Woman’s science project… end of week I

Whoever would have thought that this topic was so well searched???

But in any case, I’ve decided to try to publish two blog posts today, a No Poo one and a more erotic, sensual and fun one as I have received a fair bit of mail asking for that post specifically.

So I will try to post it today, or by the very latest, tomorrow.

So. Week II.

My hair. Blah!!!

Every day I still “wash” my hair, I just do not use shampoo or conditioner anymore. For the first few days while my body was producing more oil to make up for all my natural oils being stripped away and replaced with conditioner… I was using the baking soda (1tbsp) mixed into a bottle with hot water and I massaged that into my scalp.

Then I figured, well, I am confined to my house unless I really have to go out, may as well go cold turkey so my head can adjust as quickly as possible. So cut it out and just get it over with.

So now I walk into the shower, slip under the running water and massage the water into my scalp for a few minutes then I am done my hair.

So it has been eight days since I last washed my hair and by jove… it feels really gross.

But the strange thing is, I feel like my hair is thicker, it has more bounce… but from about half way down the shaft, it feels like straw.

Let me explain my hair while using shampoo and conditioner: fine. Thin. Limp. Stubborn. Straight. I’ve tried countless perms, no matter what kind of odd instructions I followed after that first wash? My hair would half be straight, and the other half confused caught between straight and curly. My hair was baby soft and like silk, everyone would comment how it felt like doll’s hair then sit there for hours petting my hair. My hair is more of an auburn colour, streaks of dark chestnut brown, reds, coppers, rusts, blonde… you name it. That was the colour of my hair. On official documents I say light brown, but in stories I always say auburn.

And today?

As I said it feels thicker, the ends feel dry… but there is a fair bit of oil build up. I think on Saturday I am going to use the baking soda mixture. If  I can wait that long!!!

But today I actually looked at my hair and was shocked. My hair is lighter!! More of a brassy colour.

I’ve been wearing my hair up in a clip, bandanna pulled back or hair band pulled back since the start of this project and I cannot wait to have my hair flowing over my shoulders once again!!!!

There are many conditioners people have suggested to me from coconut oil, to coconut milk, to eggs, to lemon juice to green tea to apple cider vinegar. I’ve not been able to find any apple cider vinegar and to one of the girls I know who has done this project, she claims that is why my ends are so yucky.

Well ladies and gents, this is a very gross post. I promise, I am almost done!!!!

For my skin, I am still using that coffee-coconut milk-honey-cocoa mixture on my face and my face loves it!!!! It’s kind of shocking to see the results in my skin tone using it!!! I’ve still got some minor break outs, but that is to be expected for a little while.

As they say, the natural remedy does not produce effects as quickly as the store bought ones, but the natural remedy cures from the inside out.

So take care, and if you have been joining me on the no poo marathon for one month, let me know how it has been going!!!

So let me wrap up this post by asking you, if you could, would you go poo free for a month?


~ by Woman on July 3, 2012.

8 Responses to “Woman’s science project… end of week I”

  1. I wish I had hair… on my head. *sigh*

  2. Only Woman can write a blog about hair and make it sound so erotic…. hmmmm… maybe it has something to do with my mind?

    • Something to do with your mind!!! I never make anything erotic people just look at it from a different way than I write it!

  3. i could go shampoo free for a month, but not soap free😉

    • I am not going 100% soap free. I am still using soap to wash my hands and feet, just on my body I am using a homemade body scrub.

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