What Woman sees… take VII… Inner Mongolia weather

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Some places in the world have “April showers bring May flowers” but we don’t really have those.

I live on the edge of the Gobi desert.

During the months of May and June-ish, we suffer not from rains (that would be a blessing) but from sand and dust storms. The air hangs heavy in the air, kind of making you feel as if you weigh more than you actually down with the pressure systems. You pray for rain, and you forget what a blue sky looks like. The air constantly feels like there is a storm brewing, and everyone is tired.

So there are three kind of grey and grainy looking photos. Those are what a sand storm look like up here. During sand storm season, we have to clean our floors three or four times a day. Dusting is a pain in the arse, and I actually have three different sheets for my bed. Every night I take one off, wash it, hang it in a room with no windows to dry, replace it with a clean one for the night.

For let me tell you something. Sleeping in fine sand gets everywhere. Sand in my bum crack or in your vagina is not the best thing in the world and hurts like a mad thing!

Then you see some pictures of the rain.

End of June and early July are flash flood season. Oh those times it rains make me smile so!!! The drops are huge and you walk outside and you are soaked from head to toe within a moment. You see all that rain? That took less than nine minutes. You see that fridge? And all that water on the ground? Because of the winds… that is what comes into a person’s house. Their entire kitchen was flooded!

The picture with the perfect blue sky? and the drive way sort of picture with all the water? I left his house and was going to leave and that is what was left. The sky is what the sky looks like here after a rain, and what the sky looks like for the majority of the summer.

But the good thing about the flooding season? Our mosquito season is only a couple of weeks long then no more mosquitoes for the rest of the year!!!!

It is really quite fascinating living here. I used to live in a sub-tropical monsoon climate where it rained pretty much from October till April, but April till mid-May, we had such amazing fog. Very haunting!!! There were days where I woke up and my apartment was flooded with fog. Can you imagine climbing out of bed like you slept on a cloud? Sometimes I miss that… but I don’t quite miss the humidity that much!!! During the rainy season in Hubei (a province in China), I always forgot what real big fluffy clouds felt like. When I went to Thailand, I took great pleasure in laying on the beach staring up at the clouds.

And before that? I lived in Nunavut, where for about six months of the year it’s really dark save for a couple of hours around lunch time. And in May it was about -10C and the sun was so warm that the majority of people wore t-shirts with their Spring jackets tied about their waists.

Weather is fantastic!!! It never ceases to amaze me how up here in Inner Mongolia the weather is moody and can change from something perfect one moment then something ugly and nasty the next.

There might be something good about being forced to stay in town for the month of July, at least I’ll get some neat pictures of the changes in weather!!!!

Hope this finds you all well and yes. Sand storms and dust storms are ugly and disgusting and really not pretty!!!


~ by Woman on July 15, 2012.

10 Responses to “What Woman sees… take VII… Inner Mongolia weather”

  1. Weather is amazing indeed. I just read the book called “Long Way Round” by Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman which describes their motorcycle trip around the world and the path they took through Mongolia gives quite a different picture to the one you present although of course it’s a very big country, just like Canada! And one of my partners worked in Nunavut in a mining camp cooking and being the first aide person last summer and I sure know what that’s like from talking with her on skype every day! Finally, we just finished a road trip from Vancouver to Whitehorse and back and saw lots of mosquitoes and a fair amount of weather but overall it was far better than we expected, including the road conditions!

    • I don’t live in Mongolia. I live in Inner Mongolia, which is part of China. China has some nifty weather systems and it all depends on where you are in the various mountains!

  2. the weather is what i do for a living, or more appropriately put, “forecast” for al iving. i am a weather forecaster, so your pictures and description were a brilliant little momentory distraction (i think maybe i needed it) from what is turning out to be an extremely addictive blog site, woman!!! you are absolutely gorgeuos, beyond reality, to be exact…

    • Ahhh so you are one of those men who are wrong 99% of the time and still have a job the next day!!!! I want your job!!!!

      I am tickled pink you are enjoying the blog!!!

  3. Love those photos! That area would make a great backdrop for cinematic urban dramas. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the film industry in mainland China. Are there as many productions as, say, in Hong Kong, the home of my favorite Category 3 movies?

    • Sorry darling Balladeer!!!! I hardly pay attention to the film industry or TV here as the acting is just so over the top and terrible.

      Shanghai has a big industry for film and I think they are called Indie films? Where people self produce them?

  4. very interesting. thanks for sharing

  5. Thank you for the glimpse into another world, Woman!

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