Woman and the Spring itch…

It’s Spring time here in the Middle Kingdom… and that means everything is brighter, smells better, people all move abouts with huge grins on their faces… food tastes better… the air has that warm feel of the sun yet that cool brisk chill of winter trying to latch itself here to stay.

And gosh golly… I love winter and I want it to stay… but… I do love the beginnings of Spring!!!

I have been spending some of my free time Spring Cleaning my apartment and I am almost done!!! YAY!!! Spring cleaning!!!

My maid was to have come around 7:30am yesterday, just to give my place a base with which to start. She didn’t come, she didn’t come… so I started with out her.

I’ve got a walk in closet… actually, it is my spare bedroom. I’ve a whole room that is my closet/ storage room. I went through each of my boxes and sorted things out and tossed a crap load of paperwork.

So yesterday before my maid arrived, I opened my actual closet thingie up and with large sweeps of my arms, pulled everything out and dumped it on the floor. Washed out the actual closet, and that is when my maid showed up.

The look on her face was priceless!!!!

According to the Lunar Calendar, every December 28th, Chinese people do a sort of Spring cleaning. But not quite the way I was taught to do one.

EVERYTHING gets moved. Everything gets scrubbed down. Everything gets cleaned, then put back.

So picture if you will, clothes all over the floor, music blaring, washer slooshing around in the bathroom, my hair up like Mammy from “Gone with the Wind”, singing while I tilt over my closet to wash it. And in she walks.

After uttering for a moment, she makes a phone call to a friend of mine to ask what on earth I am doing.

Turns out, their Spring cleaning is only cleaning what you can see not what you cannot see behind.

So she begins her job while I continue with mine.

And as I go through my scattered clothes, I started to toss lots of them into the rubbish bin.

You might be wondering why I don’t just look for a place to donate my old clothes and such to. Chinese help organisations have already told me that they don’t want my old (but still good) clothes and many of them brand new, washed a few times but never worn.

I am just too tall.

So I start piling them up, and tell her to take them out with the ribbish. She asks for them. And of course I say… PLEASE!!! and thank her profusely for it. She’s always been infatuated with my bedding as I’ve got fitted sheets and when she saw how they work… she’s wanted some.

But what I hated, was that she wanted to pay me for them. Why on earth would anyone want to be paid for items that they are planning to toss anyways? I’ve never understood that.

Bags and bags of clothing, bedding, towels and such she took with her home. A huge hockey bag sized of stuff she took with her. Along with boxes of shampoo, conditioner, body products I’ve bought but just didn’t work with my skin and hair.

She was insanely happy!!!!

Some friends decided they wanted to come to my house for the afternoon, so I cleaned up and made my place presentable. They wanted something Western to snack on while watching movies, so I gave them a grocery list, and they went shopping.

When they arrived, I made them a salsa dip and nachos.

And boy oh boy did they fall in love with them!!!!

I love it when Chinese people have been told that Western foods are gross and disgusting, then suddenly they taste something new that they’ve never heard about and they just go crazy!!!! We had a 1kg bag of corn chips and they went in almost fifteen minutes. By two Chinese people.

I sometimes forget even though I’ve been here for years about how isolated so many people here really are about the world outside of China. It’s not a bad thing really… but it is a curious thing.

I mean take peanut butter for example. Most folks here have never tasted it. And refuse to taste it because “Western food is bad for you and tastes terrible”. Yet I told them to shut-up and take the spoon. Their eyes go huge as saucers, and they end up stealing the jar and gobble it down.

They think that spaghetti is like the water downed spaghetti you get at cheaper chained restaurants or from a can, and not like the stuff you make at home. So when I make chunky pasta sauce filled with vegetables and real cheese and homemade meatballs… I don’t get to keep the left overs. They are stolen to take home to share with their families.

And then to top it all off??? Why are people surprised to know I know how to cook and that I can cook and bake actually quite well???

This has always had me curious.

But then again… they are taught that no foreigner knows how to cook and we just  know how to order from take-out, buy pre-made foods etc… This might be why… but I ask of you my Western readers… do you know how to cook? And in a month, how many times do you eat food not prepared at home??? Because I know that when I visit my family, we do go out more often than they usually do because I am the one saying I want lobster or A&W hamburgers or such… because I do not get them here. But still… the majority of our meals are home cooked.

I wonder what it is about Spring that puts a bounce in everyone’s step, that makes everyone just seem brighter? Makes me more horny than usual?

Through the night, it felt like I was woken up every ten minutes in an orgasm. Even though the temperature through the night is still about -10C and is about -3 when the sun rises… my windows are still all open through the night. Some people seem to think that it’s the fresh air that causes this horniness through the night.

But my windows are always open through the night, even in the middle of winter.

And let me just say that the dreams I was having last night- the ones I remember at least- were quite vivid.

There was one dream where the faceless man crawled up under my blankets, parted my knees and proceeded to nibble upon my clit until I came. I woke breathless.

Another was there was two men taking me over and over again, ignoring my orgasms and continuing to take me through each orgasm. I woke with my chest heaving, my nighty hiked up around my hips and my fingers parting the lips of my pussy.

And yet another was my head over the end of the bed while his cock fills my throat and my fingers slipping into me. And I woke moaning as I orgasmed.

And wait for the kicker one I remember… I was sitting on my couch with my knees parted wide as the faceless man walked in the door with a friend and they continued to watch as I masturbated till I had enough. The faceless man and his friend told me that I had to get cleaned up, and get ready to go out for dinner. We went for dinner, and as the faceless man toyed with my nipple at the dinner table, his friend slipped beneath the table, pulled my body to the edge of the bench, parted my knees, pushed my knickers to the side, and began to lap at my labia.

And I just sat there more stunned than anything while my body was being used.

Oh yeah. My dreams have been somewhat… fun of late.

I woke from this dream exhausted, but still went in search of something to fill my pussy and take me over the edge as my fingers were just not working.

So as the morning sun rose, it’s rays filled my room, I lay there on my bed moaning, my hips quivering as another orgasm rippled through me.

And that is about it for me on this post, I’ve decided to take the morning, catch up on some correspondence, fold some laundry, then off I go out for some lunch. I wonder where we are going today???


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~ by Woman on March 20, 2012.

11 Responses to “Woman and the Spring itch…”

  1. You have a very exciting life! And I understand how great it is to have a second bedroom you can use as a walk in closet. I just have a second bedroom that I use as a storage room…😉 Oh well….

    • I did like my old apartment for one reason, it was small. So refused to buy much as I had no place to put it. Now I’ve a much larger apartment, I have way too much stuff!!!!

  2. Oh the joys of Spring cleaning. You never want to start but once you do it can be so very satisfying.😉

  3. You know … I’ve been searching for used clothing bins around the island … can’t find any! I asked my husband one day, let’s go to a used goods store, he looked at me baffled wondering why on earth I would want to buy anything used! Ha. I think my next aim is going to hound city council for a used clothing bin. There are plenty of pack rats here, my husband included, drives me nuts! Happy Spring time!

    • They’ve got the bins and the places to take clothes, just… they don’t want mine!!! LOL!!!! My thought is the same as what it is in Canada. Just because I am tall, doesn’t mean my things cannot be used. I’ll even toss in a sewing kit so they can hem what they like.

  4. Your vivid imagination rules, Woman! Never stop taking full advantage of it!

  5. You could probably start a whole separate blog just discussing the annoyances of being a tall beautiful amazon woman.

    • I think I might have already bored you all enough with that issue darling Balladeer!!! It seems that is my biggest complaint of late!!! LOL!!

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