Sharing is Caring at Heathrow… an erotic story

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We’d not played in a long while.

It felt like ages since the last time we’d done anything together. Part of the reason was he and his family were on a month long vacation that was ending the family portion of the vacation. He’d be leaving the estate in a few minutes for the airport while the rest of his family stayed behind for a few more days.

And this was the going to be the first time we’d see each other in any manner other than a quick word here and there in almost four weeks. The rare text message here, the email to let the other know we were still alive and well… was all we had.

And today… well today I’d finally get to see his grinning face pop up on my screen.

Looking at my watch, I knew I had a little bit longer before I’d get a message that he was on his way. My hand slipping over the mound of my pussy, feeling my smoothness. I couldn’t help but grin as my fingers felt how wet I was. My juices coating my labia, my fingers slip sliding over my wet flesh, making me want to just give in and slip a finger into me to feel my heat envelope my finger.

But that would have to wait. Something was owing. And I intended to get the fucker back. He had recorded himself reading an erotic story in his low and raspy voice, and I could actually visualise what he was doing while he read each line. I knew as his voice was almost growling that he was almost ready to cum, I knew that as he read about how it felt as his cock slid into her pulsating and drenched pussy that he was pressing his thumb over the head of his cock. I had to sit there and listen to him masturbate while he read that story. I could actually hear his hand against the hard flesh of his cock, his voice becoming raspier with each sentence; with each stroke.

Walking to the closet and pulling it open, I saw the outfit I would wear today for his viewing pleasure. The crimson satin corset which was not long enough for my tall frame, but that was ok. It just meant that my nipples constantly popped up over the top. And I was pretty sure that would not be a problem today. I pulled out a pair of white cotton knickers and put them on the bed with the corset. Taking out a pair of my silk thigh high stockings and letting them slip over my naked body before adding them to the pile.

Grinning at the clothes on my bed, it would be the first time I appeared on Skype for him dressed to impress in a corset and stockings.

And I have to admit… it was kind of exciting! I was even more excited than that time I went to work wearing a remote controled vibrator.

Loosening the lacings on the corset, of course fingering the silky ribbons, then wrapping it round my torso. My breasts heaving as I took in huge amounts of air, sucking in my belly while I fastened the clasps. Bringing my shoulders in, trying to make my large breasts seem smaller and cussing as the clasps I had already done up came undone.

Trying again, and then again, sweat beginning to break out upon my brow wishing I’d spent more time in yoga class learning all the contortions as it would help me to get dressed in this thing!

Finally, my fingers once again were able to take hold of the ribbons along the backing and pull.

It was amazing to watch my getting into a corset in front of a mirror. To watch my body become smaller, more hour glass in shape, my breasts to suddenly be pushed higher till they looked like they would spill over the top. I couldn’t help but just try to pull the lacings tighter.

With my hands behind me, my shoulders pulled back hard, my breasts looking even bigger. Gasping trying to breathe while trying to fasten the lacings. Tying the loops together, my hands on my hips, I could look at the end result.

Naked from the waist down, the cleft between my legs damp with my own arousal. My skin still glowing from the oil rubbed into my body after my shower earlier. Smooth, hot to the touch. I couldn’t help myself and let my fingers slip between my lips feeling my wetness again. With a sigh, I picked up my cotton panties and bending over pulled them on, hiding my pussy from sight for the time being.

It was then I decided that it was time to don those stockings.

Carefully, oh so very carefully, pulling them over my toes, up over my ankle and loving the way the silk caressed my calves. Pulling them up higher over my knees, contemplating if I should have worn suspenders with my corset. It would look so much better if I did wear garters with this outfit. But if you did, it would have been harder to remove your undies if you did. But I could always have worn my knickers over top of the garters… and that would have just looked dumb. The battle between wearing suspenders and going without still waged on in my head while I continued to pull the silk stockings higher up my thigh, first the one, then the other.

My thumbs beneath the silicone of the stockings, straightening them, chuckling as they stayed in position. Standing before the mirror looking at myself in my ‘battle gear’ for today I would make war on that man who had tormented me for so long with his grins, with his thoughts turning me on then dashing away just as soon as I got too aroused to just walk away.

Grins my lily white ass! He does it on purpose to get you back since he knows how often you have sex with his wife. He just wants to tease you till you agree to let him watch again. And I couldn’t help but laugh as that thought popped into my head.

Opening my make-up bag and applying mascara, darkening my lashes to make my eyes appear larger and lip stain in the same colour as my labia. A purplish undertone with a deep scarlet blended in. And then I looked at the finished presentation.

