Beginnings and Endings: the beginning of the end (part III)… an erotic story

Welcome back to the third part of “Beginnings and Endings“;

If you have missed Part I or Part II, click here to find the part you have missed. It has been a somewhat rocky ride so far following Noel through her readings to the students… and I do hope you have enjoyed it.  It is nerve wrecking to stand in front of so many people and lecture, and then after a moment or two it does become a natural high. But to read from an erotic novel or sex scenes? Even I might find that difficult!!!

Here is hoping you like Part II just as much as Parts I or II!!!


*      *     *

Grace’s arms come up and over his back clawing at his shirt needing to feel him beneath her fingers, wanting to feel hot flesh upon hot flesh. 


Gideon’s hands slide down over the curves of her breasts, further down pulling her shirt up. She gasps feeling his tongue upon her in that soft sensitive spot between them. Over her head, against the wall he throws her shirt, they lay there naked, kissing, enjoying. 


Hands everywhere, their tongues entwined, their kiss deepens and intensifies. Grace not able to contain herself, starts to growl, her hands rise up to Gideon’s shoulders, pushing up and rolling him. On top of him, straddling his hips, naked looking down at him. Her nipples erect, the brownish pink hard nubs pointing at him, just begging Gideon to taste them. 


His head rises; tongue extended licks her breast, flicking over her nipple. Grace presses hard down upon his hips, his slippery, cum soaked cock trapped between them. Her hand lowers, parts her pussy lips to have it straddle his cock. Her heat radiates over him, while Grace looks down at him. Her hips rock, her clit runs the length of his cock. Leaning back slightly, her hands upon her shins, pressing down hard over him, she continues to rock. 


Gideon looks up at Grace, this wild woman above him, her body arched, nipples pointing to the ceiling, her head thrown back, he can see tremors pass through her while her clit rocks over him. He can’t help himself but to reach and touch her to see if she is really there, or if this is just part of another dream. 


His hands on her hips, reaching round to squeeze her ass, Gideon feels her in his hands. Grace speeds up her rocking, her hips flying in his hands. His hands clamp around her waist, forcing her still. 


She looks down at him. “No?” that precious eyebrow arched high. 


“No. Grace, I want you. So badly, just by touching you, feeling your wet cum soaked pussy over my cock, seeing your face flushed red with desire… well I wanna just explode!” He smiles up at her, while she caresses his cheek. “I want to take my time and treat you right.” 

She grins and pinches his nose. “You mean I can’t hump you silly?”

He breaks out laughing while she falls onto him, kissing him. She wiggles her body down over his, tasting his body as she goes. Nibbles to his nipples, a swish of the tongue, a gentle bite… her hands and mouth travel lower, down his body. 


Grace stands on the carpet of her bedroom, licking her lips, looking down at Gideon. “Put your feet over the side of the bed, I want to treat you right.”


He moves like lightning, eager to see what her mind can think of. Sitting on the edge of the bed, his feet parted on the floor, she kneels between his knees, resting her cheek on his inner thigh. “No touching!” she smiles as he nods quickly. 


Turning her mouth, she bites his inner thigh and sucks his flesh into her mouth. Gideon inhales sharply. Sliding her teeth gently over the skin, as her teeth meet she nibbles closer to his cock. His hands clench the bedding. Her cheek rubs up against his cock as she turns her head to repeat her love bite on his other thigh. Letting her lips find his sac, she tenderly kisses it. Her hand holds the head of his cock up against his belly. Her fingers massaging it, her thumb nail sliding up over that throbbing vein.  


She feasts upon his sac, nibbling, licking, sucking them within her mouth, squishing them with her tongue, swirling. Pulling her head back, still sucking upon them till they fall from her mouth with a pop! Looking up at him, she smiles. 

“Oh fuck yes!” he gasps.

Grace lets her lips find his shaft, and begins to nibble up and down the underside of his cock. Over and over her lips dance to the tune of Gideon’s pants of; “Oh fuck yes!”


Wrapping her fingers around the base of his cock and squeezing tight, sliding his cock down over the bridge of her nose, over her lips, wearing his pre-cum like a gloss. Looking up at him and grinning, her tongue traces over her lips showing him truly that she loves the taste. Taking his head within her mouth, Grace’s tongue presses in, swirls around his head, moaning at his taste. 


