How to get free sex toys… or how to get lingerie for the wife for free

Post removed by author for the authors faith is no longer with the companies posted.

~ by Woman on May 2, 2012.

14 Responses to “How to get free sex toys… or how to get lingerie for the wife for free”

  1. I love all the excitement going on here! You deserve all the success you are having! I love the Balladeer’s Blog pic that we discussed!

    You are such a team player!

  2. I must say, Woman is right (again). I find that EF can be cheaper with shipping than buying stuff in the UK, especially if you watch out for their promotions. Subscribe to the e-mailing list and you get told about these offers.
    Their reviewers are pretty ruthless, too, as they are all competing for points. They will rubbish stuff they don’t approve of, its not all like-like-like-sell-sell-sell.
    And no, I don’t get free toys from them!

  3. Great work, Woman! Very hot post!

  4. I love EF best site I have ever been on!! I will also say this is my first time on your blog but I do follow you on EF but I’m going to look around never really been on a blog before.

    • Blogs can be such fun if you let them!!!

      EF is fantastic isn’t it??? I love how I get a gift card for pimping something so easy to pimp and talk about. I mean I rant and rave about my toys anyway and I get paid for it too??? Amazing fun!!!!

      And the amount of stuff I’ve received for just babbling on the Forums??? Oh my gosh I love it!!!

  5. How do u use ur points to buy stuff

    • You must first be a member of EF, and then when you go to check out, on the first screen, you will see, “If you have a coupon, partner or gift card code” click and you can enter it there.

      Pretty simple!!! Make sure to visit your Account Dashboard to see how many “EdenPoints” you have, then convert to a gift card. Once that is done, look on the left hand index, click on “Gift Cards”. Your recently made gift card will show up as a series of numbers, that you just copy it to the check out screen and viola! You are ready to have your order be sent out.

      Hopefully, this does help you. If it doesn’t, let me know and I’ll try to find out how to make it easier to understand!!!

      Thanks for swinging through!!!


  6. Personally love this blog its alot of help and i cant wait to join😉 in regaurds to the pictures i think picture #1 and picture #3 are the best mysterious yet tempting jaja… I think they are both great..

  7. My wife and I have great sex and I am a blogged and would love to blog about your toys and products. Please send me info I need to get started.

  8. I need a doll to tuck and turn my husband on.

  9. i need doll

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