The Witch Hunt in China… a confusing rant by Woman

Hello hello hello!!!

It is another day in May!!!

The sun is shining, the dust still hangs in the air, we still wait for rain…. and it seems that Beijing is on a witch hunt for foreigners.

And seriously… it does seem like a witch hunt.

Granted, some of the foreigners deserve to be asked to leave; I am thinking of that cellist on the train from the Beijing orchestra, who decided to call a woman a “stupid cunt” in Chinese. Now, let me be the first one to tell you, no one uses “sha bi” unless they mean it. That is uncalled for. But I wonder what was done to provoke him? Was he provoked?

Or the drunken European who was caught on cam trying to force himself upon a Chinese woman on a public street.

Yes, these are definitely out of control situations.

And these situations should never happen. But they do.

And it sucks for foreigners here like me who have lived and worked honestly here.

This ruddy tiered society where the big cities are at the top of the waterfall, and the rest of us have to deal with the crashing  water weighted down by gravity as it falls into the river below.

It seems here in the city, the witch hunt is happening, but not as bad as the big city.

But the worst part, is it seems that foreigners can commit a crime against Chinese, yet the Chinese cannot commit any crime to Chinese or towards a foreigner.

I had a friend here in China a while ago, her home was broken into and she was raped by two Chinese men. She, being a modern woman from Canada, did what many have done in her situation. She went to the hospital as soon as she could, and asked for the police to file a report.

She was laughed at.

The police came, took away her bedding, and laughed at her saying in Chinese that she deserved it for being a “white devil” and forgetting to lock her door so it was her own fault.

This is some of the things we face here. Nothing happened to the men that attacked her. She left China soon after consulting with the Canadian Consulate.

the United States and Europe unemployed China misappropriating, trafficking in human beings, seducing encourage immigration; identify ocean spy to find a Chinese woman living together, the job is to gather intelligence, the name of tourists to Japan, South Korea and the United States and Europe of Surveying and Mapping map, improve GPS; get rid of Yang bitch, close the Beijing Office of the al-Jazeera, so shut up and get out to demonize China” 

And this is how more than a few Chinese see foreigners. That we are spy’s here to gather information for Japan, South Korea or other countries.

If you get a chance, take a gander through google and look up “Melissa Chan”, an American journalist was was denied a new work visa because she broke “laws” yet she never did break any laws. Many asked to know which laws she broke, yet no one could tell her which laws she broke, because she never broke any of them.

It just makes me so frustrated.

But I wish I had her grace.

You know what? If China ever becomes a democracy, you know what will happen? Taiwan will leave. Hongkong will leave. Xizang will leave.

Current day China is dying. This is not an illusion. This is fact.

You can see the “death grip” that the government is placing on the entire nation. You can see this by the control of information. Today in class, my students tried to convince me that the top of a fire (the yellowy-orange part) is the hottest part of a fire, while the blue or white flames are the coolest. Because that is what their teachers have taught them. That is Chinese education. That is what they are taught.

And no one bothers to ask questions. No one bothers to find their own information. No one knows how to think for themselves because original thought and independent thinking is discouraged.

They take what information they’ve been given and use it as law even if they know it is incorrect.

There are some who have grown past this and realised that they are not obedient dogs but human beings with brains that work and function.

I love this country. I criticize this country like there is no tomorrow. But I still love it and the people. Even with all the bad crap going on right now, I still love it here and beleive in it.

The saving grace I’ve found in quite a few number of people, is they wonder how I can still love and beleive in China, even speaking of its faults. And all I can say to that is, “Do you love your brothers and sisters even with all their faults?” And knowing that there is hope.

Ladies and gentlemen, the past little while, my mind has been troubled with China and everything that is happening here… can you tell? Soon, I’ll get back to my normal rants and rambles of a more erotic nature.

Maybe one day, I’ll take a seat and expand more on my thoughts on China.



PS: but of course I have to tell a little joke because this post has given me a headache because it is so serious, “Chinese joke: take a laptop to Spratly Islands, if you can access Facebook/Twitter/YouTube they belong to Philippines, otherwise Chinese.”

~ by Woman on May 18, 2012.

