What Woman sees… take VI me, myself and Buddha

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The other day after school was all done for me, a couple of my students discovered my love for temples. They decided to take me to one of the newer temples on the edge of one of the districts.

Thankfully, it was the day before all the celebrations for the Dragon Boat Festival so there were very few people around as they were all at home preparing for their family festivities the following day. So we pretty much had the whole temple to ourselves.

So this is pretty much a grand stereotype; but so many temples around China look similar to this.

I’ve also dropped in some pictures of the food vendors, these guys are common as they peddle around town setting up their carts preparing veggies or fruits for people to buy, or freshly made breakfasts too.

Hope you enjoy!!!!


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~ by Woman on June 25, 2012.

10 Responses to “What Woman sees… take VI me, myself and Buddha”

  1. That’s one serious truck load of watermelon. Love all the photos. It seems so very clean where you live. I still haven’t figured out how to make a slideshow on my blog. Nicely done Woman. Have a super summer!

    • I’ll prepare a picture email for you this morning so you can see how to do it. Easy as pie!!!

      People around this country seem to love and adore watermelon. Does not work so well for me when I am the type of person who really prefers to leave watermelon on the cart or drop it off a six story building. That man would sell that whole cart in less than a day and a half.

      I love watching students arrive to my open lesson at lunch time with a whole watermelon, cut it up and share it even with people they do not know. And to us, it might seem strange that students will do this in the classroom, or teachers in the office, or business men and women in the office or even doctors… but here… it is the common thing to do.

      Me? I prefer the mango trucks and then being greedy and refusing to share my mangoes.

  2. There are indeed some very beautiful scenes there! And your photography is wonderful…..

    • Why thank-you Charlie!!! I cannot take credit for the quality of the photography when what I am shooting is picture perfect and a picture just really does not do the subject matter justice!

  3. Great pictures as always! I wish there was more text, though, since I love your saucy and irreverent takes on things.

  4. Great photos, Woman. Buddha will be pleased.

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