Woman talks about a little… something extra and names!!!!

Well, you toss in some cheese, some herbs, some garlic, maybe some sour cream, and you name it “yummy dip”!!!

But actually, if we are talking recipes here… I have come up with something utterly delicious and totally (well at least for my body at least!!!) mouth wateringly oh my word!!! Give me more!!! To satisfy my sweet tooth naturally, and something that I can safely use during food sex with no consequences. And to make matters even better??? He can drizzle it on me and eat his dessert and I can enjoy it too!!! Or just body paint me then lick me clean!!!

Take some coconut milk (I found the one that is a little on the thicker side works best), add in some honey and some cocoa powder and that is about it (just kind of work out how you like it sweeter? Add more honey. Like dark chocolate? Add more cocoa)!!!!!! Whisk it or beat it with an electric mixer until it is a little fluffy. Pour into a nice little dessert cup or bowl and toss in the fridge for a little while to set. Pull out and paint your lover with your fingers and lick him down!!! Or her down!

For me I like about three tablespoons coconut milk, one tablespoon raw honey and about one tablespoon coco powder. I’ve had this used on my pretty frequently, and I’ve not noticed any icky’s with my vagina. So you might not either! just remember, coconut is a natural bad bacteria fighter and a fungus killer. So maybe we will just be lucky with this coconut chocolate mouse!!!

Please note: I have not nor will I ever purposely try to put foods other than fruits into my snatch and even then… I have limits! This coconut mouse we tried to make sure that it stayed labia play only and once play time was over, a proper shower was to be had.

Now. Onto the name thing.

The World According to Woman has been invited to get dressed up and become somewhat… publicised. A new start up magazine has asked me to write sex toy reviews, and a fabulous toy company has asked me to write some articles about sex/life in China, and collect various other articles from around the web and submit them for posting.

How neat is this????

Of course these things will be linked back here, so those of you who are frequent commentators… well you will notice that every few months the blogs I advertise get changed around, and that is because the most frequent people who comment and tweet The World According to Woman get their blogs put on the front page.  So hopefully, it will be another way to thank those who frequently comment, I’ll get to send more traffic your way!!! (My fingers are crossed that there will be oodles of traffic coming to you!!!)

Now here is where I am looking for some advice. Since I started to write erotica, I have always gone by the name “Woman”. Some of you know me as Gabryella, some of you know me as “China”. As these are all names I go by.

So if you were me, how would you want to be referred too?

“Gabryella LaCroix”


“Woman China”

“OY! WOMAN!!!!”

I don’t know!!! I never thought that this would happen, but now that it has, it seems I have to figure out the next step. I mean, I would love to use my professional name to add to that name, make it more than what it is now…. but I’ve already had idiots track me down and show up on my door step IN CHINA wanting to have sex. So no. Professional name is not entering this blog, plus the whole China thing and the possibility of a move to Ethiopia… well. I need to figure out an online name!!!

So help a woman out here.

Tell me your favourite sexual body recipes… and tell me what names should I be defined by. Cause for the life of me, I am just tempted to go by “Woman”. Simple, easy… and so not complicated!!!!





~ by Woman on July 17, 2012.

10 Responses to “Woman talks about a little… something extra and names!!!!”

  1. Wow, congrats on your writing gigs! That’s super awesome. I just did one for a publication in the UK, it will be printed in August … yes printed! Finally my name in lights … I mean print!😉

    Oh and the coconut, coco, honey mixture seems most excellent.

    Are you really thinking about a move to Ethiopia? Teaching??

    Hope all is well on your end, Im out of work now and have much more time to comment and read.

    • Drop dead serious!!! I love China… but it’s getting dicey living here with all that crap int he South China Sea. If they offer me what I want, I’ll probably be moving.

      Plus…. Freaking Africa!!!! How neat would that be???? Then I’ll have conquered North America, Asia, Africa…. watch out Europe… you might be next!!!!

  2. Whatever has been wrong with Woman so far??? Stick with it Woman!

  3. Well if I get your right, to be in print (really print right) I think I would definitely go with Gabryella LaCroix, I mean how elegant can a name be? It has that touch of European elegance that makes us Europeans comfortable and impresses North Americans. (I get the feeling I am going to be shouted at for that one).

    Congratulations and DO keep us posted… does it pay well?

    • LOL!! I am North American, but was raised in a European household! So yes! I know exactly how that name appears.

      For the time being, the starter magazine will be online, then depending on the success of it, in print. I am not getting paid for it at the moment as it is a start up magazine and I honestly think it’d just be cool to be part of something like that.

      The sex toy company… well… I am getting paid off in sex toys of course!!!!! How else would you expect me to want to get paid??? I’m an addict!!!

      OH!!! Did you hear? I might be moving to Africa. How fun is that!

  4. I have no idea about a name. It will come to you. It’s a great opportunity to be published. Have fun with it.

  5. A big gratz to you on the opportunity! As far as recipes go I don’t want to get into too much detail but there is one thing that I really enjoy eating off my lover and maybe, just maybe I’ll blog about it one day. As far as the name goes I would definately go with Gabryella LaCroix. It just sounds so sexy!

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