Woman get’s called a rude bitch…

So today I decided to treat myself to a pre-made breakfast. Of course that meant leaving my house. And that meant (I am a girl after all) a quick brush through the hair, making sure I looked decent then off I went.

One of my favourite Mongolian breakfasts is a corn style roll split open some pickled veggies tossed in, some chillies, spices, a tea boiled egg, some more spices and chillies, some more pickled cabbage and oh my. It’s sooooo good!!!

So I walked the few hundred metres to the little street shop minding my own business as I was lost in my own thoughts. Upon arriving at the little stand, I had to wait a few moments as there were people who were there first.

See! I really do have patience!!!

So I waited and waited… and other people started walking over towards the breakfast stand. I continued to wait because I really wanted some of this yumminess for breaky! Finally the people who were there before me were finished and started to walk away, and this Chinese man walked up to the woman and placed his order. He had walked up in front of me, and in front of two other people.

The woman began to prepare his order.

I was a little irked. I am trying to get out of the habit and re-learn that I cannot allow people to walk all over me and take me for granted. I need to re-learn that my ass is not meant for walking on, it’s meant for much more pleasurable activities. I tapped him on the shoulder and asked him told him that other people were in line first and he should go to the back of the line.

He spun and looked at me, called me a “rude bitch” in Chinese and continued to place his order.

I just smiled, shrugged my shoulders and walked across the street to the other street seller of the same breakfast food. I don’t mind crossing the road or anything, just the first lady has a nicer pickled cabbage I enjoy more!!!

So I got my breakfast, re-crossed the street, and started off the short trek home. One of the women who was behind me in the original line, snuck up behind me and in really terrible English said, “sanka-you” (thank-you). 

I was touched!

Sure my morning was truly an amazing morning so far, and that twit of a man I already forgot about, but that woman… just reminded me of how people are here and my heart went to her.

So! Why was my morning a good morning you might ask?

You remember me telling you a while ago that I seriously hurt my back? It’s been quite painful for a long time, and I’ve been working hard to fix it.  And yeah, some of my working hard has meant laying flat on my back, doing nothing but staring at my ceiling. Walking 7km used to be a simple matter and something I never blinked twice at. Now? Even 3km it seems like such a far away place. I used to be pretty flexible, but because of not being able to bend, twist or contort for such a long time… my muscles have gotten stiff. My physical therapy was forced upon me with threats of being forced back to Canada for treatment if I did not do the physical therapy here. And my PT here was kind of dumb. Acupuncture, sitting, standing, touching my toes. Sex became impossible and not because I would cry from it being so amazing or terrible, but because of the pain. Penetrative masturbation left me in tears. Because it hurt too much to do anything, my sex drive and even my horny factor seemed to had run away. Clit play became all I could really do, unless I never gave in and got carried away, so that meant rocking toys and not thrusting. Anyways, many of my muscles lost their tone, my weight went up a little, I lost my flexibility as I focused on healing. I mean there is nothing worse to makes a person feel like crap when you are an invalid and you need to have your work assistant meet you at the taxi, to help you walk into the school so you can get to your classroom.

But the good news is…. The lump around my spine is almost gone, that pain is diminishing, and I am left usually with just a dull ache which is so much easier to live with!!!

So yesterday after my weekly check up, the doctor sad I was ok to- as long as I take it VERY easy- attend a yoga class.

And oh my god.

Forty- five minutes of bending, breathing, twisting, contorting, balancing… I had no idea my body had gotten so bad!!!

But oh my sweet elephants, gods, beetles, cows, cats and all the other deities out there… I LOVED IT!! I was sweating up a storm, and my hamstrings were shouting, and I felt like a bowl of jell-o once I was done, but I hadn’t felt that good in ages.

This morning I woke up and got out of bed and I realised I was missing the pain in my back. That was what really had me in such amazing spirits this morning!

And now, I can feel parts of my back have that “over worked” ache, but where my lump is… there is no pain. LOL!!! I am sitting here and laughing because I twist a little, move a little trying to feel that over worked muscle ache between my shoulder blades. I breathe deeper to feel the muscles in my abdomen ache. When I lay down I stretch like a cat to feel my hamstring ache. It is such a wonderful feeling!!!!!!

And on that note, it’s almost time for me to get dressed and pressed and to get ready to head out to my yoga class today!!!



PS- there is still one day left for the sex toy and gift card give away!!!!

~ by Woman on May 27, 2012.

14 Responses to “Woman get’s called a rude bitch…”

  1. Ugh, how rude! At least there was another vendor for you to go to. And YAY you’re healing! Have fun in class!

  2. That happens in the States as well. What really bothers me is that a lot of merchants won’t say anything to people when they do this. I think they should have more respect for all of their customers. Good for you, for standing up to him. I also think it was good for you to go across the street to the other shop. Hopefully the owner noticed that she lost your business, at least for that trip, and will do better next time.

    • It happened a time or two in the bigger cities in Canada and it gets to me. I don’t think it is the vendors who should really “do” anything, I think it is the people who walk all over people should learn some respect!

      I’ll try again the next time and see what happens!!!

  3. Congratulations, Woman! I’m thrilled to hear you’re feeling so much better.

  4. Extremely pleased to hear that you are on the mend! Keep up the good… uhhhh…. work??

  5. Take care not to overdo it at your yoga class, please! We are all worrried about you!

  6. Glad you are doing better!

  7. You are, in my opinion, anything but a rude bitch, Woman!
    Keep fighting the good fight, Woman!

  8. Someone called you rude? Can’t imagine it!!!! LOL Well unless…. but that’s another story! Hehehe…

    • HA! I am not rude! Short, snarky, sassy, saucy, upfront, blunt, curt, straightforward, brutally honest… yes.

      But not rude!!!

      Well at least by my definition of the word!

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