The 69th post…Woman’s take on it

It feels like only yesterday I posted about my visit with Mister Fancy Pants and Assistant Man. But it was a couple days ago. Is it just me or does time seem to be moving at an accelerated pace of late? Or is it just that I enjoy writing so much that it seems time moves faster till I want to sit down and write? That makes no sense as I always want to sit down and write.

Looking at the open thingies on my browser and at the bottom of my screen, I’ve four stories I am working on at the moment, I have no idea which will be finished first. And I have no idea where any of them are going at the moment. Want to know a secret? When I am writing a story and I am not certain how my characters are going to meet, or when I sit down to write the sex scene and I have no idea how that is going to go, I go off and start something else. Can you tell how many times I’ve been uncertain this past week while writing???


And lots.

Never fear.  I like to always have at least one erotic story posted in the “Recent Posts” section, so I will be taking one from my archives and polishing it up a little to post with pictures for you all.  I think I might just even put up an erotic comedy for you once of these days. But if I go with a longerish story, I think I might post it in two or three posts. That was the biggest advice from people who loved “Self Discovery… an erotic story” that they did not have the time to sit down and read it all in one sitting.  So when Charlie and Anna explored the others body in the change room… they were not able to fully enjoy it as you had to rush through the rest of the story. And that way, if you wanted to bookmark your favourite parts, it will be easier to get back to your favourite part easier.  Personally, I love the part where the girls leave Professor Quinn’s office, make their way to the coffee shop and Anna just floors Charlie saying something like, “I wouldn’t mind having sex with you here in this shop. You look like you would be wild one to bed.” Saying it with a straight face.  One memory that still makes me grin as even to this day, I keep a straight face while saying some of the wildest randomest things… and most people think you never even said it!!!!

Here is a question to all you bloggers who read this; have you gone back to your very first post to see what you wrote? I accidentally found my way to a good friends of mine’s original, “About me/What’s this all about” post and saw that they had made some amazing and fun changes and it got me thinking that I should brush mine up and re- post it. I know most people never read that post once your blog has been established, but still.  I thought it wicked neat to re-do it! Made me feel all special and warm and all tingly inside!!!! So of course. Once I was finished updating it I had to go and discover what was causing said tingles and warmness sensations.

Turns out, I was turned on.

And before I forget to make this joke… The Hook HOOK! Give us the Hook!!!! Darling if there was a competition going on for a gift certificate give away? I think you would have won it hands down!!!! Thank-you for all your comments over the past few days!!! When I make it to Canada in six weeks and a few days; Horny Tim’s.  My treat. As long as you drink coffee that is.  And don’t mind a crazy lady for company.  This man’s blog? is quite funny.  He uses the word “douchebag” almost as many times as I use the word… well words in general. But I love it!! I do not hear it often.

I’ve been trolling blogs world over the past little while to find more blogs to read and enjoy and have come across quite a few that I have come to thoroughly enjoy.  So check you spam boxes. I’ve sent some emails with a request! And I’ve found a new way to connect to a bunch of friends I’ve lost touch with that I’ve made while I’ve been in China!! It is really neat to stumble across them and see what they have been up too.  For the most part; which had me laughing like there is no tomorrow; they are still bitching and moaning about life in China and how horrible it is.  It took all I had not to comment, well if you don’t like it leave!!!!  I have walked away from quite a few erotic writing sites that just are a wrong for me, places of work that are just not suitable for me, I finish my contract then go. No one forces us to stay anywhere. If you are that unhappy with a place, don’t make a big deal about it, and just get the heck out of dodge rather than moan.

And then people wonder why I don’t usually socialise with foreigners.

Speaking of foreigners, I meet a woman at the gym whose husband is here in town on business, and there is a group of them staying at the hotel.  I offered to show them about the city and some of the hide-away spots of where the locals go to get fun stuff without paying the regular shops prices.  Oh my word they were impressed!!!!

I shall have to continue this later. I’ve had way too much to drink and I am making more typos than I know what to do with.

This being my sixty-ninth post here at The World According to Woman; I figure why not talk about the 69 position.  It works. And for that peanut gallery man? I was waiting to answer it for this post!

To start off with, I am not a fan of this position.  I have a one track mind when it comes to many things, sex being one of these many things.

I mean think about it. You’ve got a man’s lips, tongue fingers parting your lips, parting them, toying with them, tugging… The sensations, the roar of that fire that is now spreading through your body, your nipples hardening, thighs quivering, and in my case the only thing on my mind is either trying to hold back my orgasm till a little bit later (or trying to orgasm but more on this one in another post though)… you are pretty much lost in the scents, the feeling, the taste of sex in the air, the sounds of his tongue or his fingers plunging as deep as they can go, and your sight changes from what can be seen to flashes of light and at times that seeing of nothing… when suddenly a cock is muffling your moans, and you begin to feast upon it. Sucking it, licking, pumping… trying to take more of it within your mouth when suddenly?

