Woman speaks of a car crash…and other things

My last blog post gave you a little insight to what has been occupying my thoughts for a long while here in the Big Silly- otherwise known as China.

It’s been filling my head for well over three months, and sometimes I feel like my mind is going to explode with what I have learnt, and at other times, I feel so frustrated because there is no one I can actually talk to about this. I try to talk to anyone in my family, I am just told to leave China and come home to where I belong. I try to talk to any of the few remaining friends I’ve left in the West, they say the same thing (only that I should come “home” and get married and start having babies). I talk to any of my friends here, the Chinese ones don’t fully understand and only hear the negative in my words and that’s not the cause of my frustration; the cause is that I cannot stand seeing this country slipping backwards and they cannot see that. The few foreigners I socialise with just shrug their shoulders saying that there is nothing that I can do so why bother since I’ve no real control about anything, which is true, but I still feel frustrated with them.

So yes, over the next little bit, I have a sneaky suspicion that you will be getting lots of China dished out into your eyes. And it’s not even going be the good kind but some of the negative as well.

Anyways… it’s Wednesday, and why yes! Yes, I should be at work!!! But the school in it’s infinite wisdom decided to give the students three days for a sports meet where only the students competing in a specific sport are interested, the rest are so bored out of their minds that they usually end up sleeping. I was told that I didn’t have to attend, which is good, for I hate sports meets with a passion. I am annoyed with them for a very simple reason. Sports get three days with students getting that time off from school. English or any other science competition, or any sort of Lecture for English, students have to do it in their time and work around their other teachers lessons.

So me in my infinite wisdom, decided to have three hour mini-extra-lessons for those that are interested in extra practice during the next few days. My students seems thrilled about it when I spoke to them, but we’ll see how many show up.

Yesterday morning as I was walking home from the hotel, I was crossing the street right outside of my apartment, when just to the right of me there was the sound of almost plastic on plastic. 

It’s strange I tell you. You think of a car vs motorcycle you’d hear that clashing of metal, but it sounded like metal. The driver of the car was pulling out into a turn and of course her being Chinese, she didn’t look, she just pulls out. The motorcyclist being Chinese, of course was talking to the woman on the back of the bike wearing big assed buggy glasses. They collided while the foreigner was crossing the road.

I’m VERY good with traffic. My rule is, “they are bigger than me and can hurt me more than I can hurt them. Give them the right of way”. I knew the car diver was going left, and I timed it just right that I’d finish crossing the road before the motorcyclist would get too close.

What I wasn’t expecting, was the car diver to gun it or the motor cyclist to gun it- as obviously he saw the driver and wanted to get passed before she was able to turn.


And as I said, it sounded like plastic on plastic as the buggy glasses lady sat there on the ground doing what all Chinese women do, wail.

Thankfully, nothing happened to me, but I saw it all. All I could do was mutter, “idiots”, and finish crossing the road.

Brings new meaning to that joke? Why did the foreigner cross the road????

Anyways, yesterday, the police came to my house looking for me to tell them what happened, so I told them simply, “They did what all Chinese drivers do, they were selfish and rather than look, they thought of themselves first.”

I then got a crash course in what makes a Chinese driver a good driver. If someone has never been in an accident, they are a good driver. That’s all it takes.

I laughed and told him does that include how many accidents you cause? Which made the cop very confused.

This week I should be getting a huge box full of some toys and that should brighten me up a little!!! A friend of mine asked what was with all the parcels I was getting and what was in them. I just smiled and said, “Toys of the kind your government thinks you are too innocent to know anything about.”

God I love being sassy!!!!

Anyways… I’ve got a photo post almost done for you all, and pimping post that I still need to finish (almost done!!!!). Just as a reminder, the gift certificate give away and the sex toy give away is still on  and any comment, pimping, or pictures are game for an entry!!!

My deepest thanks to Balladeer darling for a re-posting of the Witch hunt in China!!! That is a post that is close to my heart and causes me to loose some sleep over.

Take care!!!


~ by Woman on May 23, 2012.

11 Responses to “Woman speaks of a car crash…and other things”

  1. I love your comments to the cop! Not sure I would be brave enough to say such impertenances to the nasty cops around here for fear they would arrest me for being cheeky.

    • Darling, I can be cheeky cheeky to a point… It comes with the great smile. I get out of many things because of that damn smile.

  2. Oh my goodness! I’m so glad you weren’t caught in the crash! Good thing you’ll have some new toys to take your mind off of it (and the pesky complaints of your Western friends)

    • Meh… foriegners… you cannot live with them… and I really cannot live without them. My new toys are fantastically fun!!! I really must use them much more so I can write a detailed and proper comparison!!!

      I so love doing my part to help people make informative decisions you know!!! LOL!!!!

      Thanks HumblePie for dropping in!!!

  3. Ciao Woman. Why is it that friends and family in the west just don’t understand our desire to live and breath different air than what we were brought up in? I often have the same issues when calling home with a problem or more often that not they just don’t listen. I get oh, uh uh, ok so the little one did this … !!! I’m thinking wait I have a problem and I would like advice, but there’s none to be given.

    • I don’t know… some of my family think that it is because I don’t like them, or that I have escaped to China, or that I am lazy. No matter how many times I try to reassure them that I think my life is much more fun living here than it ever was in Canada and I wish I could take some of my family and have them see what I see… they refuse.

      I am so very well aware of the whole “you made the decision to live in China, you can keep your problems to yourself” from my sisters. Yet… when they have a problem of any kind in the life they chose, I am the first one they call as I listen. I’ve heard this from lots of foreigners who have moved to China.

      It’s like I always say, you have to have a crazy streak t pick up and move to live on the other side of the world.

  4. Sorry to hear of your feelings of isolation, Woman.
    You deserve better! I hope you find the support you so desperately need…

  5. I think it would be a wonderful experience for myself and my children, spouse to live in another country. The only problem is that we probably couldn’t decide on a spot to go together. If I could find a good job, I would go in a heartbeat. Don’t take it personally, I have family like that and I only live 4 hours away from them. Sometimes it feels like they think I left only to get away from them..Well, I didn’t go JUST for that reason.

    • LOL!!!!!! I know that feeling!

      My family keeps on telling me why not move to someplace that we want to visit and we’ll come to see you. My only reply is, “I don’t like the beaches I prefer mountains and snow!!!”

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