17 Responses to “The Witch Hunt in China… a confusing rant by Woman”

  1. Oh, wow Woman. You’ve opened my eyes yet again to some of the struggles women face around the world. I was shocked and saddened by your friends story. It’s sickening that nothing happened to the men that raped her, and the only place where she could have felt safe, just laughed in her face. Thanks for bringing to light some very important global issues.

    • It is very sad indeed that in this day and age, even in China, that these things happen. To Chinese, family violence “does not happen” because it is kept a secret. With more and more women standing up, the country is quickly learning.

      It is terrible that these things happen anywhere in the world. But just like in the West, change is happening and women here are no longer being obedient. Chinese or Foreign. We are standing up and no taking the crap any more.

      What makes me the most angry are those that have to suffer first in order for enough people to make a stand.

  2. Very frightening picture you paint! I would have been jailed and executed long ago living in a system like that because of my congenital refusal to ever shut up about things I don’t agree with.

    Stay safe, beautiful!

    • Thank-you!!!

      And no, you would not be jailed nor executed or even sent to a labour camp to be “re-educated through labour” you would have been deported, or just not allowed a new visa to work!!

      Some parts of China are better than others, but one of the biggest issues there is, is the Chinese men angry with the foreign men.

  3. Yep, they sound very far behind and hopefully you and others will bring them into th 20th century….

    • They are not that far behind the West at all!!! The death grip of a dying government is all it is. There are more to the country than what I’ve written here!!!

  4. Hmmm the idea of China breaking up into different parts, different countries? Wow, that is really quite frightening, still I can see how it could happen. Spain is much smaller than China and yet we have some very definite nations here, my own Catalunya being one. Do some parts of China feel the same way? China has, after all, been China for an awfully long time.

    • China has five major ethnic minorities, and a whole lot of smaller ones. Each province I feel safe saying it, has a uniqueness too it all it’s own from it’s history to it’s culture and so much more. Where I live here in Inner Mongolia it is so vastly different from say Hubei or Anhui province.

  5. Another eye-opener from Woman.
    China has never been known for its human rights at the political level, but it is sad to hear that it no longer supports law and order for individuals, including foreigners. The ‘trickle-down’ structure has recently shown how insidiously damaged the organisation of the state has become, as demonstrated by the Heywood murder and the persecution of protestors’ families. The people at the top seem to have no useful control of the lower levels any more.
    Technically, China is doing great things in many ways. If it could stop its teachers spreading such mumbo jumbo rubbish to its people they would do far better, despite the politicians.

  6. You paint a scary picture. I think I know what you mean about loving and hating at the same time.

    • I should apologise for the scary picture, I was fed up that night and a little angry and just needed to vent about the whole silly system of “say one thing and do another” and all the contradictions that are going on here from the politicians and hard core traditionalists preaching about how awful western society is and how westerners are destroying the once pure and proud nation with our ideas and blah blah blah and how wonderful Chinese education is and how first rate it is too… yet more than half of their children are out of China in name brand (Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge etc) post secondary education systems.

      That foreigners are only here to rape the women, make lots of money and then leave China behind. No matter how hard I try to refute those points; I don’t like to have sex with women ESPECIALLY Chinese women for they all (well over 90% of them) act like spoiled bratty five year olds, what I make in one month here at a college I made in two days in my old job in Canada that I quite to come to China for, and I start my eleventh year in China this summer.

      I just sometimes get very tired of all the anger and hostility geared towards me when I am here trying to do a job that I am hired to do by their government.

  7. Confusing? No!
    More like an awesome “rage against the power” post!

    • LOL!!!! Be afraid! Be very afraid!!!! There is more I plan to say about life here… very interesting… but way so confusing at the same time!!!!

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  9. not so long ago I had a Chinese girl living in my house and we talked at length about living in China and she too spoke of the death grip of the government and its reach and stranglehold on the Chinese people. We take so much for granted at times out here where we are free to question not only what part of the flames are the hottest but where fire came from

    • There are many wonderful things about living here, many things I prefer to living in North America. But yes, not wanting people to look at their own history and willingly choose to follow their government is just wrong. In my opinion at least!

  10. I understand you. After 8½ year here, I have the exact same feeling.

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