Her eyes on his, his face set in utter amazement, his hands white knuckled on the sheets trying to resist the urge to wrap his hands in her hair and push her willing mouth down hard on him while he thrusts up, forcing him within her ho, mouth. Gideon wants to feel his cock buried deep in her throat for the first time. Sliding him into her mouth a fraction of an inch at a time, he tries to breathe, each breath of his catches. She moans. 


Her moans vibrate though her mouth over his head, causing his balls to tighten and his body to shake. Her head moves back removing him from her mouth. 


“Fuck…. No…. Please…Don’t stop!” he whispers down at her, his sweat trickling down his chest. 


Chuckling up at him, she sigh and nods. Opening wide her mouth once again, she inhales him. Sliding him deep, her throat closes hard over the intrusion, she moans. Her hand tugging and squeezing his balls. 


Gideon not able to stop himself, can’t stop his balls from tightening while her lips wrap around her teeth and slide up and down his shaft, he explodes. Grunting, his hands clench her hair and push her down onto him harder. Her throat tightens harder around his head, she gags slightly while his cum spills out from the corners of her mouth and down her throat. 


Grace pulls back from him, her hand still tight on his sac, smiling while she wipes his cum from her chin. Opening her mouth, to lick her fingers he sees his cum. 

“Holy fuck you weren’t kidding!”

Grinning that wicked smile, she swallows and licks her fingers, sitting on her heels. His hands stroking her long hair, softly curling around her waist. 


Lowering himself in front of her, wrapping his arms about her waist, pulling her closer, he kisses her deeply. His tongue sliding over hers, her body, her knees weak. The pair of them falling back to the floor, Gideon on top of Grace, still kissing. 


Breathlessly she whispers, “I don’t think I’d ever get tired of you my darling Gideon!”


Gideon looks down at Grace, his hand strokes her cheek, kissing her softly, their bodies still alive and tingly from their lovemaking, they smile at each other, sighing. “You know Grace, I loved you so much, even before I ever touched your face.”


Grace parts her legs wide, wrapping them around Gideon, she slides her toes down the backs of lean legs. Her hands explore his back, tracing the curves of his shoulder blades, memorizing his body with her touch. Lifting her head, she kisses him softly. 


He rests his head upon her breasts, her arms and legs wrapped around him. They lay like this for a time. 

“Christ it’s cold!”

Turning her head to look out the window, she laughs, “The air conditioner must have kicked in.”


Groaning, Gideon rises to his feet and looks over Grace who continues to lay sprawled out on the floor. Her skin tight with gooseflesh, her nipples hard enough to cut diamonds. Her knees bent and parted, he licks his lips when he sees her freshly waxed mound. 


Laying there, Grace watches his cock grow hard once more. Her eyes meet his, and they both smile. Both very certain that come morning they will be achy and enjoy the stiffness, and enjoy working their muscles once again. 


“Grace, sweetie. Darling. Oh sugar pie honey woman. There is no way I am going to have you on the floor, for then I’ll wake all stiff and really showing my age!”


“You’re not that old! Besides, there is more room here!” And with that she reaches her arms out wide, her toes she points and stretches them wide. Laying there spread eagled, is enough of a sight to have Gideon’s cock take on a mind of its own. Gideon reaches for Grace’s hand, pulling her to her feet. Turning back the covers of her bed saying, “In you go!”


She crawls into her bed, to the thundering smack! Of Gideon’s hand on the full white cheek of her bottom. Grace yelps in pain and collapses in bed. “What on earth was that for?”


“That was owed to me! Remember when you cheated at your game of checkers? You said I could spank you for it.”


She looks at him and laughs. “I do believe you owe me something from that game too!”


Gideon attempts too look serious at her. “I’m not wearing any clothes so how can I take them off? He jumps into the bed after Grace. 


She rolls and looks him in the eye, “And naked you shall remain! I am going to hide your suitcases in the morning so you are forced to parade around naked.”


“Then you’ll have to put up with my cock banging around, knocking over things, and you’ll never have to guess my mood for you’ll always see it!!” He crawls on top of her. Her warm body radiating heat, warming him up. 


“Meh, that’s ok. I hate guessing. Proof positive of how much you like the way I look.”


