Woman’s lips… meet a penis

I woke this morning, horny (I mean what other state can I wake in when I finally have the time to do what my body asks of me?), my fingers gently flying over my clit.

In my pre-dawn haze, I reached over to my toy chest and rummaged through it looking for the little silver tub of balm that I have fallen in love with. Opening it with one hand, cussing that it took a moment, and rubbed my fingers through the thick creamy oil.

The scent of my arousal and the peppermint of the balm tickling my nose cut short with a gasp. The cold balm making contact with my hot clit.

My juices mixed with the balm upon my finger I brought it to my lips, coating them. My tongue flying over my lips, tasting that odd combination. My tongue and lips now tingling. I could feel the peppermint making them swell larger than usual.

As I reached for my new Evolved Novelties Roulette Lucky 13. That bold turquoise blue silicone and its swivel control panel… there was no way I could accidentally turn this toy off mid play. Each thrust of this toy, its intense vibration coursing through my body. My inner thighs trembling, I reached again for some balm to coat my nipples with.

Pinching and twisting, pulling them… stretching them before letting each one slip through my fingers and fall free. Each breast falling back to my chest with a bounce.

My toy still flying in and out, I could feel that orgasm being brought to the surface. My pussy tightening, my chest heaving, my moans loud echoing off the walls. I didn’t care if my neighbours heard me. I was in my own space… in my own home.

I threw the vibrator to the side and reached for more of that balm on my fingers. Slipping them into me, the pads of my fingers playing over my g-spot massaging those oils into that odd feeling patch of flesh. The peppermint making my g-spot grow more tender, more sensitive to my touch. Dragging my nails over it my hips bucked.

My body tightened and I could feel a scream begin to form from deep within my chest.

My eye lids sprang opened and all I could see was fireworks. My toes curled as my legs shook. My cum washing over my fingers as they dug in and I dragged them over my g-spot again till my cum soaked fingers came up over my clit. Pressing it.

Another scream, my body shook once again. My heels dug into my bed as my hips rose and my body found release again as my juices flowed freely with a g-spot orgasm. My pussy spasming as I squirted like a water gun.

My hands fell to my sides, my legs now resting, my body exhausted laying there. My chest still heaving with every breath as I tried to catch it.

I laid there for a while dozing trying to recapture my strength to try for another g-spot orgasm. Thinking of the first time I tried to make use of that balm.

That balm, care of Babeland Toys arrived after some complications with the mail, and I opened it. Surprised that I had agreed to order a balm for men and not the ladies version. But when I looked at the ingredients of almond oil, coconut oil, shea butter, menthol, peppermint oil and a few other things in it with a beeswax base the first thing that came to mind was Burt’s Bees Wax Lip Balm.

My experiences with Burt’s Lip Balm has a long history. Especially when it came to playing with men, playing with myself even playing with other women. The menthol and peppermint over my lips then my lips sucking, kissing, wrapped around their most sensitive of body parts.

I later came to realise that this Rocket Body Balm was a million times better than Burt’s Bees.

One night while in Canada, I was getting ready to go out across Old Man’s Weis’ field to meet up with an old friend who I had known for dozens of years. I slipped the 1ounce  silver tub into my pocket and hoped that I’d get a chance to try it out.

Imagine if you will, two old friends who’d not have had a chance to see each other for over twelve years other than through web cams, telephones and letters. He knew me when I was still an idiot.

But my attraction for men who work with their hands and their callouses still makes it presence known even now, my knees from knock together and my thoughts turning from the straight laced to the ripping his clothes off of him and taking advantage of his body. Now add a fedora into the mix? I just melt and feel like jumping that man with the callouses and the fedora. Yum!!!!

Anyways, there we were sitting on the floor laughing our asses off as we swapped stories with exaggerated body language while drinking like fishes. You know that moment that settles the entire night? One of those nights where there is that electricity in the air with a person you’ve enjoyed in the past, but hadn’t enjoyed in ages but that sexual tension still alive? I was explaining something probably quite stupid and waving my arms all around, when one hand that I meant to settle on my chest landed on my breast, the other which was supposed to land on his thigh, landed on his semi erect cock.

He leaned in and we kissed. His lips as I remembered them, soft, cherry tasting… his breath gentle against my cheek as his hand rose to my cup my breast. I pulled back from him and told him to stand and strip.

Ok I’ll fast forward a little bit to where I used that balm and how I used it on him cause this post is getting freaking long even by my standards!!!!!

I had the balm over my lips, that peppermint making my lips swell quite nicely as I held his cock, his head pressed lightly against my lips. Moving my lips around his head, working this balm into him, feel him throb in my fingers, his gasps… and he remembered. His locked together behind his head as he looked down at me.

I took more of him into my mouth, my lips pressing hard into him working more of this balm into him. My head moving back and forth trying to take him all.

Yup laugh at me.

The last time I was with him, I was able to take his entire cock and hold him there with his head against the back of my throat and try to take his sac into my mouth at the same time.

I think I my gag reflex grew back. I couldn’t take him all. And that is not for lack of trying!!!