My hair pulled up with soft auburn waves flying free around my face and down my back. My green eyes looking bigger than usual but my eyes stopped for a moment on my lips. Darker than their natural mauve, they looked massively large. And I couldn’t help but make a comparison between the largeness of my lips to the plumpness of my lips between my thighs. My eyes then travelled lower to my décolleté where my full breasts were pushed so high pushing my pearl necklace up, my areolas peeking above the trim. My nipples hard against the satin of the corset, with each breath dragging them slightly under the material. Each breath pushing them higher, each movement made them jiggle.

It was an odd feeling to be certain compared to wearing a bra. There was more support in wearing the corset, my shoulders loving the freedom of no straps digging in. But the jiggling was something that would take some getting used too!!! But it was curious to watch how each movement of my body made them bounce.

I couldn’t wait till I had him watch me with each hard thrust, and have him watch my breasts move.

Hearing my phone chirp with its hilarious incoming message song and reading the message, left early, checking in now had my knees buckle and my heart pound. It was only going to be a few more minutes he just had to check in at the airport, then clear security and take a seat.

Sitting before the computer, opening my box of toys and pulling out a various selection that he had always shown great appreciation for while in use. Of course I am going to use the glass dildo his wife used on me that first time. I wonder if he remembers that this is the one? I thought as my hand fingered each bubble.

Glancing at the screen, I watched as he flashed he was online.

My heart was racing.

I’m alive! Was all I got on my screen before that annoying ring of Skype letting me know he was trying to call in.

I sat there grinning at the camera as he appeared before my eyes.

“Got a hot date tonight?”

“In a manner of speaking yes.”

His eyebrow rose, “You are going to leave me hanging?”

“I’ve got a dinner in a few hours with some friends who are trying to set me up with a new man.”

“Fuckin’ ‘em and leavin’ ‘em?” he said with a grin.

“How was the holiday?” I asked enjoying as his eyes looked over my head shoulders and bust line with appreciation.

“Pretty decent. Hard with the boys around all the time to really enjoy oneself.”

“Ahhh… the quick and easy approach then?”

“Whatever gets the job done you know.”

I let my hand slip down over the curve of my breast as I watched him sit there at the gate, his fellow travellers on either side of him. He sat there with his head set on, his eyes wide watching my fingers every move. His attempts at clearing his throat to distract me failing miserably.

“So not often then?” I asked him, my chest heaving my nipple popping free over the top of my corset. I watched as his eyes travelled lower following my fingers as I went to tweak it.

He tore his eyes away from the screen looking at those beside him before he hissed at me, “Woman! What do you think you are doing!”

I attempted to look all innocent at him, but couldn’t stop my grin from appearing as I said, “Change your seat then. Unless you’d like me to stop that is?”

He bit his lower lip, his eyes held mine before standing up and I watched as the world pass by wobbly, pixelated, before settling on his face one again. I couldn’t help but chuckle as his eyes went wide as he saw me again. One breast pulled up over the trim of the corset, the other still hidden from sight.

“I’d been dreaming of you the past few nights. The taste of your nipples, the way you always sigh as soon as I touched your breast.” My humm and oh? And ahhh whispering in his ear as he continued to speak. “The way your body trembles whenever your clit is touched. Are you wet?”

My fingers pinching my nipple between them, stretching it. “Shall I show you?”

“Do you have to ask?”

Setting my nipple free from my fingers, watching it wobble and jiggle as it settles. Leaning my body back and pulling my knees up letting him see the tops of my stockings and the whiteness of the crotch of my panties soaked with desire.


My fingers running over my covered slit, pressing them in to show him the outline of my pussy through my panties.

Now boarding Flt AC5119 to Beijing. Would all passengers please begin boarding at Gate 25.

I couldn’t help but laugh at that announcement. Reminding myself what I was doing, where he was, and why I was doing it all. Revenge.

“I love how your breasts bounce every time you laugh.”

“Do you like it when I press the material of my knickers into my…?”

“Oh yes. That I like too. But I’d rather it was my face between your thighs and my tongue pressing into you.”

“I like that too. Then I’d wrap my legs about your head and keep you there.”

“I’d like that too. But I want you here in the waiting room dressed just like that. I’d bend you over those chairs, take your hair in one hand pulling your head up as I fuck you. While all these people watch as I take you, burying my cock in your cunt…”

It was then I heard a gasp then a tisk from a woman. Hearing that had me laughing in his head once again. I was laughing so hard that tears fell from my eyes.

