Morning talk with Woman… power, men, sex and maids

Well you might have been wondering where I have been over the past couple of days as no one had heard hide nor hair of me in a while.

The city in all its glory decided to turn off the power while doing some construction outside on the road (I’ve shown off some pictures of the construction of the road, the rubbish picture) and when they decided to turn it back on, I actually thought that my power had been turned off by Inner Mongolia Power as I’d forgotten to pay my power bill last month.

Bad Woman!!!

But it wasn’t me, it was the neighbours.

So the city turned off the power on the block which is fine and happens and I am used to it. But my neighbours who ARE the construction workers (who have been giving me very curious looks since- nevermind. I will explain that story after this one you might find it interesting) decided to play with the switch power transformer thingie- or whatever it is called- outside the door in the hallway and shorted out my switch or how ever you properly explain it.

I am petrified of electricity (yup. Electric phobia?) 

I’ve only got enough cojones to flip the switch once while wearing a pair of those electricians work boots (that do not even fit) and a pair of rubber gloves. It didn’t work.

I called it in to the Maintenance Man and he told me what was what.

Before I forget the power went off in the morning, and I learnt all this when I came home from work the other day, so all this is taking place around sixish in the evening.

It was starting to get dark, about eight in evening, and the Maintenance Man took a look at the wires and the switch thingies and announced that they were broken and that he’d have to repair them. But the bad news was, I would have to wait till the morning to get it done.

So I spent the rest of the night, chuckling at myself, rather than enjoying  the company of a man (I say that with all the sarcasm I can muster… his company is really amazing I love talking to him and laughing with him but… that is where it stops. I’m such a whore I know. I have “sex” with him for his conversation), I just pleasured myself loving the knowledge that all my toys were freshly charged the day before.

And I took my sweet time about it too. I think that play session was about two to three hours and I fully wore out three toys in that time and used some others.

It was dark, I passed out and slept the whole night through.

What else was I going to do? Read by the light of a torch or candles? Or masturbate?

So my neighbours now look at me funny because a few weeks ago I had an old friend of mine in from Beijing who spent some time here and decided to rekindle our previous enjoyment of the flesh relationship.

He is… I mean he was… well I am sitting here smiling at the memory of what he made my body do and how he mad my body react.

I had forgotten that my body could “do” those things and react in those ways.

You know when the sex is bad you just… bare with it while he is huffing and puffing and literally you just lay there counting and waiting for him to be finished? (Oh yeah, usually less than forty-five seconds) And yes, you are just being used a peice of meat, a hole that needs to be filled? Doesn’t matter if you just lay there, or moan and groan, or attempt to be the aggressor (I’ll maybe tell you about that another day) you’re just being used for his enjoyment.

And you suffer through it all, thinking well, it’s only going to last a few minutes, then you have to talk for a few minutes, then you can feign a yawn and kick his ass out claiming you are tired. Or if I am feeling snarky, I roll over grab my toy, look at him and say, “Leave. I guess it’s true what they say, if you want something you need to get it yourself.” Which I seem to end up doing about seventy-five percent of the time.

Welcome to sex with a traditional Chinese Man. (And if you are Chinese- not another-country-Chinese person but a born and raised in China; traditional Chinese Man (such as you love the PRC traditional Chinese Man) and you are reading this yes. This is how the majority of you have sex. The non-traditional and the born out of China Chinese men… are much more fun)

So my friend arrives from Beijing and he looks even more delicious than he did years ago. The years had been really good to him. He had a little bit more grey through his hair, and a lot more laugh lines than I remembered… but they made him look… more… distinguished.

And yummy. (Of course I fed him oodles of pineapple, it was the main snack food for a reason)

And even though when we made the plans of him visiting, it was decided that it’d just be a platonic visit, as soon as I waved at him in the arrival gate, I was wet, horny, my heart was beating a zillion times faster, my nipples were painfully hard for the first time in a really long time, and my mind was racing with thoughts of tearing off all his clothing and having him right there on the floor.

Anyways, he reminded that my body could sing, and that I can actually orgasm with a man.

