please… if I get my way… can I have thickness?

Now this sucker…. golly gee oh gosh golly gee whiz wow-wee!!! But.  I am Woman, and nope. I will never seriously be happy.  Remember… I already have the perfect toys… my Swirled Blue Dildo is just perfect.  Trying to find something to be on par with perfection… is a wee bit difficult.  The information on EdenFantasys says that the insertable length is six and three quarters inches… I think that is wrong.  Holding it up to the Swirled Blue, which says the insertable length is seven inches… the Glass Probe is a little longer. And well… my body just cannot take all of it.

And my bruised cervix can attest to that… and the fact that I cannot masturbate the way I enjoy most with this toy in my arse; rocking over it with something sliding in and out of my poonani.  Simply because this toy is on the longerish side.  So be warned!!!  But of course that won’t stop me from using it the way I want too.  Of course.

It is not as thick as the Swirled Blue, but it does indeed give me that amazing sense of being stretched and filled that I do enjoy with anal.  Each of those bumps my arse tightening then stretching then tightening and stretching again and again… added to those sensations the cold factor as well, slippery lubed up glass…oh my.  I seriously lack the words to fully explain that sensation but “my oh my” is barely scratching the surface.

Take a look at the same comparison items as the “Pleasure Pearls”, why is it I can actually picture some of you men who read this whipping out your hard cocks and then comparing it to a passport???  Can I get pictures please???

Now imagine if you will, this “Glass Probe” in my backside, my favourite pink Fun Factory vibrator in my pussy, thrusting it in and out over each of those bubbles? That was the rush.

I nowhere consider myself to be an anal pro or an anal expert… but this toy I would suggest to ALL levels of anal; be they beginners, advanced or just enthusiasts… this is one I would highly suggest.  It is not as thick as many of the toys out there, just longer.  If you are on the careful side this one is perfect.  The first drop is smallerish, so just drop on some lube, and go to town and be ready to sigh in bliss as you take it.  It is a shame that most of the men I know I can play with here, are intimidated by a woman having toys… cause I cannot wait to actually use this while having sex.  Can you imagine how that would feel????  Harold my Brain Hamster is just going nuts thinking of that one.  Screw this.  Who is coming to China??? Cause I am also extremely curious to see if with these two clear toys, can he see what I look like from the inside out??? Should I purchase a miners helmet or a mini flash light???

Using this one vaginally, is… ahhh… drool worthy.  How do I attempt to put this into words??? I need to buy a second one and keep it for my pussy.  For this one is for my arse. Not my pussy.  I have to remember to smack my fingers cause I seem to forget at times

And now onto the promise I made… I decided to post the latest “Sharing is Caring” story, “Sharing is Caring at School” rather than posting pictures and a report on how much I have enjoyed my nipple clamps.  I don’t know if it is because of the kinky factor of them or the sensation or the utter… utter… utter… nipple adornments (nope… not what I was going to say I know, but I have no idea how to accurately explain how they feel).  It was suggested to me to try to remove them just as I cum to get a real sense of what nipple clamps are all about… but as I mentioned before in this post… I lack coordination.  So I was able to convince “PlayThing Man” to give them a go and holy crap!!!! Talk about powerful orgasm.

Think about it, all your being focused on your body, forgetting everything else, the rest of the world becomes not important, and as your pussy clenches his rock hard cock in that “death grip” (smartballs BOYAH!!!!), he tugs those clamps so hard that they snap from your nipples after pulling them, stretching them, the clamps getting tighter and tighter as your nipples are pulled till finally? Your nipples spring free, your breasts drop and bounce and as the blood rushes back your nipples get even more sensitive to his touch.  His cock throbbing, thrusting, plunging deep, pounding you, your fingers on your clit, rubbing it… and your body screams from toe to head electrified.

“Orgasmic” doesn’t even being to cover that sensation.

But I have discovered that these clamps are not the best ones for me.  From the women I have been with, and compared nipples with, I don’t think I have largerish nipples, but I have found that I wish the clamps opened wider and were deeper set.  I’ve even removed the screws to try to make them deeper and that seems to work a little better at keeping them on while masturbating or being tugged at while having sex, but I think my next pair will be the clover clamps.  From the video’s I’ve watched and the reviews I’ve read, they seem to stay on better than the bull clamps that I have.

This put aside, I am very much in love with my nipple clamps!!!! They are mind focusing, and while masturbating, wrapping the weighted end around my thumb while thrusting with a toy? So every thrust my nipples get stretched and tugged and it is a constant stream of sensation.  Thrusting, filling my pussy, the base of the toys pounding my clit, pulling it out my nipples get stretched and all these sensations just constantly flooding my body… my orgasms have never been more intense.

Barring the bruised nipples after I remove the clamps from them, and the tingling bordering on pain mixed with that intense pleasure with my nipples pressed hard against my bra… all I can say is holy fuck me!!!

Now the best for last….

Let’s compare my top three choices for the Arse Plug Challenge!!!!!! (This sentence is direct link to a comparison chart for sizes and more information on each toy, plus the pictures themselves lead directly to their pages for various reviews as well, for ease and enjoyment)

The Moon Shine

Diameter: 1 5/8″

Insertable: 3″

Weight: 7oz

Luxotiq Glass Anal Plug

Diameter: 1 3/8″

Insertable: 4 1/2″

Weight: .5lbs

Colours: Deep blue or soft pink

Sapphire Falls

Insertable: 5″

Diameter: 1 1/2″

Weight: 13oz

So ladies and gentlemen, these are my top three picks for the Arse Plug Challenge… if you are up for another fun time, take a gander at them and pick the one you think I might enjoy most and leave a comment below!!!!!

Thanks for playing!!!!

~ by Woman on February 14, 2011.

14 Responses to “Woman Reveals All…”

  1. Luxotiq Glass Anal Plug.

  2. Woman, Woman, Woman… the decisions get harder and harder!! I still like the look of the moonshine, but alas, I think it has to go as, it is not long enough i think!! I think this time around I will have to go with the sapphire falls… longer, more nodules and… only an 1/8th of an inch thinner than the moonshine… Lovely pictures of your clamps at work… happy humping!!!

  3. Simply put, I pick #3, Sapphire Falls. Just excites me to think of you using that on yourself,

  4. I was actually going to say something about the comments made so far… but then I remembered… I cannot say anything just yet!!!!!! LOL!!!!

    Thank-you… all three of you!!!

  5. won’t be surprised if you lost your virginity to a toy first before a man

  6. well good luck on picking dear thats not my area of expertise. but as fot the clamps yes get them:)

  7. Decisions…decisions… what’s a girl to do???
    I can see how each has its own merits and finally i think that you should………..

    ……blow a glass-blower and get a custom-made ass-plug..made to measure….!

    …hell.. could be a story in that!!!


  8. There have been three peanut gallery submissions to this poll… and two for the “Sapphire Falls” and one for the “Moon shine”!!!!

    Just a quick note, I am going to close this poll down on February 20, 2011.

    And will place my order on March 1.

    At the moment, the “moonshine” anal plug is out of stock, so if it wins… I’ll have to come up with a back-up plan!!!

    And in that order will also be some new nipple fun stuff!!!!

  9. Go Sapphire lol.

  10. As someone who has done very little anal play, I would most likely purchase Sapphire Falls. It is the most visually appealing to me and so that is what I will vote for you to choose as your next anal toy.:)

  11. My vote goes to the Luxotiq. Hope you enjoy and share the experience…

  12. 1 more vote for the moonshine:)

  13. I just don’t get the whole “Pleasure from Pain” thing, but great post nonetheless!

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