Woman has a fantasy dream…

I was woken this morning by a friend of mine pinging me through Skype. She is used to me being up early, but since the holidays has been on, I’ve been staying up much later than usual and sleeping in till around seven.

But what she didn’t know, was that she woke me up in the middle of one of my favourite dreams. I heard her pings while my eyes were still closed, my fingers lazily stroking my slit, and the other hand toying with my nipple, my breast pulled high up over my sleeping top.

It’s cold season here. Jammie tops are a must and usually a scarf too. Pants… well those are still optional. I usually wake with them somewhere hidden in my bedding, or in some random hide-away in my apartment. And this morning it was no different.

Being quite aroused, and really wanting to continue holding onto this wild erotic dream while my fingers would take care of my needs. I was upset that she woke me.

You see… I was hoping that I’d be woken up by one of those fun calls from someone you could just continue using your body while they watch you or listen to your breathing quicken, your voice to catch in your throat. I’d watch his eyes go big and round, the frequent clearing of his throat and the er…. sounds.

I do so love the “er” sounds!!!!

But nope! It’d been ages since I’ve had one of those wake up calls that make me grin, make my pulse quicken encouraging me to just to suck and lick my fingers, then put them back where they belong.

My latest Toy having left the city three weeks ago to return to his home for the holidays, got word that he’d not be returning to China and told me about it last night. Which had me not only happy but looking forward to spending time writing, visiting the gym, and of course… toy reviews. And yes, when I say toy reviews, that means more toy use, and learning their secrets, which settings work best, the pro’s and cons and all the ins and out of various toys.  Of course I’ll miss a man focusing on my body and enjoying his body in return. And even if I don’t always orgasm when I am with a man… and even if the sex is not all that good… I still prefer a man over my toys.

But on the other hand, if a man asked me to toss all my toys, or asked me to choose him or the toys, hands down.

He’d loose.

Anyways, this is not a post about toys! This post is about my fantasy I was having just before I woke up. Well.. it is a little bit about toys.

So anyways.

The dream was I was sitting there on a wooden kitchen chair watching two screens. On the one screen had me naked, on my knees, shoulders pressed down to the floor, my arms along the length of my shins. My ass high in the air, my pussy drenched with my arousal. I could see the little quivers of excitement cause the flesh of my ass cheeks to twitch.

It was either excitement or me trying to keep my balance. I don’t know. Let’s go with excitement. Sounds better.

As I watched, I could feel what the “I” was feeling on the screen. My hair was in pig tails, and there were all my glass toys lined up beside me where I could see them gleam in the light. But what made me go, “Eh?” was seeing that ruddy fuzzy orange clam once again enter my dreams.

On the second screen, there was me in one of my lecture suits, my heeled loafers on the table. My eyes followed my stocking covered legs up over my bended knees to see that I was actually wearing my thigh high stocking. With my skirt up around my hips, the crotch of my knickers pushed to the side, my fingers just idly stroking my oh so very wet pussy. My jacket open, my breasts pushed high. I felt my breath catch in my throat and I knew that the me on the screen was wearing a corset under my button up blouse. My hair pulled up by a pencil with that damnable fuzzy orange clam clamped on the the end of it, and my eyes. Heavy with dark liners and mascara were closed as my painted dark red lips parted as a sigh escaped them.

I sat there in that wooden chair my jaw practically hitting the floor. I was wearing my jammies sitting there my wrists cuffed together resting on a table while my faceless man wearing a very Big Band Era outfit (black with pencil thin pin stripe of course and a fedora pulled down over his eyes and I am sure, if I looked he’d have wing tips on). “Woman, these are the thoughts in your head.”

I nodded.

“What do they mean?”

I shrugged.


I watched as that same faceless man who haunts my erotic dreams walked onto each screen.

Screen One: his hand slides over my rump, spanking first one cheek then the other. I watched as his trousers began to tighten around his groin as the length of his cock started to show. I heard his words as he spoke, “My little slut…” He just walked around my body quivering before him, my pussy trembling with excitement. His hands touching, stroking, pinching, reaching my my nipple and tweaking it. After ages of him just inspecting my body, he moved behind me and took a seat just admiring the view of my ass still high in the air.

