It’s another Saturday in Woman’s World…

Good morning!!!

Again, it’s 4:37am and I am up, and ready to get started on my day.

I have no real idea why I am up this early.

My maids should be arriving in the next hour or so… or maybe not.

And they just arrived! YAY!!! I get a clean apartment!!!

One of the worst parts of being up this early is you get hungry while the rest of the world is still asleep. I have been craving this amazing corn bread stuffed with a tea boiled egg and pickled cabbage thing all week. And I will get one today.

Mmmm… cabbage.

Exams are going well, only we got told yesterday that next Friday is a holiday. Seriously. How many holidays do Chinese students get? I mean it feels like we just had a holiday just two weeks ago. But I should be done my exams and lessons and have the marks into the school by next Thursday no problemos. Which is a releif as I was beginning to worry that maybe I’d not get the marks in on time.

I had to laugh, many of my freshmen (or is it PC now? “Freshpeople” although… that sounds kind of kinky) in my Friday classes were almost in tears when they told me about it. Now they might have been tears of joy at not having my lesson next week, or might be from sadness, but I am going with the thought that since I was wearing a funny maple leaf hat and I stole a pair of blinking earrings and kept a straight face it was from holding back laughter. 

What can I say? They for some reason are uber afraid of public speaking. Have to relax them somehow!!!

I am actually really sad to be saying goodbye to my students again for the summer for many of my skills of being able to control an unruly class seem to have disappeared. I’ve had hardly any issues with these guys since September and most of the issues I have had happened as a result of them just being monkey’s and repeating what their text books, teachers and what they have seen and heard on TV have said.

Oh I cannot wait till next year when the new group arrives.

Student: But Ms Woman! It IS true! I saw it on TV!

Me: *flick of a pencil/pen/chalk* I saw it once on TV that with a wave of a pencil I could turn a not so clever student into a bright and clever student. Guess not everything you see on TV is real. And why are there no vampires in class with us today? And China must not exist, I’ve never seen it on TV. 

On onto some good news!!! Each year in China, students nominate “Best Teacher of the Year Award” one of the students who is on the council “secretly” (for no one I know can keep a secret) told me that my name was put forth by the majority of the students in my department. Which I guess is unheard of. She then proceeded to tell me that I would never be awarded it because too many of the Communist Party Teachers do not like me for I openly mock the communist party and…

Oh my maids brought this really nice soap to use to clean my house!!! It smells lovely!!!

So I openly mock the communist party and I openly question all the questionable material that students have been taught. And not to mention that when one of the teachers told my students NOT to do my homework as it was unimportant and not necessary for them to do I had no problems punishing my students with additional homework and then privately speaking to her with my assistant (who is a student by the way) providing her with oodles of documentation from various countries about all the lies she chooses to tell her students.

What can I say? It was the last straw for the communist party in my mind.

I love how voting and nominating people and things are really never based on merit but on popularity.

And onto the fun stuff!!!!

I found a new sex toy shop in China!!! The toy shop is called “Bloomnine” I think they are out of Shanghai and yes, their products are a little more expensive than EdenFatnasys, but I save a boat load on shipping. So I finally broke down and bought me some new lube. And not just any lube. Some Lelo lube! I’ve been using the sample packets you get with Lelo toys and loving it!!! So I did. I broke down and bought myself the big glass bottle. But then I realised that I am going traveling soon and have to think about weight!!! So I broke down and placed another order for the smaller container with a flip lid.

But ohhh this lube is fantastic!!!! It leaves my body feeling so nice and soft and moisturised and not to mention that little issue of after sex or after masturbation? Ladies you know the one I am talking about. Where you just feel all gross wet when you have all that lube and your juices and the lube from condoms all mixing together and you sometimes chafe or get that gross itchy skin on your labia after you pull on your clothes and run out the door to work and all gross and itchy after you come home? I’ve experienced that with other lube, but not with the Lelo lube.

Lube. I love lube.

I get plenty wet naturally through sex and masturbation that I really do not need any lube. But I’ve actually found that applying a squirt of cold lube to a toy or to a man’s lips then to have the tip of that vibrating toy or the softness of his lips wrap around my clit sends waves of bliss up my spin. Especially in the summer time.

Some of my free time has been working on the clit toy comparison. I’ve just recently had the last few toys arrive in the mail and I am working on one more company to try to send me a free toy from the manufacturer. So far, even though all the clit toys are from luxury lines (Je Joue, Lelo, JimmyJane, RainneS, We-Vibe, Fun Factory, Leaf and some others I cannot think of at the moment) just don’t really have that oomph I need and want. Well some do and some don’t, but I’ll tell you all about that in a little while when I’ve had enough playtime with each vibe.

Well… my maids are gone, I’ve a clean and nice smelling apartment, I am going to run away and grab some breakfast, then sit down with a cup of coffee, eat my breakfast and think of kicking out a review or two on some sex toys, then grade some papers.

~ by Woman on June 16, 2012.

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