Woman is really Mao???

So at the moment I have found some time to visit with you all from my classroom.

Yes! So that means I’d like you all to say hello to my kiddles!!! They have a pretty big exam this Saturday and because I had to miss one of my early lessons yesterday, I just decided to make the week ridiculously easy for everyone.

Am I not the greatest and the best teacher in the world? hey! be nice now!

Anyways, here I am bored as hell in the classroom while my students study. And they study so funny too.

And what shall I tell you about today?? OH! I know! Yesterday, I had to go in for my yearly medical at the big hospital downtown. It made me laugh!!! When I was filling out my name on a form, they decided to tell me that I had to write my name in Chinese.

So here is our conversation:

Them: You must write all information in Chinese.

Me: Does that include my name?

Them: Yes. You must write your name in Chinese.

Me: I have no Chinese name.

Them: (looking at my paperwork) You have been in China for ten years and you have no Chinese name?

Me: Nope. Only the name my parents gave me.

Them: Then we cannot put you into the computer.

Me: Press ctrl+shift and you can input my name. (Changes the keyboard from Chinese characters to English)

Them: (starting to get a little annoyed) What is your name in Chinese?

Me: As I have told you for the past four years, I do not have a Chinese name.

Them: Then we will not give you a medical exam because we cannot put your name in the computer. What is your Chinese name?

Me: Fine. Then my name is Mas Zedong. 

Yup. I can get very sassy when I have too.

The whole situation at the hospital was a  fiasco. And a total waste of my time. Rather than making an appointment during my two days off, the school decided to make my appoint during my class time on Wednesday. Yes, making my whole week suck for my lessons. I missed two classes, and I hate having a class behind. So I made this weeks lesson uber easy and just let most of them self study for their exam this weekend. My movie class, we are watching some “Whose Line is it Anyway” and one class picked “South Park The Movie” and the other class picked “The Naked Gun”.

Personally, I think they picked The Naked Gun because of the word naked. But then again… who cares!!! Shows they are getting curious and ok mentioning it!!!

Wow. Somehow and someway it looks like the sky disappeared and left us with what looks almost like fog but a fine dust that has blocked out all visibility. But the sun is shinning and it really hurts my eyes.

I am excited as I am planning on putting in an order soon to EdenFantasys, and I want to make it an expensive order, and I know what I want to get… well half my order, but I am not sure what else to get.

For me, I know I like clit massagers, but I prefer a proper g-spot vibrator over a clit massager because well let’s face it. I hate changing toys half way through a play session and sometimes, my clit has had enough so I want to thrust. But if I have just a clit toy, then I have to find the vibrator, turn it on, lube it up (lube is the best friend of any vagina), find the setting I like, massage it up against my g-spot then get back in the want to thrust. If I have the g-spot vibrator and begin using it on my clit, then I am already ready set and ready to go. No need to fiddle and play. Just go to town!!!

And that makes my decision difficult. I want to get the Jopen Vanity vr9 (I have fallen in love with the vr6 but hate the clit arm) so yes. The vr9 is on my wish list for my next order. That is no question. It is longer with no clit attachment, and the end with the stronger motor is more rigid so to use it against my g-spot will be great, and from the looks of it, the way the curves are, to have it rest against my clit will be fantastic.

And I need to get some new lube and have already picked it out, “Fun Factory’s Toy Fluid”.

But the other item I want to buy. Now here is where I run into some issues. Do I want to get JeJoue’s Uma? Or perhaps the Spirit by Leaf? See? The Leaf I want because of the colour and I heard a rumour that the motor is as powerful as the big strong motor in the Jopen line which makes my mind go crazy knowing just how deep those vibrations are. But then again, everyone has been talking about the Uma and how wonderful it is.

I am so confused!!!!!!!!!

I want the Leaf because of the colour and because I have been told of it’s power. I want the Uma because people have raved about it and I want to see if the bandwagon is as good as they say.

I have I think about two weeks to make up my mind. And I have no idea what I am going to do.

Talk about such a strange blog post. I was reading a blog post about a woman trying to make a decision to keep or abort her baby, another about who to vote for, another about which university to attend… some real life changing posts. Then there is me. Which vibrator should I get? Makes me wonder about my priorities!!!

Meh. Nah.

This is mainly a blog about female masturbation and life!!!

Only a few more posts left now before you all get your surprise!!!!



~ by Woman on April 19, 2012.

12 Responses to “Woman is really Mao???”

  1. I don’t think Mao liked clit massagers, but I could be wrong… not sure what that means though!

  2. I don’t think Mao liked clit massagers but I could be wrong…. not sure what this mean however!

    • Well… Mao… was a complicated man who liked his groin massaged each night before bed. At least that is what his doctor who fled to America has been known to say.

      Thanks Charlie for swinging through!

  3. I was going to vote for the Spirit till I read to the bottom of the review.
    “The biggest nail in the coffin for Spirit was the battery life. I killed my Spirit in less than one session with it. I got about 40 minutes (used on high) with each charge.”
    More product investigation is needed I think.

    • I know!!! I just love the colour!!! I am glad there are more fun colours and not just the pink, purple and the girlie girl colours, But I want green and vibratn blue!!!

  4. Decision, decisions….
    Cool post Woman! Only you could open in a classroom and close with the examination of the sex toy selection process!
    Good – and hot – post!

  5. Where would Mao have stood on electric anal massagers?

  6. I have the Uma and the Spirit. The Uma is the one that I prefer. I can press as hard as I want and I don’t lose any power with the Uma. With the Spirit if you press on it in an way the power backs off until you loosen your hold on it.

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