Screen Two: he walked into my house and I saw his reaction to my playing with my body. He dropped his bag at the door, and just stared. I motioned for him with my pussy juice covered finger to come closer to me and pointed to a spot between my knees. Moving my feet to rest on his shoulders, keeping him far enough away but close enough to see everything. Looking directly at him from behind my glasses, I watched as my perfectly applied lipstick lips part (which I can during the day never ever apply to look that good. Thank god in my dreams I am not only graceful but also good at applying make-up!!!) saying “No touching”.

Screen One: he just sat there watching me.

Screen Two: he just knelt there between my knees.

In the room with me cuffed and in my jammies, the man in the fedora said, “You’ve a thing for being watched?”

I just grinned showing off all my teeth saying, “No.”

He leaned forward and I saw the man stubble in the light peaking out from the shadow of the hat. His hands were balled up in fists. Moving his left hand closer to me, opening it and showing off the baby fuzzy orange clam, turning his hand and letting it fall on the table before me.

I looked up at him and asked, “But what does it mean!!!!!!!!”

His now empty left hand held up his index finger almost growling, “That’s one”.

I still don’t know if he actually meant “I caught you in a lie” or not… but I was getting freaked out. Those freaking fuzzy orange clams are seriously haunting.

He motioned towards the screens again and I caught sight of more of his jaw line and his rugged man stubble and his full lower lip.

My eyes followed and once again my focus was torn between which screen to watch or to sit there and gawk at the fantasy man wearing my all time favourite man outfit.

I mean seriously. My favourite position to be taken… Screen One. One of my favourite teases to play a man is to make him watch me play for as long as I can and not touch. And my biggest turn on is a man in a proper hat.Then wing tipped shoes, then the big bang era pant suit….

I am telling you… this dream was turning more and more into my perfect fantasy land.

Screen One: his hand moving over his cock through his trousers, gently massaging himself as he slowly stood up. Unzipping, pulling out his cock, stroking himself as he walked towards me. When he reached me, he let his cock free, and his hand came crashing down upon my ass. The sound of flesh meeting flesh thundering through the room, echoed only by my moan. My pussy getting wetter by the second suddenly invaded by his finger thrusting deep and hard into me.

Screen Two: I made him reach for a small bullet style vibe and hand it to me. Leaning my body forward, I slipped it into his shorts and watched as his eyes grew huge feeling the vibrations of my vibe slide along his length. Sitting back, my fingers once again pulled my knickers to the side, parting the lips of my pussy, my fingers circling my clit. My juices I could feel them slip down towards my ass as I whispered to him how much I wanted him to plunge his hard cock deep into my hot wet pussy. I continued to tell him how I wanted him to take me, my legs wrapped around his trouser covered hips, my ankles locked tight and hard around him. His cock bottoming out in me, a bulbous glass toy in my ass so each thrust his cock would feel them, making me even tighter for him. His hands crushing my breasts. And telling him all this while my fingers played over my body, tearing open my blouse having him see me in my corset pulling a nipple over the top and a finger disappear in me. All this while he was kneeling there so close to my pussy.

“Which is your favourite?” the Al Capone looking man asked.

“I don’t know.”

His balled up right hand made its way towards me and I watched again in horror as it opened another fuzzy orange baby clam clunked onto the table. My eyes were glued to the sight of two of these ugle clams kicking their single leg till their shells met up and then they started to vibrate.

Their shells opening and they did some kind of joining that I cannot even begin to explain. But needless to say that they became one normal sized fuzzy orange clam. Still scarey.

His face turned up a little bit and I could see more of this man who’d been haunting my fantasies and my dreams, his stubble, lips, his tongue as it slipped past his lips wetting them. His nose and the hallow of his cheeks. I wanted to see more.

This was the first time I’d ever seen so much of his face in my dream. And no wonder why I was cuffed to the table otherwise I’d be climbing over that table tear his hat off him to SEE just who he was and why the heck he’s been torturing my fantasy mind for so long! Then try to learn why the heck my Harold the Brain Hamster keeps on showing me clams.

He stood up and walked towards me, his cock free of his trousers, I could see as he pulled up his jacket a little that he was wearing suspenders to hold up his pants and I was even more turned on. His cock, hard, impressive, I swore I could see each beat of his cock force his cock to throb and I wanted to taste him. I wanted to wrap my lips around that beautiful cock and suck it.