I couldn’t get past the want to take him all, to feel my lips pressed up against his lower abdomen, his pubic hair tickling my nose. I wanted to feel that again!

So I settled for the age old hand wrapped around his shaft while I continued to take as much as I could of him. My lips never letting up on him, pressing into him harder and harder. Digging them in, looking up at him, a hand squeezing his sac, feeling him throb over my tongue pressed against his vein.

I took more of that Rocket Balm in my fingers and again took hold of his sac massaging it into him, tugging, pulling, squeezing him.

His hips thrusting, his moans filling my ears encouraging me to take more of him. I sucked hard on him before letting up and letting my lips wrap around his head again. My tongue playing over his slit, around his head, pressing it into him.

Taking his cock, kissing it, I felt him tremble in my hands as I looked up at him and whispered, “cum for me”.

I took his head between my lips and let my tongue fly over his head once more, painting him. My hands pumping him, tightening around him, stroking him faster till finally his hot thick cum flowed from him into my mouth coating my tongue, seeping from the corners of my mouth and down my chin mixing with my saliva.

Still I pumped him wanting more of his cum to taste. To swallow more of him.

It was only then I heard his grunts and his words of, “Oh FUCK!” as he finished.

His hands came down, touching my head tenderly with a, “What the fuck was that?”

I held him there and licked him clean while he stroked my face, played with my hair and whispered about the differences between what just happened and the last time we were together.

We continued to play for a long while with the other’s body before finally we laid there spent and naked on the floor, our bodies pressed together still laughing about the differences especially of our bodies.

He thought it wonderful that I was no longer the hard woman of my youth and now more softer not just in the way I looked but also in my mannerism.

But that is not what this blog is about. It is about Rocket Balm today!

So Rocket Balm.

Let me be honest with you. It is really not something you really need to buy if you enjoy your sex life. But if you are looking for something unique and completely new to try out to add something completely different for either a man or a woman… this is something I’d suggest. And besides… at six dollars for a really nice balm? Not so bad.

But be warned.

This might be an amazing sensation on your body… but because of the oils and such, I don’t really suggest it in a woman’s pussy simply because it might cause some issues with her ph balance resulting in a possible yeast infection. I’ve used it in solo play time and with a couple partners this summer and I’ve not had an issue. But I do feel I should mention that. And also some women might find it too of an intense sensation.

It feels hot and it feels cold literally at the same time. Apply it to his head and gently blow upon him and watch him tremble. That was a delight to test out a few time!!! Can you imagine it on your clit? Doing that exact same thing????


The other warning I feel I should mention is the fact that it really shouldn’t be used with silicone based toys because the oils might over time break down the material. But… even though I know this… I still will use it with toys. But it is something I should warn you about.

And the best part of it all??? If you decide that you don’t like using the Rocket Balm for your sexcapades… it works lovely as a foot massage lotion!!!!

Ok. I need to get going. I am now pretty turned on and I’ve lots of toys that need to be tried out some more so I can properly tell you all about them.

Stay tuned to this space for the blind fold escapade. It was a blast!!!!!!!!


~ by Woman on September 7, 2011.

18 Responses to “Woman’s lips… meet a penis”

  1. Hot and leaving me wanting a good ole foot massage.😉

    • You know… there is one spot on the heel, where if it is stimulated with just the right amount of pressure it can lead to an orgasm? The things I’ve learnt in China!!!!!

  2. “Jaw … meet the floor” was my reaction to the title. Interesting post … and you know from our correspondence how fond I am of giving a lady a foot massage.

    • Ummm…. darling??? When are you coming to China? I mean you can borrow my feet and I’ll supply the oil. I do adore a good foot massage!!!!!!!!!

      And your jaw met the floor… did the floor at least introduce itself to you first?

  3. You’ve fogged up my glasses, Woman!
    I can’t tell you how happy I am you had such a memorable reunion with an old friend; you deserve a little creature contact in your life every once in awhile, Woman! I hope he returned the favor with equal zeal!
    Good for you!

    • All my rendezvous are memorable in one way or another!!! I just try not to share them as I’ve not their permission to talk openly about what has gone on behind closed doors.

      He did indeed return the favour!!! He’s the one who gave me the idea for the Balm on my g-spot and threw caution into the wind!!!!!!

  4. Damn Woman. Now I’m going to have to stay hidden behind my desk for a while. I need to get someone to turn the AC up…it needs to be cooler in here or I’ll be stuck here all day.

  5. Just now had the chance to read this, damn hot! I think my monitor just sizzled at me.

  6. Ahhh… Sounds delightful and fun!!! Amazing how a little bit of balm can make your world even better!!!

  7. You’ve gone all 007 on your latest post. Must be steamy!😉

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  10. Sounds like you have fun, maybe I will have to give it a try sometime.

  11. Hi, I enjoy reading ypur blog. it is the most interesting blog that I have come to view. Thankyou for sharing.

  12. That must be amazing stuff because after reading this I’m getting a warm glow, down below, myself.😉

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