“Especially naked. But maybe just in your big bird slippers, I’ll never be sane again after seeing you!!” Gideon lowers his head, kissing her. 


Her touch cold, trailing up his back causing him to shiver, his hips to thrust against hers. Grace’s body responds, her hips grind against his.  Their kiss deepens, growing more urgent. His hand slides down her warm body, and positions his cock against her entrance. Sliding just his head within her, she thrusts up hard, clamping down around his shaft. He groans into her mouth as their bodies move in that ageless and primal dance. 


Over and over he thrusts into her, plunging his cock deep. Her leg rises and wraps around his waist urging him deeper within her. Her hips meeting his, her body welcoming his. 


She whimpers beneath him, he moans above her. 


Together they move, their hearts pounding. Their bodies comforting the other till Grace’s body tightens while Gideon continues to kiss her. Their pent up frustration finally being satisfied as she explodes, her moans muffled by his kiss, her cum washing over his cock. He continues to thrust, supporting himself on his elbows, he breaks their kiss while she gasps, her hips still meeting his. 


He grunts again and feels his balls tighten and explode. Cumming deep within her, their musky scent fills the room, he falls atop her, his cock still nestled in her box. 


Gideon falls on her, his mouth on her neck, placing gentle kisses while she catches her breath. 


Their chests heaving, their hearts still pounding. Their sweat soaked bodies spent. She pulls the covers up over his shoulders, whispering, “Rest, for soon I will want you again and again.”


He thrusts his tongue into her ear whispering, “I’ve found me a greedy woman!”


Grace fell asleep with a smile upon her face. 

“And that my darlings, is the end of the first time they had sex. Satisfied Mr. O’Neill?” Noel stands behind the podium, her elbows resting on the top, her glasses have shifted down her nose. She takes a sip of water. 

Mr. O’Neill grins such a cheeky grin at Noel up on the stage. “Yes, very satisfied Ms. Rhodes. A follow-up question if you will?”

Students and teachers turn to look at Mr. O’Neill, their murmurs curious.

Noel nods her head in agreement.

He smiles, his lips widen and his white teeth flash, “Ms. Rhodes, it quickly became apparent that this was an autobiographical novel once the online community started blogging about it, then the newspapers and the media got wind that your novel was based on your real life. How did you feel about losing your privacy?”

Noel blushes again on the stage. Pushing up her glasses once again, she takes a sip of water. Her green eyes search and hold his brown ones; she smiles warmly at him before starting with a chuckle. “I hate it and miss my privacy! A good friend of mine from online took the story I wrote and submitted it to a publishing house. It wasn’t until I received an email asking for more information about me and contact details did I actually start to think I should have said no. I didn’t think of changing my screen name to keep my online identity private either. By then it was too late. I had started getting emails, the website I had come to, to get away from everything for a while and have some fun, started getting more visitors who were just there to cyber me, ask questions about writing, reading their work, wanting some suggestions about how to improve their writing, and then the blogs! Lordy loo! The blogs! Turns out many of those whom I shared private details of my life with, my fantasies, my hopes, my inner most sexual thoughts, started to appear.

“It was difficult for me. It did put a strain on Gideon’s and my relationship. I have traveled to developing countries, visited towns where they had never seen a white woman. I was used to being stared at, used to have parts of my life on display. Turning inwards, closing the curtains was easy for me. I didn’t like having my private thoughts on display for my family to see.” She begins to laugh as the memory surfaces. “To my sisters and some of my real life friends, I became the walking ‘sexopedia’. The one they all came too for a new position or a new idea on how to blow their boyfriends’ minds.

“That was fun at first. Then it became pretty boring.”

“How did Gideon take it?” Mr. O’Neill asks politely.

Noel’s eye narrow, and looks once again over at him. “You seem to have a very keen interest in my personal life! But I will answer your question. Gideon was extremely proud of me. He loved the way I wrote the way our relationship unfolding, and the way I wrote that our future together lasted till we were both grey, sitting in our rocking chairs at a nursing home with our grandchildren coming to visit.” She smiles with a slight pain in her eyes. “But that was at the beginning.

“After a few months of the novel being published, we started to grow apart. I started going to book signings and readings around the country, we started arguing. Arguing turned to cold shoulders at nights, which lead to leaving for a week to go to here or there without writing or calling while I was away. Which turned to him finding solace within another woman’s arms.”