When it comes right down to it, I wanted what was happening in screen one and screen two and in that room to happen ALL at once.

His hands came up, his fingers in my hair. Pulling my head closer to him, his growled, “Suck it”. I couldn’t help but look up at him. Before I could look up at him he said, “There can be only one.” (How Adrian Paul can I go here????) My eyes continued to look up at him as I licked my lips. And just before I got to see who my faceless dream man was….

PING!!!! *Skype Calling* PING!!!!!

Oh yes. I was a little put out that I was caught int he middle of this dream. You see, as I said, I’ve been dreaming of this faceless man for ages. It is not very often that I’ll have an erotic dream with an actual man where I can see his face. And when I can see his face… it’s kind of funny. When I see that man while I am awake, I become on horny bomb ready to explode almost instantly if he speaks to me. But the faceless man… I am horny for days. And days afterwards.

I guess I’ll just have to go back to sleep, and hopefully catch this faceless man once more.

There are times when I sat down and had a moment to think my mind went back to this dream and wondered what it all meant. Why have those ruddy fuzzy orange clams returned? Who is the faceless man? Why would anyone choose just one? Why was I watching me on a screen? Why was I in my jammies? Blah. I know I might never get my answers, but it is fun to ponder and want more!!!!

Wish me sweet dreams, and may your dreams be as entertaining for you as mine are for me!!!


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~ by Woman on January 8, 2012.

20 Responses to “Woman has a fantasy dream…”

  1. OK, this is good! And it must be the beginning of a mystery series… “Why have those ruddy fuzzy orange clams returned? Who is the faceless man? Why would anyone choose just one? Why was I watching me on a screen? Why was I in my jammies?” All great food for thought and wonderment as well as fodder for more erotic fantasies. Very good, Woman!

    • Hello Charlie; People who have been reading my blog for a while will know I have been haunted by this fuzzy orange clam and a faceless man in my dreams for ages. These two have been frequent visitors in my blog for a very long time!!!!!

      Thanks for the comment!!!


  2. I’m cursing skype on your behalf. *I* want to know more of the faceless man, damn it!

    • I know!!!! I mean at least if the morning caller was someone who would have enjoyed me finishing rather than just laughing… I’d have been ok!!! One day… one day I’ll figure it out. But you know Harold. I think he is getting off on me not knowing and keeping it to himself!!! That strange and demented hamster I tell you!!! I just want to know what that clam is all about!!!

  3. That’s actually quite possible, China. Dreams can take all night, or can happen in just a few moments. They can even be a mixture of both. Tim is quite relative in your mind. While it looks like its taken up half your night, it could have taken place in the fraction of a second it took for the sound of the beeping to get from your ear drum to permeate your dream state.

    This would mean that Harold knew the noise was coming, and so set the dream up specifically so you wouldn’t have the answer this time. That means its waiting for something to happen in your actual life, to give you more information, and then incorporate it into the dream.

    Or, you could learn about lucid dreaming. Then you could take command of your dream and find out for yourself.

    My guess is, the faceless man is you.

    (The previous parts of this post is based on research into dreams, and REM cycles, while that last bit is based on many episodes of Star Trek!)

  4. Ahem. *Time is relative*. Though you might have a relative called Tim, I don’t know.

    • LOL!!!!!

      You know… you might be right about it the faceless man being “me”. Interesting point of view and one I’ll have to ponder over a while before I get too far ahead of tim. I mean time.

      Or it could just be my own personal Doctor Who!!! And now I must go and deal with the horny factor of thinking of Doctor Who in a pin strip suit and a fedora.

  5. Wish you sweet dreams? You don’t need good wishes, not with your imagination!

  6. All i can say is “My oh my oh my”!!!!

    And oh to visit your head once in a while…



  7. never a disappointment reading you blog! love it!

  8. Wow! The calls always come at bad times😉

  9. i love how vivid your imagination is and it comes through in your dreams

  10. What frustrates me about dreams is the lack of control. It’s my mind so why can’t I say what happens or at least know that I’m dreaming. Sorry, this is about you and not me.:)

    • I kind of enjoy the lack of control, but what I don’t enjoy is not understanding them. That part I hate.

      I don’t really care where my mind goes, it needs a break from time to time. But, I want to know what it MEANS!!!! That is the part that drives me whacko.

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