“Remind me I can’t talk so loud in a public place of how I want to use you… especially on a full flight.” His face left the screen for a moment as he looked around, “But the good news is? I am pretty much alone now.”

“Ahhh…. The lonely pervert! Watching a woman on your screen while you are in an airport lounge!”

“Lonely pervert. Sounds about right. But what does that make you?”


“That’s a given.”


“Too easy.”

Fastening a nipple clamp on that already abused nipple forcing me to inhale deeply with a sigh, “Addict.”

“Humm… better.”

Looking at him carefully, “How long till your flight?”

“I’ve about two hours left. International. Have to arrive and check in early in case I am a terrorist you know.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at that. “The only thing you terrorise is my pussy you know.”

“Shhhh!!! Don’t say that so loudly you might get hissed at!!!!” he said with a smirk. “I hope to terrorise other parts of your body too.”

“Well yes. But let’s not talk about that now.”


“Did your wife tell you anything?”

His eyes focused on mine, his face somewhat curious with serious undertones. “What happened between you and my wife?”

All I could do was grin showing off all my mollars. “Lots.”

“How many times have you two been together?”

Again, that smile. “Lots.”

“You ever going to tell me?”

“Nope. Why would I? I like it when you get all rough and wild wanting answers and you take it out on me. Hurts to sit down the next day mind you… but I still love how wild you get.”


“You like the teasing. We all made an arrangement. You need to follow those rules.”

“Rules are meant to be broken.”

“So I try to tell you that, but you never listen. You tell me what you got me, and I’ll tell you what went on the last time I saw your wife.”


“Ok. Am I going to get to fuck myself today or are we going to chit chat some more first?”

“I was hard as a rock till you brought up my wife!!!”

“It could have been my intention all along you know. Tease you. Change the topic. Tease you some more.”

“Tease me?”

“A girl can try you know.” With that I stood up, not even paying attention to his mumbles asking of what I was doing. I moved my lap top to the shelf in front of me it was about shoulder height, and then I know he saw the mirror that was behind me.

I had arranged my furniture before my shower to be almost perfect for this angle.

He’d be able to watch my front in the mirror with my back towards him. “Your lacings… how I’d love to run my fingers up along your spine right now, feel your flesh against them…”

I turned and grinned at him, “Shush. You’ve already been tisked at… just watch…” Bending down my hands running down my inner thighs till they took hold of my ankles. Looking at him upside down and just smiling at him. “I’d like to be like this one day when you come through my door. Ready. Waiting. Needing you.”

My hands rising up along the backs of my stockings. I parted my legs further, and let my fingers toy with the hem of my cotton panties. Pulling the material from my body, slipping my fingers under it. I watched his reflection in the mirror his jaw dropping. He watched as my fingers pulled my lips and slipped between them.

Cold fingers on hot flesh could only ever lead to a gasp and that is exactly what I did. Running my finger along my clit, my chest heaved so both my breasts were now free over the top of the corset. My nipples looking hard in the mirror and the ache was all mine to feel. He got to watch as I slipped my fingers from my clit and brought them covered in my juices to my nipple. While my fingers twisted and pulled, massaging my juices into my nipple, all I heard was his voice, horse echo through my room, “Suck your nipple. Suck your nipple.” Over and over again like a chant.

The corner of my mouth rising up in a smile, bending my head hard, my breast in one hand bringing it up to my lips as my tongue flicked over the tip.

My moan came long and loud.

Painted lips parted wide as I took my nipple within. My teeth clamping down as I slowly seesawed over it. My lips pressing into my soft flesh leaving lip stick impressions around my nipple.

Faintly in the room I heard his gasps and his moans, but all I could focus on was just how turned on I was. How much I wanted to be fucked. Either by my own hand or by a man’s cock. I wanted to cum. And I wanted to cum hard.

My breast bouncing free of my mouth, pulling my head back so he could watch in the mirror as my hips pushed down so he could see my crotch and my breasts resting against the material of the corset. He was made to watch as my hand ran down the length of my body, gripping the cotton of my panties and pulling it so hard. With each tug of that material it brought the material covering my ass into my crack displaying to him the high round cheeks of my ass.

Somewhere in the corner of my mind I heard, “I’d bite that ass of yours then I’d spank you till you screamed! Fuck you I want you so bad right now.”

Hand tugging harder on the fabric of my knickers, pulling it till the material was bunched riding along my slit. My groaning coming louder, my shoulders coming to rest on the table before me, my ass still high in the air. One hand reaching for my glass bubble toy, the other tearing at the material needing to make the way clear for this glass to enter my body.