“I was one of the lucky. Gideon was not some lying man, he didn’t have a wife, and he was honest with me throughout our whole relationship. Which is a rare thing when it comes to online relationships. Gideon and I had a true meeting of the minds; our relationship was formed on communications of thoughts and feelings.

“Basically, it became too much for him. I can’t speak for him on this matter fully, but I think it may have become a little too much for him. For me, it is still unfinished business.” Noel smiles gently.

Noel finds her way to the chair she started on, and sits down. She looks a little worn out for a moment before crossing her legs. Suddenly, that look of her being tired passes. Her smile grows bigger as she asks Mister Fishburne for another question.

“Ms Rhodes? I have a question not based on your book, would you mind?” says a higher pitched voice from somewhere in the middle of the auditorium.

“I’ve already been asked if I have hair on my pussy, what else is there?” she laughs and the awkward silence of the hall is broken with the chuckles.

“Good. My name is Lotty, and I’d like to know your favourite sexual position and why please!” Wolf whistles sound, roaring cheers once more fill the lecture hall.

Her face beet red, grinning, she re-crosses her legs. More of her long, slender thigh is seen by all. “My favourite position is submissive doggie. The reason is simple. With your ass up in the air, your shoulders flat on the ground, you don’t need your hands to keep you up. It allows for deeper penetration, and a free hand to rub your clit, if your hands are not tied up to your ankles!   He has the control of how he wants to take you. He has the choice of your pussy or your ass- if you like anal. With his hand in your hair, the other spanking your tush, in my opinion? Just fantastic for those days when you just want to give up all control, and be taken!!!”

A small petite girl stands; taking hold of the microphone, she begins. “Ah…. Ms. Rhodes? I am Diana. How did you meet Gavin? The current man you are with? I have to admit I am a fan of yours, and haven’t found anything about this online.” And with a whoosh so many heads turn from Diana to Noel.

With a small and quiet laugh she opens her mouth. Then closes it. Then opens it again. “I ah… ummm… am not sure if I want to share too much of that with you. Gavin doesn’t mind all the publicity, but I know he fights hard to keep our private life private. We meet through a friend; someone I cared for very deeply introduced us. We hit it off while Gideon and I were still together and became fast friends. He was my rock while Gideon and I were drifting apart. When Gideon and I finally decided it was over, Gavin and I started more time together. And then more time. All night movie marathons turned into breakfast, which turned into lunch, which then turned into take-out for dinner and slumber parties just hanging out.

“Then one night a little while after Gideon left, and Gavin and I were basically living together as we spent all our time together anyways, and one night we kissed. It just felt so right. Which led to another, which led to so much more.”

The girl, Diana, brings the microphone to her lips once more, “Did you hate Gideon for not supporting you while this change was happening in your life?”

Noel’s eyes look up to the ceiling. “I’ve not been asked that question before, and I am not sure of my answer. I am not angry, nor do I hate him. I never did. I could always understand his thoughts and the reasoning behind what he was feeling. Our plan was to move to Mexico and live there in the sun together without any cares in the world. My novel got published, it became a success, I ran with it. And I didn’t communicate it with him. That was what drove the wedge between us.”

Mister Fishburne takes back the microphone, and brings it to his lips. “Are you working on anything now?” he says in a smooth voice.

She stands and walks back over to the podium, takes a sip of water and smiles. “Yes.” Contemplating how to continue she pauses. “I am working on another erotic online romantic novel, I am just needing the ending. For the ending I started with, doesn’t make me happy.

“Thank-you Mister Fishburne for that question!”

A boy rises and shouts out, “Noel, have you ever had a threesome?”

Instantly, her face turns bright red. She gulps. “Yes. As you’ve probably read, I have been an active participant in threesomes. Both with two men and myself, two women and myself, another woman, man and myself. Gentlemen, a word of advice. Just as it is your fantasy to have your lady and another woman treat you to a night of bliss, it would be nice to offer it to her as well!” Noel raises her hand and points to the crowd in thought, “And back to the online world; in the land of cybering, it allows you to try out these fantasies before you act upon them in real life. Gives you an idea of how to play before you ‘play’.

