What Woman Sees… take IV a car ride

Our last post together on this wild and crazy ride through The World According to Woman… I spoke about a car crash, and I promised some pictures.

Here you go! Some pictures of my drive into work today then home (Wednesday)… these are very typical actions by pedestrians and drivers and yes. There was a driver who rear-ended someone and rather than  going off to the side of the road… they just let traffic go around them.

So here you have it!!!

Some crazy drivers!!!  And something that really irks me big time.

Many Chinese people seem to think that foreigners who arrive in China do not love their “motherland” (talk about political correctness)- sorry, I mean home country. It’s funny, because I think so highly of western life and of Canada to have moved to another country and teach about it.

I love this new country so much that I take the extra few steps to the rubbish bin, I never throw stuff on the ground. And this is what I just cannot get. Isn’t love showing respect? And respect would be to take care of our surroundings?

Nevermind. That is a rant for another day!

Oh! And the ladies sitting around on the street corner? Well, we don’t have hookers on the corner, we have maids. And sorry gentlemen… they don’t show any skin.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The majority of my toys came in the mail today… I’ve spent most of the evening enjoying them!!!! So many to choose from I don’t have a favourite amongst them yet!!!

Take care and see you all super soon!!!


~ by Woman on May 25, 2012.

6 Responses to “What Woman Sees… take IV a car ride”

  1. You’ve got to be brave or crazy to cross those streets!

    • LOL!!! That’s why I 99.9% of the time cross at the lights!!!! Then if I get hit, it’s the bastards fault!!!

  2. I love the picture, it does look a little squalid though, still the Barri Gotic in Barcelona at night is pretty awful too!

  3. Although the picture with the trash was bad, the others were nice. I honestly didn’t realize how beautiful it was there. You should take more pictures. They were great.

    • Pssst!!!! I’m not really supposed to be on the computer so I am doing this uber secretly… check out there are some from China and other places, and yes. I do need to post more pictures! I hear that a lot!!!! Where I live is SOOOOOO breathtakingly beautiful. I only wish a picture could capture it.

  4. Great post, Woman!
    Have fun with those toys….

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