Woman is now ‘poo free… a science project

Of course the only reason why I went with that title is because I really wanted to say poo.

With everything that has gone on in the past seven months with me, and my family and some people around me (I know, my private life doesn’t seem to make it into the blog does it??? Sex is not private! Or shouldn’t be, unless you are having sex, then that is a different story) I’ve been nagging the foreign food store to carry some things so I can do some experiments.

And there are two that I want to talk about today. Hair and face.

So the store finally got baking soda. And yesterday… Woman’s Science Project began. I was inspired by reading Crunchy Betty’s blog.

Length: One whole month. From June 27 till July 27

Purpose: To see if I can do it. To see if my skin is really as oily as I have been lead to beleive it is. To see if products make my hair flat and limp, and because I really want to try to use natural products as when I say, “do all I can to not contribute to pollution” I can really mean it. Think of it… your shampoos and conditioners and body soaps and face soaps not only get absorbed into our bodies, but they run down the drain as well and get into the water supply. And the number of bad shit stuff in things that make bubbles???

Besides, science experiments are fun!!!

So what is going on: I have thrown out my shampoo, my body soap and my face soap, my lotions, my creams and my potions. Well, not thrown out out, just put them in a box and will store them for a month. No using them. I am also going to try to weed out my dependence on conditioner for my hair. But that one will take a little while to accomplish. I shall be slowly replacing it with apple cider vinegar.

No, I am not becoming a hippie!

The first week, possibly longer is going to be hell. I can see that happening. And as much as I will want to reach for the bubbles of the ‘poo I am writing this blog as I hope it will keep me on the straight and narrow of a ‘poo free month.

That is so not getting old.

Well, not 100% ‘poo free, I will have have Dove body wash for shaving as I’ve yet to come across anything that one can make at home that might work. And can you imagine dry shaving your vagina??? YIKES!!! Talk about itch! And I will continue to use my dish soap, laundry soap and hand soap but in diluted concentrations.

So what will I use instead? You might ask.

Hair: 1tbsp Baking Soda mixed in an old shampoo bottle with one cup very hot water, shaken well, and this will last for a few days. You jump in the shower, wet yourself down, then pour this solution into your hair trying to get at the roots, and massage it in. Pull your hair up into a hair pin for about ten minutes. Do the rest of your normal shower routine. Then rinse your hair with cool to warm water. Flip your head down, condition the ends of your hair no touching the roots!!! Rinsing the conditioner out of your hair.

Face and Body: taking my morning coffee grinds in a bowl, coconut milk, raw honey, cocoa powder making a paste, then massage it gently into my face. Add more as it dries a little till your face is covered in a dark reddish mask. Then attack the rest of your body with the left overs. Leave on your body and face for as long as you’d like. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. In the evening water cleanse your  face, then massage olive oil into your face  and go to bed.

What I have done and think it will work the best, is apply the mask before my shower, then jump in the shower do my hair, and while I am waiting the ten minutes I apply the scrub and then shave.

Today is Day Two of the experiment.


Skin: Today I used the scrub on my right arm, and not my left arm. Holy hippos! What a difference! The right arm felt soft and like I just got out of the spa, while my left arm felt dry and itchy. My face felt smooth and so clean like I just put oil on my face fresh out of a steam bath.

Hair: This morning upon waking was the most disgusting feeling on the planet. It looked like I had been out camping for four days with no washing the hair. It was just so gross. But it wasn’t the dirty gross feeling, more the oily feeling, like I had put an oil hair mask on my hair. After washing my hair today, I could really tell where I conditioned on the strand of hair and where I didn’t. The parts of the hair that had been conditioned seemed slick, but the part of the hair closer to my scalp felt “clean”. My hair did seem to have a little more “bounce” and seemed a bit more red than usual.


Since this is a more erotic style blog… and I love massages… this has become my favourite recipe:

Bowl, coconut milk, honey, cocoa powder. Mix. Massage this into your partner’s body and lick clean. Simple, easy, good for all skin types, highly moisturizing, and leaves the skin feeling like it’s never felt before. Not to mention, you get to satisfy your sweet tooth and your desires all in one go. Not to mention the fun of waking up and using the scrub in the shower. I would suggest doing this the night before laundry day as it can get messy, but I did not notice  any staining from the cocoa on the sheets when I hung mine out to dry this morning.

I forced him to try the scrub with me in the shower after he laughed at my attempts to be graceful while doing the whole head flipping thing, that was his punishment for laughing. But what a punishment. He claims his skin felt “new” and that he loved the way the coffee grinds felt going over his body.

So who is with me? Who wants to go no ‘poo for a month with me???? Have you ever done something like this? What did you use? What did you use it for? Have you ever thought of using kitchen things for your body?

And now I am off to the spa to get another massage without the orgasm.

Tata for now!!!


~ by Woman on June 28, 2012.

5 Responses to “Woman is now ‘poo free… a science project”

  1. it’s amazing how you can make washing fascinating and turn it into a whole blog!! ‘woo !

  2. Good luck!!! This sounds so fun but I just started working and I don’t want to risk it failing on me. I’ll just sit here and eagerly await your results ^_^

    My sister and I used to always make our own scrubs and face masks, it’s so fun! Our scrubs usually had brown sugar and some kind of oil in them, and we’d use egg yolks, avocado, and/or lemon juice in our hair.

    • I’ve heard about brown sugar scrubs, and they fall into my no ‘poo thingie. If I remember the next time I am at the store I shall see if they have brown sugar!!!!

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