Woman falls out of bed…. again.

It’s 6:13am and I’ve been up for two hours.


I’m not a fan of sleeping!!!! Or is it that my body just doesn’t want to stay in bed and I fell out of my bed again? This will make four times in the past week. Interesting way to wake up I tell you. But… at least I haven’t been hurt yet!!!!!

So what news do I bring to you this windy and chilly morning?

Well, I’ve news that makes me blissfully happy!!! I made my decision on where I am going this summer. I’ve decided to go to Dandong, Liaoning Province (I’ve made this link go to google images so you can see the city) which is right beside North Korea, so Crazy Kim and I might one day this summer do lunch. I was there once a number of years ago over the Spring Festival holiday and that was fun. I got to climb the Great Wall and eat lots of Korean inspired Chinese food.

Now, northern Chinese food is delicious. But it is very…. bland. Of course they put spices in their foods and on their foods, but after living in Hubei province where the food just explodes in your mouth… well… northern Chinese food is bland.

But the one great thing about north China, they do not use the “prickly ash” seasoning. You know that spice that gives Sichuan food their kick? I hate prickly ash. This spice is wretched. I prefer foods seasoned by garlic and hot peppers or chilies.

Prickly ash gives me heart burn.

Anyways, that is this summer.

My other grand news is… I seem to be slowly getting a name around the sex toy community.

There are a few companies that when asked, had no problems donating a toy to take part in a comparison with other toys.

This makes me happy!!!

My students so far with their final exams are pleasing me. I was shocked by one student who refused to speak all term- well all year, but when stood up in front of the class to present his final exam I was floored. He was brilliant!!! Such amazing English!!!

But then I asked him a question, and he had no idea what I was saying.

Made me chuckle, but when I translated it into simple English, he was good in answering.

But the sad part is, he failed my class.

I’ve mentioned it a few times, that my class is 90% in-class work. So everything from the first day of term till the last day are included in this grade. And if they speak in class or participate their mark sky rockets. But if they just sit there and appear dead… they will fail.

He just arrived in class and sat there. His homework was great… but he never made an effort.

And that is my issue with Chinese Education. If students show up for class, do their homework, pass the exams… they will get great marks.

No matter how many times I tell them that in my class it is 90% in class work, they refuse to beleive it as “this is China!”

So far, I have three or four students failing as a result of this.

But all the other students have grown and blossomed over the year. They are much more confident in themselves and their failings. Which makes me uber happy!!!

I had to laugh the other day, some of my students had to go to a “Party Lesson” where they get the whole CCP (Chinese Communist Party) shoved down their throat by being told how wonderful it is and how everyone should take part in it. Many of my favourite students I just recently discovered (oh!!! Never tell anyone I have favourite students) have been asked over and over again to join and they refuse. And then because of China with its concept of “face” get angry that they refuse.

This makes me happy.

When the meeting was over, I couldn’t help my snarky nature by asking, “So do you still like the white devils?”

And that for me is time!!! I’ve got the next twelve hours or so of watching exams. Thankfully, I’ve a student trained in coffee.

Take care and see you all soon!!!


~ by Woman on June 13, 2012.

4 Responses to “Woman falls out of bed…. again.”

  1. Never heard of prickly ash…. hmmmm…..

  2. Why does the song, “Hot for teacher” keep ringing in my head?
    You sound like a great “teach”, Woman!

    • I don’t know why Mister Hook… but schools out for summer!!! Well almost!!! And then I get to go to another province and work twice as many hours as I do now!!!

      I can’t hardly wait!!!!

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