How to get free sex toys… or how to get lingerie for the wife for free

So I get this question a lot.

A LOT!!!!

In one month, I might get about ten or fifteen emails asking this one question, and about three hundred or so searches per month looking for the answer to this question. A long while ago I wrote a post called, “Free stuff… brought to you by the letter W” and I figured I’d re-do that post.

So for some of you, this might come as a reminder; but note. There has been some changes to the programs, so if you are interested… pay attention!!! And if you are not interested… see you at the next post!!

Free sex toys are pretty easy to get.

Edit July 05, 2013-> After some shenanigans, bullying by the owner, name calling, acts of favouritism, some abuse and a whole lot of negativity by the owner and admins, I feel I can no longer in good conscious endorse EdenFantasys. I did get paid for this post, so I feel obligated to leave it up with this message.

Well they are.

I’ve probably received about $2,000USD (easy… but maybe more maybe less) worth of sex toys, lubes, fancy knickers some bath products… all received free of charge.  And all I’ve had to do is to do some things I love to do anyways.

Blog and post in Forums.

And this two thousand dollar amount is just from one company that I have come to love dearly. And I have spoken of very often.


1) Blogging: So if you have a blog, and if you are interested in writing a couple hundred word post about something you read in the Forums over at EF, talk about a brand of condoms you bought from EF, a sex toy, a new position you read about in an erotic story book you picked up from the EF book store… you get a gift certificate worth twenty-five dollars. If you include a picture link? Add another five.


It is that easy. I’ve been writing EF posts for quite a while and that is one of the ways I get myself free toys.

This is probably my favourite way of collecting gift certificates. On my computer’s desktop, I’ve a whole slew of numbers from various blogs I’ve written. Now, when I go to order something from the EF store, I just copy and paste the gift certificate numbers into where it says, “enter gift certificate” and voila! My total balance goes down!! I can use these certificates to pay for shipping, and everything on the website. I can even use them in conjunction with EF points. So now that I have introduced EdenPoints, lets go through what they are.

So if you are interested in blogging about EF give jenn@edenfantasysDOTcom an email and she will help you get started.

2) EdenPoints: For almost every action you do at EF you can build up points. You search for something, you get points. You write a review about something

you received from EF, you get points. For posting in the Forums, you get points. For commenting on someone’s wall, you get points. For liking something, for putting something in your wish list, for sharing your wish list… you get points.

There is so many other ways to build up your points, but these are the ones that are on the top of my head.

As I said, there are many other ways to get points at EdenFantasys I cannot hardly remember all of them!!!

There are of course many other ways to get sex toys with very little work at EF, but these are the two programs that I participate in. So these are the only two I am going to mention.

Now. There are many people out there in the blog-o-sphere that also take part in some free sex toy programs.

Good on you!!!

But first let me just say, the companies might say free… but doesn’t free mean no work involved? And as you have read above, you can gather nothing is free.

With the programs I described above, you have to work a little before you get your toys. And to be honest, I love blogging about my sex toys and I love and adore Forums. So the “work” I do for EF, is part of my hobby.

Other companies… well you know what, I don’t really support them much any more. Sure some of their prices might be a little better than those listed on other sites, and they might have some toys or products not listed on other websites… but for me, international postage and programs put in place for people like me where I want these things, but to pay for one toy would eat my spending budget for a whole month. Chinese money doesn’t convert very well.

And EF gives me that ability to have a wide collection of frilly knickers, lubes, sex toys. A few of my readers have mentioned that they are envious of my to collection, but you what? I feel safe saying that over 98% of my collection I got free and clear from EF.

I quickly mentioned that I no longer support many sex toy shops. My reasons are very simple. If a company cannot do a program with a person living outside of the States, does not provide reasonable international delivery fees… there is no way I would even bother looking at that company.

Yes, I have to admit that EF international prices are a little step, but at the end of the day, I have to remember, I do not pay for my shipping from EF. I get gift certificates for blog writing and I build up my points from being active on the site. No money exchanges hands. So I don’t have to think about it that much.

So ladies and gentlemen and Tribbles, if you haven’t already seen, Eureka is back on TV for it’s last season which has made me a little sad as I will miss it when it is gone!!! So off I go!!! Eureka time!!!!


PS… if you have been watching… there have been some slow changes happening here at The World According to Woman… I am looking to change up the image links… and I am going to ask for your opinion. Which one of these four images should be used for the next little while to pimp out EdenFantasys? I mean after all, you are the ones that have too look at it!!!  I am attempting to go for a more “antiquey” feel after the 200th, and I am not sure I succeeded!!! I might still tweak some of these ones to make them a little softer and less harsh… thoughts?

~ by Woman on May 2, 2012.

14 Responses to “How to get free sex toys… or how to get lingerie for the wife for free”

  1. I love all the excitement going on here! You deserve all the success you are having! I love the Balladeer’s Blog pic that we discussed!

    You are such a team player!

  2. I must say, Woman is right (again). I find that EF can be cheaper with shipping than buying stuff in the UK, especially if you watch out for their promotions. Subscribe to the e-mailing list and you get told about these offers.
    Their reviewers are pretty ruthless, too, as they are all competing for points. They will rubbish stuff they don’t approve of, its not all like-like-like-sell-sell-sell.
    And no, I don’t get free toys from them!

  3. Great work, Woman! Very hot post!

  4. I love EF best site I have ever been on!! I will also say this is my first time on your blog but I do follow you on EF but I’m going to look around never really been on a blog before.

    • Blogs can be such fun if you let them!!!

      EF is fantastic isn’t it??? I love how I get a gift card for pimping something so easy to pimp and talk about. I mean I rant and rave about my toys anyway and I get paid for it too??? Amazing fun!!!!

      And the amount of stuff I’ve received for just babbling on the Forums??? Oh my gosh I love it!!!

  5. How do u use ur points to buy stuff

    • You must first be a member of EF, and then when you go to check out, on the first screen, you will see, “If you have a coupon, partner or gift card code” click and you can enter it there.

      Pretty simple!!! Make sure to visit your Account Dashboard to see how many “EdenPoints” you have, then convert to a gift card. Once that is done, look on the left hand index, click on “Gift Cards”. Your recently made gift card will show up as a series of numbers, that you just copy it to the check out screen and viola! You are ready to have your order be sent out.

      Hopefully, this does help you. If it doesn’t, let me know and I’ll try to find out how to make it easier to understand!!!

      Thanks for swinging through!!!


  6. Personally love this blog its alot of help and i cant wait to join ;) in regaurds to the pictures i think picture #1 and picture #3 are the best mysterious yet tempting jaja… I think they are both great..

  7. My wife and I have great sex and I am a blogged and would love to blog about your toys and products. Please send me info I need to get started.

  8. I need a doll to tuck and turn my husband on.

  9. i need doll

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