You know, when you don’t orgasm with men for a while, and with different men, you wonder if it is actually you that has a problem. I’ve been with two different men before Beijing Man since September and I didn’t orgasm while I was with them. Didn’t even come close. Didn’t get any of those tingles in my inner thighs. My clit never touched any part of his anatomy.

To top it all off, the one time I was feeling patient and tried to teach/explain that a woman’s clit does need to be touched and that in order for a woman to to enjoy him, he needs to get friendly with my clit. The response I received was, “women don’t enjoy sex”. I’ve heard this so often I’ve just gotten tired of trying to “teach” men how to touch me.

So I was pretty damn turned on when Beijing Man arrived. My mind was slow for it was filled with thoughts of an erotic nature (how could it not? He mentioned he was keen to look at my sex toy collection), but my body was remembering all that he had done to it in the past.

But what really sent my body into overdrive was the man stubble.

It looked like he hadn’t shaved in two or three days.

Harold (my brain hamster) was just thinking, platonic visit my white fanny.

So he made me sing, he made my body tremble, and he gave me the best present of all. That my lack of orgasm with some men is not my body’s problem. It’s not just in my head.

So because of all the ahh… urm… singing that Beijing Man and I did, voices carry through concrete walls. And my headboard against the wall probably had something to do with it too.

But I have to smile a little when I leave the apartment complex. I get stared at more than usual, I get pointed at, and the construction workers whisper not so quietly. I picked up a few of their whispers and decided to share them;

Did you know foreign women laugh while having sex? 

I think she is a loose foreign devil Yang Rui was right.  If she is here she will corrupt traditional girls. I am not too sure where he is coming from, but Chinese women are crazy. I’d never have sex with a Chinese woman, so how would I corrupt them? Yes, I’ve been scratching Harold over this one.

She’s not married. They weren’t having sex. 

And my favourite….


Women like sex?

I’ll change the story while you giggle.

I finally broke down and decided that I would like a maid. Scratch that. I need a maid. I have all the time in the world to keep on top of the dust (I live in the desert, there is plenty of dust!!!) those days I am not working, but then when I work, I get home, my brain isn’t working and I have no energy to wash my floors.

So I had some maids come over this morning. They arrived about 5:40ish am, and demanded 400rmb to clean my apartment. Let me put things in perspective. I had maids coming in twice a week, and I paid them 350rmb per month.

I just looked at them and laughed.

I said I was not interested in having my windows or my walls washed, just mainly the floors and dusting.

So then they said 300rmb.

I showed them the door.

It was then they asked how much would I be willing to pay them. I replied seventy.

Now, just so you know, seventy is very generous. In reality, to clean my apartment, really, fifty is just above fair.

But because of the whole foreign complex that is going on at the moment, I have to be extra careful and extra generous and extra nice while still being fair.

Sometimes that is not so easy!!!

So I have new maids, for a little while… well at least until I leave for the summer.

I am going to end this here, I want to dash out grab some breakfast, then masturbate before I start my day.


~ by Woman on June 9, 2012.

11 Responses to “Morning talk with Woman… power, men, sex and maids”

  1. You need a resident electrician!! And I know one that doesn’t just huff and puff for 45 minutes – and he enjoys vacuuming too!!! bone-us!

    • And I know just the electrician I’d task with the job too!!! I’ve a thing about a man with black hair and man stubble.

  2. 400?! That’s ridiculous! Good grief, at least you got it down to 70. And congrats on your non-platonic visit😉 And don’t ever think it’s because of you that you’re not being taken care of during sex, those men need to step up their game!

  3. so what are your plans for those maids *grin*

  4. You are a character! Plus I can’t wait for the story about the construction workers!

    • LOL!!! I told it in the post!!!!

      • Oh, I misunderstood! I thought you meant there was another bit with the construction workers that you would address in the next post. Sorry!

        • LOL!!! I think I am off men for a while. They are just too much hassle and cause way too much frustration. I am going back to oil and massages to get some jollies.

          Well… for two or three weeks until I start my summer!!!

  5. So Woman got her freak on, did she?

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