Woman continues to grade papers…

Well, I am about seven inches down on my stack of grading and decided to take a break and update you all.

My life is pretty damn boring at the moment, lots of papers to read, grade then input their grades. And while I grade, I watch movies and TV.

Now we don’t get fun TV on the TV here… but one thing I learnt today that was of interest was you know in Western countries you get American Idol? And those silly talent shows and cooking shows??? You know these shows?

Well China… they have a death row show. They have this one reporter who goes and talks to men and women on death row sometimes moments before they are taken away for the completion of their sentence.

When I read about this today I wasn’t sure how I felt about it and I still don’t. But I thought I’d share this… strange show with you all as this is a post about TV and movies.

I also read that China is banning time travel movies and TV programs. Like “Back to the Future” a movie that talks about keeping the time line in place. And all because China “authorities want its citizens to uphold the country’s values and not promote anything that would re-write history”. I mean seriously!!!

Removing Doctor Who from China’s TV and calling it contraband? Bill and Ted’s? Banned????

Sillyness I tell you!!!!

Anyways… those are my two new news stories to report on… and then my stories!!!

I have some guilty pleasures when it comes to TV. Part of my job is to keep up-to-date on current TV shows and unfortunately… to me that means things of interest and not things I find boring. Which is great fun at the moment as while grading papers my mind wanders then I forget about what I am doing.

So I watch TV while grading.

And here are some of the ones I’ve been watching!!!

I’ve been watching Alcatraz and really quite enjoying it. I find that twist that they briefly mention on what they were doing to the prisoners back in the 60’s just something I really want to sink my teeth into. But this is a JJ Abrams show… we are probably never going to know because he is a good story teller, but he just beats a dead horse when it comes to spilling the beans. People who are watching, they loose interest in his shows because of dragging out of the story.

Yup. Alcatraz is on the top of the list because I am watching it right now!!!

And there is something about Sam Neil. He’s not good looking… but there is just something about him that makes me go YUM!

Then there is Spartacus. Yeah, I have no idea what the story is there, but by golly the erotic scenes, the naked men running abouts, hot sweaty men beating on each other… well what more could this woman ask for??? Plus I really like that phrase, “Jupiters cock!”

OH! And then there is “Once Upon a Time” which I have to admit I find enduringly cute. I love the story and wish it was on twice a week because I want more Rumpelstiltskin. But then there is that boy Henry whom I find a bit annoying.

And Walter from “The Finder”. I just find his quips to be fun!!!!

There are a few others that I find fun to watch. It’s always fun to turn off my brain and just be taken away into a world where everyone speaks almost proper English!!!!

I miss sci-fi though.

I really miss sci-fi.

I cannot wait for Doctor Who to come back!!!! And what the hell are they doing cancelling Eureka?

And let us change the channel shall we???

I recently got my hands on the Eroscillator, and yes it looks like CP30 and I’ve found it a silly toy.

Everyone I spoke to who had one, all talked about how it was the bees knees of clitoral toys.

Well today after about an hour or so of grading, I reached over for the Eroscillator and went to play with it. I’ve not much liked it so far as a clit toy, it’s the most expensive nipple toy I’ve got!!!

I was laying there all squirmy like as the cup attachment was toying with my nipple, I was all wet and excited, when I decided that I wanted to give it another go on my clit and see what I’ve got my hands on.

So the attachment with the cup on the head traveled down over my stomach and the bumps on the back of the cup played over my mound.

Teasing my lips.

My fingers parting them before I let the cup land over my clit.

Needless to say, I almost jumped out of my skin.

It felt so painful!!!!!!!! Torturous even!!!

So I turned the toy around and let the bumpy side move over my pulsating clit and pushed down. My thighs parted wider, my free hand reaching for my nipples, squeezing it hard.

My hips jerking and my body got soooo tight.

But this orgasm was just not coming to the surface.

I let the Eroscillator press against my clit for what felt like hours; but it wasn’t. I replaced the Eroscillator with my fingers and came almost instantly!!!

But it was one of the most powerful orgasms I’ve had all week!!!!

My orgasm jury is still out on this toy. I love it as a nipple toy, and a labia play toy…. but actually using it on my clit for its intended purposes??

Meh… not to sure.

And it is still so very ugly!!!


My papers are calling my name I can hear them!!!

But I do plan on using the rabbit in the next little while!!!

~ by Woman on March 6, 2012.

8 Responses to “Woman continues to grade papers…”

  1. Seven inches!!!! wooo hooo!!!

  2. I’m kinda hooked on Alcatraz myself. Great premise and it’s being realized in a spooky, borderline edgy way.

    • Exactly! I am still not keen on the blonde (I am terrible with names, I will forever call the man from “Lost” “Hugo- from Lost”) I find the way she wears her boots over her pants to just not to like her on principle.

      But thankfully… the story is good enough to make me shut up and take it!!

    Love the graphic! Sorry about your TV losses!

    • Thank-you… And it’s sooo strange because my students fell in love with Doctor Who. So it really sucks for them!!!

  4. I’ve never liked the look of the Eroscillator. A copper electric toothbrush? That’s just weird!

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