The lips of my pussy rubbed raw by the material, swollen. Burying the first bubble of the toy into me had my knees buckle and my body begin to shake.

All passengers please be reminded that your luggage must be attended at all times.

Pushing the toy even deeper into me, feeling my vagina stretch with each bulb till all five bubbles were deep inside my pussy. My thumb pressing hard against my clit, my nipples aching wishing not for the first time that I could magically grow another pair of hands to deal with them and twist pull and use them. Fingers pulling the glass from my drenched folds ramming it back in. Slowly moving the toy, I could feel my juices slash in droplets over my inner thighs.

I knew he’d be watching each creamy droplet of my juices as the light reflected off the glass toy.

“Faster!” I heard the urgency in his voice rather than his words pushing my hand faster that toy plunging harder and deeper faster and faster into me.

My whimpers louder, my body shaking I wanted this orgasm.

I needed this orgasm.

I’d been frustrated for the past few days, bringing myself so close then refusing to allow myself my release. I wanted to explode the first time we saw each other, I knew if I denied myself my own pleasure for a while that just the littlest pressure upon my g-spot would have me cumming hard, squirting, my body shaking, muscles taut beneath my skin, my heart thundering in my chest, my eyes seeing nothing but stars… I wanted what was coming to me. I wanted to feel that damn burst.

I wanted my fucking orgasm!

My hand gripping hold of that hunk of glass, thrusting harder, plunging it deeper, faster. Faster! The sounds of my juices sloshing from my pussy, splashing over my thighs, my moaning getting louder, my urgent.

The sounds of his voice in my ears edging me on, whispering “faster, faster, cum for me!”

My fingers slowing down, I may need this orgasm but there was no way in hell I was going to give it up so easily especially when it was our first time back on each others screen. I wanted him to suffer. I wanted him to explode there in the waiting room. I wanted to infuriate him to take this little game of ours to a whole new level. I wanted him to think about his wife and I… which gave me an idea.

Standing up, looking at myself in my disarray in the mirror. My breasts free of the crimson satin of the corset, my nipples hard as rocks rising and falling with heave of my chest. My knickers pulled tight into the crack of my ass, pulled to the side of my pussy, my juices everywhere making a mess. That glass toy still buried deep within my cunt, my pussy squeezing it holding it in place. Hands on the flesh of my ass, my nails digging in.


“Smack that ass as I would!”



I yelped on the third smack I gave myself. I could feel my juices slip past my toy and dribble onto my inner thigh. My pussy pulsating still clenching that toy.

One hand’s fingers parting my lips, a rouge finger attacking my clit, the other on my nipples pulling it, twisting it. In the mirror I smile at his reflection on my computer screen. My breath coming in short bursts between the quick intake of breath, “This is the same toy that your wife used on me the first time you watched us.” Turning around to look at him before continuing.

“The way her lips moved over my clit… her fingers digging into my inner thighs.” I sat down on the couch and propped my thigh high stocking feet spread wide on the table. Looking straight at him, “The way she took to eating pussy so easily, the look in her eyes whenever she watched my finger slip beneath my blouse.” Taking hold of that glass toy again and pulling it free. I saw in the window on the screen my cream coating the grooves, bringing the toy to my lips, swirling my tongue around the head. “Mmm, I love the way I taste. But I’d prefer to be licking my juices of your cock or off your chin after I road you.” Licking up the length of the toy swirling my tongue around the head again, my tongue coated with me, “I love the way your breath catches in your throat when I slide my hand over your cock still caged within your trousers. And when I squeeze you?” My fingers pinching and stretching my nipple as I speak, “That soft moan you make as your hips pushing you harder into my hand.”

Faintly I heard that annoying PA announcer again in the background, This the last boarding call for Cathay Pacific flight 131 at gate 25.

I reached onto the table and held up the selection of toys for him to choose from.

“You know what I want.”

My laughter filled his head, “You want to watch your wife’s tongue lick along m oh so very wet pussy, her fingers part my lips only to kiss my clit.” I watched his hands clasped over his head, his laptop jiggling slightly, his face slightly red, his nostrils flaring as he tried to keep his composure.

But still his lips formed a grin, his voice strained with control, “Fuck yes I wanna see that!”

“I might let you watch when I’ve had my fill of her some more first. But first I want to know, how badly do you want to see me cum?”

His eyes narrowed and his brows creased.

“Perhaps the question darling,” I smiled coyly at him “perhaps the question should be, how bad do you want to cum?”

