The Links According to Woman…

This image is a clickable image… and if you look down along the right hand side, you will see it again. I like to say click my nipples, but you can click “me”, or my nipples, or my breasts or any part of that image and you will get taken to a page that has lots and lots and lots of links.

I know many of you have subscribed to this blog and for that I thank-you greatly… It is still shocking when I see people subscribe! But this post is not for you… unless you want it to be for you. Feel free to comment here for this post or comment on the links page, or drop me a message… what ever floats your boat if you want me to link to you.  And I am more than happy to link up!

If you really are keen, and you have an eroticish style of blog, near the bottom of the page there is a whole whack of links that it is free to sign up with.

My thoughts are to get rid of almost all the links from this page in the coming little while, and rotate through some of my favourites from time to time.

Just so you know!!!


~ by Woman on May 20, 2011.

6 Responses to “The Links According to Woman…”

  1. You’re a good woman, plugging other people’s work. Good for you! Hope things are going swimmingly at home. Enjoying the Timmies?

    • Only been able to get my hands on one large one. It was my chimney workers who laughed at me when I claimed Horny Tim’s was a Canadian Institution and that people should be proud to use the drive thru. Unfortunately; it only worked once in three weeks. Heading northbound up the 401 next week in towards Vaughn area… hoping to get my hands on some more if I can convince my driver!!!!

      I don’t usually get newspapers or much in the way of English writings… it is purely selfish reasons for me gathering all the links in one place. That way I know where they are!!!! LOL!!!!

  2. yay for links

  3. That is a whole lot of reading!!! but some good reading it is!!… I see you have pimped me out on there… So I guess I should do more writing!!!…. Pictures are the easy part…LOL

    • Darn tootin!! I think everyone should blog more often… You all are my newspaper when I am in China you know!

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