Woman gets her first tan of the season….

If you have been following The World According to Woman, you’ve read that every summer I work on my tan. Usually, I have been in Canada to work on my tan where I lather my body up with oil and bake for a few hours whenever I get the chance to do so. Or while driving try to position my body in strange ways to make sure that I get both sides of my body tanned equally.

Not that I am vain and want an even tan…

I am one of those rare people out there that actually really enjoys tan lines.

So let me tell you how it went down yesterday to get me the first tan lines of the season.

Because of my lessons being changed around, my classes are ending early. So I had arranged for some of my students to meet me on Sunday afternoon so they could present their final exam. Turns out, as usual, who cares what the foreign teacher wants, other teachers took my classroom, and so me being me, shrugged and took my students outside and had them present in the sun. 

Now what stuck me as very odd, was how much they complained of the heat. Yes it was a little on the warm side yesterday at about 34degrees Celsius, but that is lovely weather! The sun was bright, warm, perfect blue skies, big fluffy white clouds… I loved it!!! First real day of summer here! I thought we’d all enjoy it!

My students stood there, huddled around each other, umbrella’s up protecting them from the evils of the sun.

So I spent a few hours in the sun light listening to my students present their topics, applying and reapplying sun tan oil, clenching the vaginal exercisers off and on, and wondering how dark I will get.

I got home many hours later, and I quite literally zonked out dead to the world for about an hour. Turns out I got a very mild case of heat stroke!!!

That just means I need more water. Or ice cubes.

And before you ask, of course I had help in applying the after sun lotion.

With this being my last week at work, and I am the only teacher in all the city it seems who is finishing this week, and since I have to wait for my new visa before I travel, I think I might just head out into the mountains and spend the afternoon just putzing about in the mountains. Taking pictures, enjoying the quietness and just strip and tan on the top of a mountain.

Take care and to all you fellow teachers out there… enjoy the last few days of classes!!!!


~ by Woman on June 18, 2012.

12 Responses to “Woman gets her first tan of the season….”

  1. Lucky! I’ve never been able to tan. What brand of oil do you use? Maybe I just need some better products. I’m glad you’re getting some sun, it’s been so dreary and rainy over here for the last two weeks.

    • I use Hawaiian Tropics SPF 15 for the first little bit while my skin gets used to being in the sun and work on the base tan, then I switch over to Ocean Potion SPF 4 while in the desert or Hawaiian Tropics tanning oil when not in the sandy places!!!!

      My one sister who cannot tan either she just burns, she starts out with Ocean Potions SPF 50 till she gets her base tan. Then sticks with SPF 45 all summer.

  2. Good luck with tanning season, Woman!

  3. Tan lines! Awesome, I dont think Ill have time this year …😦 Have a great summer!

  4. When I was a kid in California I loved having a tan and the sun even made my hair blonder – then I realised what people thought of blondes and moved to Vancouver where they don’t even sell sunscreen!!! Well… not true of course…. but it sounds good! hah!

    • By September it looks like I’ve had a bad hair dye job. The top of my head is almost white, then below that a reddish blond almost copper, then a brassy colour, then progressively to a darker chestnut colour. And it’s the sun changing my hair colour.

      My hair? Is weird!!!

  5. Loved the story and the vaginal clenchers were an interesting diversion, but my favorite tanning story of yours was the one where you say “Can I not tan in peace?”

    • LOL!!! Well… I still prefer the, “can I not masturbate in peace?” myself!!! Might be saying that a whole lot this summer!

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