Bang the drums Woman! The results are in…


Well… well… well…

Here is the post that many people (and some of you hardcore Edenites) ok! some of you have been waiting for.

The Winners of the 200th post at The World According to Woman gift certificate give away!!!!

But first! Let’s talk about the prizes once again. Just to remember how neat they were!

And before I do that, I’d just like to drop a line of many thankful humps to EdenFantasys many of our favourite online sex toy shop!!! They agreed to sponsor the first place prize of the two twenty-five dollar gift card.

First Prize: there are actually two prizes for first place and they are..,. a chance to win one of two gift certificates each worth twenty-five dollars.

Second Prize: originally I said that it was going to be a Don Wands Swirled Blue Dildo, simply because it was my first glass toy, and one of my favourite glass toys. BUT it could be any combination of toys valued in at twenty-five dollars or even a gift certificate. I will have to wait to see what the winner would like!!!

And the more you entered, the higher your chances were of winning more than one prize!

Each of the winners will have forty-eight hours to claim your prize! And if they don’t, then I need to take the next person in order.


What did I do to pick the winner? I took a whole bunch of coloured paper, cut up cards and wrote names on paper. My hands got so tired writing people’s names on them that I just started to write their initials and the initials of the post. If you take a look at the 199th post page you will notice that Romantic Goth was hell bent on winning something. I tell you, that lady was driven!!!! I wonder what she will buy? I’ll have to nag her to find out!

But her hard work paid off.

Romantic Goth won the first place prizes for her boobie picture (in case you missed it scroll up… such a lovely pair needs to be re-blogged and I think everyone would agree to that).

HumblePie won the other first place prize for her comment in “Woman gets called a rude bitch…” Way to go HumblePie!!!

And as I mentioned, RomanticGoth went crazy with tweets, blog posts and picture posts which were beyond amazing and fun to giggle over!! She won third place too!!!


That is all I can say to all of you who helped to make this 200th celebration of grand fun!!!

So a huge thank-you to all of you who entered and lots of humps if you want them too for all of you who participated in this event!!! (I think *hugs* are just overdone and they usually are those fake hugs anyways which n my opinion are just a waste of time. So humps!)

I even had a woman enter the competition who said she had no sex toys! Tiffany from Life With Blondie, if my clitoris could weep, it would weep for you!!! There are lots of ways to get free sex toys especially through EdenFantasys. Get in touch with me!!! We’ll talk!!! (I am very serious! I personally beleive every woman should have a toy or two and a pair of handcuffs and lube somewhere within reach of her bed.)


This month I have received (or will be receiving as I have one parcel here, one in the mail, and one just sent): five luxury clit toys, a stainless steel dildo, a top of the line g-spot vibrator, some perfume (shhh!!! Don’t tell anyone that I naturally do not smell this good), body scrub, a glass g-spot dildo… and I cannot remember what else I’ve received or will be receiving.

But that is why I am called a “Toy Addict”.

Anyways, I am just going to publish this, then I am going to sit back with a cup of coffee and admire my beautiful dust free floors. We’ve been having so many sand and dust storms that has forced me to wash my floors up to three times a day. Not to mention all the dusting I have to do too. You know… I like living in the desert. I just hate Spring time in the desert with all the sand and dust!!! LOL!!! But it has been interesting to say the least!!!

Live long and masturbate for the economy!!!


~ by Woman on May 29, 2012.

12 Responses to “Bang the drums Woman! The results are in…”

  1. Oh my goodness! I have never been so embarrassed in all my life. I have never made such confessions via the bloggosphere. Oh well, it’s out there now! I guess the only way to change it now is to fix it!:)

    • LOL!!! Darling… don’t be embarrassed!!! I got to make the BEST quote ever because of it!!!

      And I agree!!!! And I shall help you change it!!! But what else can anyone expect from a toy addict??? If you are serious, let me know!!!

      If I am totally honest, I had crossed my fingers and hoped like heck to pull your name out of my hat but the fates were not with me!!!!

  2. Woohoo! Can’t believe I won something! How do I claim my prize?

    Also, oooooh you got a steel toy, how cool! I’ve been thinking about grabbing one of the Pure plugs but decided against it for now. I can’t wait to read your review of your new glass g-spot toy!

    • Oh darling, there will be a huge posting soon of g-spot dildo-esque style toys. If you are looking for something amazing, check out Sapphire Falls, Swirled Blue. Those are my favourite favourite favourite glass toys ever. Even with all the stuff I’ve received to date, those “cheaper” toys are still ranking high!!!

      I’ve let the people I need to let know at EF about the winners, just waiting to hear back now!!! As soon as I hear anything, I’ll let you know!!!

      • I can’t wait! I ordered the Midnight Twist a few days ago, couldn’t resist those swirls. Swirled Blue looks like it would be way safer for anal, I think I’ll get that one soon too. Good to know it holds up against more expensive toys!

        Alright! It’s really cool that they agreed to sponsor one of the first place cards!

        • I know!!! I usually get one sponsored then provide one of mine for the give aways, but this time I got to be greedy and EF gave me two, and I provided one!

          Ahhh… the Midnight Twist! I looked at that one a few times! I ordered something called Reflections Serenity in the black glass.

          But yes, the Swirled Blue and Sapphire Falls… they are the ones I buy for friends because they are that amazing!!!

  3. “Live long and masturbate for the economy!!!”
    Great closing… involving an opening!
    You rock, Woman!

    • Buy sex toys, pay taxes on said sex toys, drive to get there or pay the internet bill, pay taxes on that, pay the delivery man… see where I am going with this??? Sex toys help encourage the global economy!!!

      Or something like that.

  4. “If my clitoris could weep” …. Hauntingly poetic!

    • Ohhh!!! Sour plum!!! Sorry, I am literally eating a plum and the skin is wicked sour!!! Thought I’d share!!!

      I know!!! That line is great!!! I have to find a way to use it somewhere!!!

  5. Hi. You’ve been nominated for awards. Cheers.

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