16 Responses to “Woman explains the foolproof way to orgasm…”

  1. Hello beautiful lady! I’ll never say the letter “J” again without picturing my mouth vibrating the letter into your clit.

    • LOL!!! Well then, I have to ask, how many times do you say the letter “j” then each day???

      But that is still a nice image!!

  2. Yo for you Woman, info that should take no woman by surprise but, as you have said, unfortunately does so.

    I have my own personal foolproof way to orgasm, in fact I have several. Want to hear about it?

  3. Excellent Information! There is nothing sexier in this world than watching a woman explore her body that way I will always know how to touch her when it is my turn. Whenever I have been with a new lover I almost insist on watching her masturbate so I can guage how her body reacts and if not I will want them to be VERY vocal about what they want from me to get them to orgasm.

  4. Obviously I will have to write a similar blog now for guys!

  5. I was tempted to Google for an image of an elephants vagina but in the end I managed to suppress that urge.
    I think what we learnt from this post was “Build it and they will cum.” WHOOPS! Sorry that should have read “Know Thyself”.

  6. Well done, Woman!

  7. i totally agree with bladedth3sis, and i’ve done the same (as in asking my lover to masturbate with whatever takes her fancy (toys, fingers, shower-jet) to orgasm. it does show us what they are looking for, but more than that, i find the most beautifully erotic thing is a woman having an orgasm, whatever way she brings it about. I shocked a lady once by begging her to let me go down on her until she came. she was reluctant, because she was not sure that once she orgasmed, she would be able to satisfy me, or even be up for it. she must have thought i was a little bit weird when i told her i was not interested in me, but in her. long story short, she did orgasm with me down on her and to this day (i did not have sex with her afterwards, she needed time to recover, and i was satisfied, mentally, anyway) i masturbate successfully to that image…

  8. Thanks Woman!:)

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    For a special friend, you know who you are:)

  10. Great reading — thank you!

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