What Woman See’s… take V it’s pretty where I live!

Now, in the past couple of posts, I’ve said some negative things about China. I’ve even shown some not quite nice photos of where I live too.

So I decided to drop some pictures of what some other parts of town look like.

I do hope you enjoy!!!!


PS- yup!!! A really quick post… but dang nabbit… takes a lot of time to make those pictures look a wee bit old!!!

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~ by Woman on June 3, 2012.

12 Responses to “What Woman See’s… take V it’s pretty where I live!”

  1. It looks gorgeous! I especially like the light-up dragons – were they for a festival of some sort, or are they a permanent feature?

    • Oh those dragons are there forever and ever!!! I love those guys and they do usually make an appearance in the “What Woman see’s….” posts. They change the colouring of the lightings which makes them uber pretty!!!!

  2. Thank you! The architecture is both beautiful and unique in so many ways and there are some truly lovely areas. The most interesting aspect of the pictures though is the almost complete absence of crowds and even very few people in most cases. Did you get permission to clear the areas before taking the shots??

    • Well… I should by all rights say that the part of Inner Mongolia I live in is heavily inspired by Tibetan architecture.

      LOL!!! No, I didn’t get the streets cleared. That is the way some parts of the city are. Plus it helps that that is part of the city that is built up, just not a lot of people live there yet!!!

  3. I loved your pictures! Makes me wish I could visit there.

    • Wait till I show you the pictures from the grasslands and when I get to Liaoning??? I cannot wait to show of that part of China!!! VERY Korean inspired!!

  4. Oh my goodness… The lighted dragons are beautiful! They remind me of an event the local garden is having. There will be loads of lighted Chinese displays just like it.

  5. Nice pictures!

  6. You could glamorize any spot you visit, Woman!

  7. I agree with the Hook!

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