Woman’s science project… end of week II

Well here I am again going to give an update from the changes in my hair from not using store bought shampoo’s or conditioners or any type of typical hair products.

So, to recap, why did I start this science project? Well I am me. That is quite basically why I did it. I did it because I could. And I wanted to see if the issues I have with my usual limp and ridiculously straight and stubborn hair could be fixed by going along a more natural care method.

Let me get this out of the way right now.

My hair feels SOOOOOOO much better now than it did last week.

I still feel like I have just poured oil over the majority of my head, but just not as much as last week.

Excuse me! I must tend to my laundry!!!

And I am back. I miss my front loading washing machine.

So. I’ve used the baking soda and water solution only once in the past week and I’ve had to try to stop myself from using it as some days were worse than others when it came to how “clean” my hair felt. 

That has been the hardest part for me I think. Getting over the feeling of squeaky clean during this period of adjustment. So I have been walking around with various colour bandanna’s, hair bands and I don’t think I have worn my hair down other than to bed since I started this project.

But soon it will all work out!!! Fingers crossed of course.

I have been rinsing my hair and massaging my scalp with just water at least once a day, sometimes two or three times depending on the sand storms, the dust, the heat, sweat and such of a regular summer. I’ve noticed that the ends of my hair look a little healthier than they did before I started.

The hair around my face and neck line for about an inch into my hair have begun to feel less oily and grimey between my fingers, leaving the hair of the crown of my head feeling ewwww. Gross.

And I mean really quite gross.

And not just up near my head, but the whole long strand.


I’ve noticed that during the first week and into the second week I was loosing a fair amount of hair when I was brushing or combing my hair, I honestly thought it was natural as I had always “shed” a fair amount of hair each day. But in the past few days, I’ve noticed less and less hair is being lost.

In regards to my skin… I have just started my period today and I was not really prepared for it as my skin did not give me it’s usual warnings of getting a little more oily, a few pimples breaking out.

What I thought was just me, some of the people who see me almost daily have commented how wonderful my skin has been looking. I’ve been told that my skin looks like it is glowing, much more healthy, that I look younger, my skin is tighter… blah blah blah.

But, that could also be that I have not smoked in about six months, and I wear Ocean Potion SPF 4 on my face when I go out and about. I’ve not “actively” tanned, which I really really really want to do. I want more fancy tan lines, but spending time outside in the summer time does make ones skin look more alive.

The biggest change I’ve made in my skin care regimen that I’ve been using since I started this  whole science project is, I’ve been making enough of that coffee scrub for a couple of days. When I go to wash my face, I take some and go to town.

I no longer daily put the scrub on my face and let it dry for a period of time. But I use it twice daily in the morning and the evening, and after I pat my face dry after using it in the evening, then I apply a fair amount of cold pressed olive oil to my face, neck and chest.

So there you have it!!! Hopefully this helps someone who is thinking of going poo free!!! If you’ve got any questions, feel free to drop a line!!!


Introducing the science project...

End of the first week of the science project

~ by Woman on July 12, 2012.

10 Responses to “Woman’s science project… end of week II”

  1. Hair is a perennial problem for all of us. What happened to your front loader? I’ve owned more than half a dozen front loaders over the years and they almost invariably caused floods because of various poor designs from broken latches to fill level tubes that shook off and just plain leaking gaskets and oversudsing. I’ve sworn off them now except in London where it has to be done since the only place is under the kitchen counter… ugh!

  2. Only you could make “front loading washing machine” sound like a euphemism for something else.

    Anyway, I’d like to officially volunteer to treat you to some oral sex followed by a nice long shampooing!

    I’m sorry if I’ve been absent – the breaking news on the Penn State child rape scandal has had me very busy with sports radio shows wanting repeat interviews with me now that Paterno and company were found to be covering up for 14 years.

    I will be busy for the next few days doing those radio interviews ,some of the calling them “vindication interviews” for me since back then some of them hassled me about my strong stand on the situation.

    I didn’t want to seem like I was rudely ignoring your stuff so please give me a few days fielding radio stuff, phone calls and emails from other sports outlets before you decide I’m a rude jerk.

    Take care!

    • You are a ninny. I shall forgive you your tardiness in posting comments if you share one of your interviews with us on your blog!!! Or you just tell everyone they must read my blog.

      I am not picky. LOL!!!

      But that is great news that you are in demand and that you get to hopefully- but with a little snark shove it in their faces gracefully.

      Is it truly only me who could make “front loading washing machine” sounds like fun or only you that would take it in another way???? Oh the questions!!!

  3. Have you asked any old Chinese women what their hair hygiene experience was before detergents became standardized? If you have, what was their story?

    • Unfortunately no! My Chinese is not that good, and all the people I would turn to for assistance, are gone for the summer to their home towns. I am SOL and all on my lonesome till I get my visa and passport.

    • And I forgot, my hair is the thin and really fine kind of hair, and Chinese people have the really thick, luscious, kind of hair.

      Whatever they used, probably would never work on my head!

  4. You’re never a boring read, Woman!

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