His voice barely a whisper, “I want to cum all over your tits, smear my load over your nipples and watch you suck my seed off your nips.”

My fingers wrapped around the hot pink vibrator and turned it on. Sliding it over my clit, rubbing my juices into my pulsating flesh, I couldn’t help but gasp as the scent of my arousal filled the air.

“I want you on your knees here in the waiting lounge between mine, my cock in your mouth… I wish you could see how hard you’ve made me.”

I couldn’t take anymore! The whole coming up with this plan, spending the day putting it into motion, shaving, oiling my body, keeping my hands from my aching pussy, my entire body aroused, I woke, finally seeing him smiling once again on my screen, knowing he is watching me from an airport waiting lounge… was just getting too be too much. I knew I couldn’t hold my flood gates back for much longer.

My vibrator humming plunging in and out of me, harder and harder I forced it into me. My eyes glued to my screen watching his eyes go cross eyed, his breathing coming faster. His face flushed. If I closed my eyes and thought about it, I knew that I could call on the memory of how his cock felt as he buried it in me.

But I wanted to watch his reaction.

I wanted to watch his face as he gasped as I came.

And above all else I wanted to know if him watching me would make him cum there in the waiting lounge.

My eyes remained open watching him. His eyes on my hand thrusting my toy deeper and harder.

I could hear my body’s noises, the sloshing of the hard silicone against my wet flesh. My grunts feeling the vibrations over my g-spot. My clit humming each time the base of my toy crushed against it.

My eyes rolling back into my head.

Chest heaving.

Nipples aching with each bounce of each thrust.

My pussy clamping hard around the toy.

Each gasp, each grunt, each moan demanding my release.

My hand coating in my juices. My thighs wet.

I could feel it close.

Whispers of yes, yes, yes, cum now! Filling my head.

My scent filling my head with the need of more.

Another thrust. Then another.

My back arching hard, my nipples pointing at the ceiling as I cried out YES! All my body shaking as I came hard. That silicone toy locked tight deep within, my pussy trembling around it.

From my computer on the shelf I could hear him groan, licking his lips.

It felt like forever that the earth shook. My body still quivering while mini orgasms consumed me.

The toy still buried within me, my fingers playing with my juices massaging it into my lips before bringing my cum soaked fingers to my lips. Letting him watch as I suck them clean.

“Holy fuck woman!”

Grinning with my fingers still in my mouth, my knees parted wide, my pussy still glistening, coated with my cum. My breasts resting against my chest, nipples raw and swollen. “Enjoy the show?”

“Holy fuck.”

My hands reaching down between my thighs, slowly pulling the toy from my pussy. Its humming still doing wonders. A quick gasp, my eyes going wide as another mini orgasm ran through me. My juices covering the toy as I brought it to my lips. My tongue sliding up along its length, swirling around its head. My eyes on my screen. “That good huh?”

“And more.”

The corner of my mouth curled up in a sly smile, “This means that you are coming up with new ways to get me back?”

“I’ve already got your pay back sorted. Be warned.”

“I am so warned. Does it involve handcuffs?”

Just a smile was all I got.

“Ummm… costumes and bondage?”

A raise in the eyebrow.

“A HA! You so do not have my payback thought of! You are just using my ideas!” my eyes went round looking at him.

“You never know!”

“Goof. When do you arrive?”

“In about four hours, you going to meet me at the airport?”

“Yeah, but first I gotta get cleaned up.”

“You mean you are not coming in that? I want you to see the results that your little performance had on me.”

Standing up and walking towards the shelf holding the laptop, my nipples aching with the cool air passing over them. My panties still digging into that crease between where lips and where my inner thigh met. “Do you think I am done with you yet?”

~ by Woman on November 12, 2011.

10 Responses to “Sharing is Caring at Heathrow… an erotic story”

  1. “Do you think I am done with you yet?”
    Is that a message to your readers?
    Keep exploring the dark, erotic alleys of your mind, Woman!

  2. Very hot story!
    I’ve been on the receiving end of something vaguely similar but not nearly as hot as this. Perhaps one day…


  3. Fuck are you hot. OK, we must meet online sometime soon😉

  4. OMG!!! This is one of the hottest stories i’ve read in a while! I love the way you tell a story its like i was there for the whole thing!

    • Thank-you Douglas! I am thrilled you enjoyed it!!! And welcome to The World According to Woman!!! Feel free to take a gander at some of the other stories as well if you’d like!

  5. Damn hot story helped with me those long late nights and helped me sleep very well and very happy

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