In my case at least sometimes, I get a little bit frustrated. Rather than enjoying this cock before my eyes and focusing on enjoying it, rather than feasting upon it, enjoying how your cock twitches that first time my lips touch your head, throbs as I slide you within, feel your blood pump while I wrap my hands around you. Hearing your breath catch each time I suck hard, your groans as your head hits the back of my throat. My excitement rising knowing you are enjoying my mouth, my hands on you… I forget about what you are doing.

And rather than just being able to enjoy one thing at a time… I forget either about your glorious cock or your talents on me… one or the other is wasted.

And that then makes me feel a little guilty that I forget about him if I focus on me. Or makes me feel guilty focusing on him and not on his talents on my body.

For me I get a thrill being between his legs, looking up at him watching his face go through all those expressions, feeling his hands in my hair urging me faster, urging me to take him deeper; at times complying and at times resisting. That rush of being super sneaky and enjoying him at the dinner table, or in the car… Seeing his head beneath my skirt, watching his eyes close and feeling his sigh as he slides his tongue along my slit for the first time that day tasting me… I get off on that.

And that is my take on the whole 69 position and why I am not a huge fan of it.  I get too lost in it and prefer not too!!!!

So until next time mon cherries… I bid you adieu and wish me luck today! I’ve another date with a Mongolian man for lunch. It is a blind date set up by one of the foreigners staying at the Shangri-la.

Be good, and don’t forget… dream of fuzzy orange clams.


~ by Woman on April 17, 2011.

11 Responses to “The 69th post…Woman’s take on it”

  1. You’re right, it’s tough to concentrate on the task at hand (so to speak!) when your partner is setting your body ablaze.
    But sopme people REALLY love this position, and if your partner at the time does, what can you do? Just hang on for awhile and switch as soon as you can I guess.
    I just figure, “Hey, at least I’m having sex!”
    By the way, thanks for the praise. You rock!

    • If it was someone I cared for, they would know my thoughts about this position, and if they love it lots and lots… I would go with it in the end. But the bottom line is basically this. There are many things I am not all that happy doing, and there are many things the future he (plural) will hate doing that I love and enjoy. Sometimes we just have to give a fair bit to get some orgasms our way out of the deal. And I am perfectly ok with it. And as you said; at least I’m getting some nookie even if it is 93.4% close to perfect! Can’t score a perfect streak all the time! As long as he wears a protective helmet it is all good.

      And as for the praise? What did I say? The term “douchebag” makes me chuckle.

  2. Gotta say, not a fan of this position. Your points are spot on. It’s good for a little tickle then gets boring. I like to concentrate. You’ve found The Hook, we all have our super phrases but his are amazeballs. I also am a blogger who enjoys shorter posts. word count, not really sure. Maybe around 500-1000. I like some pics in there too, ooo I love to blog. It’s sexy. Great post, Woman.

  3. You should cjeck out my other blog, The Book of Terrible – the link is on You’ve Been Hooked! It doesn’t contain the word “douchebag” as often, but there are some moment sof semi-brilliance here and there!

  4. ahh woman you never give it a rest always teaching someone something and then getting lost in your own thoughts. ok yes i know im really late on this but im playing catch up.:)

  5. Two problems with 69:

    1. It’s not exactly a spontaneous position, is it? It doesn’t usually just happen telepathically, at least not for me. It looks cool, but there’s the discussion beforehand.

    “Say, love, what do you think of a bit of 69?”

    “All right darling. Will you be East or West tonight?”

    The other problem, from a male perspective, is her tongue is on the wrong side, pleasure wise. Sorry to be so graphic, but I get the feeling that’s OK here.

    I think it’s safe to say anyone who enjoys being the giver wants to see the partner’s reaction. 69 is best saved for picture time.

    • It is very ok here!!!! And I agree with you wholeheartedly!!!! But personally, I prefer north to south. Feng shui and all you know. LOL!!!! Thank-you for the comment!!!

      • You mean I’d improve the sex by throwing a hanging plant in the corner?

        I have so much to learn still.

        • LOL!!! Not just one plant! Get some junglish ferns and spread them out! Then it would be like sex in the jungle. Just don’t forget the soundtrack of monkey’s.

  6. A perfect post since it is #69…. I will agree with most…. It is always better to be able to concentrate on your partners reactions, facial expressions and delectable delights set before you…

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