“Threesomes are fun, I have found men are much more fun to play with than women. Unless it was three women I was with. But I’d be very cautious to do a threesome again. This is another one of the drawbacks of being in the public eye.”

“And there, kind students, teachers, I think I will say my adieus. We’ve already gone beyond my allotted time!! Thank-you for coming in today to listen to me babble on. I do hope you have enjoyed your morning and part of your afternoon!!”

With that, she turns to exit on stage right while the auditorium stands and cheers.

Behind the line of sight, she stands there shaking, the calmness that she discovered on stage gone. Huge shudders coarse through her body. Leaning against the wall, she slides down. Her head upon her knees, her face buried.

“’El, you’re not having a good day are you?” says a familiar voice.

She looks up at him and chuckles. “You know how it is. Its like my body is on backwards. I get all panickyish and shaky and super nervous after it’s all over not before. And reliving some of those memories was hard. I was not prepared to read some of that.”


He leans against the wall and slides down it. Sitting beside her, he reaches into his jacket and pulls out a silver flask. Unscrewing the lid, he brings it to his lips and drinks deep. Rolling the amber liquid of his whiskey over his tongue, his eyes close and he swallows. Passing the flask to Noel, she drinks, swallows and coughs.

“You’ll get the hang of it soon enough darlin’!”

Giggling, feeling lightheaded from nerves, and now whiskey on an empty stomach, her face flushed, she passes it back. “Yeah, by the way thanks you dumbass for those questions!” Mockingly she says, “It quickly became apparent… blah blah blah…. publicity… anonymity… blah blah blah. Putting me on the spot like that to read Chapter 8? That was just cruel. And you know it.”

He sniggers, then that snigger turns into a chuckle, which turns into a laugh, causing him to throw his head back, resulting in him hitting his head on the wall behind him. Wincing in pain he continues to laugh, “Had to rustle your feathers some way Muppet! Besides, I love the thought of you running through the airport in nothing but your jammie jams and those Big Bird slippers!”

Noel nudges him with her elbow having him fall over. “This is the last time I EVER do a favour for you my darling! I mean ewwww! Ok not ewwww but awkward! Your Mister Fishburne stroking himself after I read that masturbation part from Chapter 1? How weird was that!”

Laying on the floor, putting his hands behind his head, flinging his feet over Noel’s thighs, Patrick continues, “Well you didn’t need to actually moan when you were reading it!”

“I didn’t moan!” puling his leg hair.

“OW! Didn’t anyone ever tell you that it’s not nice to pull hair?” He sits up on his elbows a serious look on his face. “And when did you stop having a bald quim? Last I felt you were getting waxed.”

“Oh Patrick!!! You are terrible!” She pushes him off her.

He falls back to the floor, she leans back against the wall and they sit there in comfortable silence.

Heavy foot falls grow louder as the owner of those very loud shoes approach them. Mister Fishburne is there, standing above them. “Ms. Rhodes, thank-you very much for coming in today, I have to admit, you did a fantastic job. Mr. O’Neill, thank-you for arranging Ms. Rhodes to come in today.”

Noel beams up at him, “It was my pleasure. I just wasn’t prepared to read the spicy scenes! Sorry if it was a little graphic.”

Patrick laughs on the floor, Mister Fishburne smiles. “It’s no problem, everyone here was an adult. If they were worried about hearing about sex, they made the decision to enter the auditorium, their own problem. Take care you two and again, thank-you.” He spins on his heel and walks away.

“Not much for talking is he?”

“’El, if that man were paid a hundred bucks for each word he spoke, he’d be a beggar.”

Relaxing, Noel’s heart returning to its normal rhythm, she massages Patrick’s shins. “I did have fun today.”

“You looked hot today, and you charmed over all the men and at least half the women today too. I’d say you were a hit!” He looks up at her. “Ready?”

“Only if you are!”

They stand, and walk from backstage out the door.

To be continued…

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  1. O’Neill…? With two Ls, I note…

  2. Well done, Woman! I’m reading this one at work, and now I have to wait hours before I can get home and deal with the thoughts you’ve put in my head1 Thanks, bunches!

  3. That’s what ended my relationships with my inlaws. My mother in law telling me she’s glad not to have big tits like i do and glad I’ve bigger ones than her and the rest of the inlaws. Cathy

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