Woman publicly thanks…. who???

You know.

Last week was my birthday.

And I got to thinking about all the things that have helped to make who I am today. And as much as I might not want to admit it, this blog has really made an impact helping to define parts of who I am as a person.

And if I am really honest… EdenFantasys has helped to make this blog what it is today.

I kind of think that without EF this would have turned into an expats journal about living in China. But instead it had kind of morphed into a sex positive, sex toy, sex help, strange day to day, journal of teaching and living in China. And somehow, and for some reason The World According to Woman is a pretty decent blog that I enjoying writing for all of you.

EdenFantasys has touched my life by allowing me to write the “Sharing is Caring… an Erotic Serial Story” where all the toys in those stories were in fact bought from EF, and the majority of you have read them. And those stories are the most read stories that I have on this blog. And they only came to be because of Eden. I’d never have thought to write them without the toys.

Because of the Forums at Eden, I’ve been encouraged to write not just “simple” toy reviews where I write about one toy, but comparison reviews allowing readers and members of EF to compare luxury toys to other luxury toys that they have helping them make a more informed purchase.

These are just two of the many ways that Eden has helped to touch my life, and this blog which you read. So Eden has even affected you, you lovely readers of The World According to Woman!! All the emails I get about asking for help in choosing a toy, the emails I get in thanks for helping in rekindling a relationship, in helping those new to sex about some erogenous zones they may never have thought of… have been inspired because of my addiction to sex toys and my never ending desire to get my hands on more.

The other day in the forums, a member who has become a friend of mine, Airen Wolf began a thread simply titled, “Favourite” where she asked for members to write about their favourite part of the review program of EdenFantasys this was part of my comment;

I love and adore… and this one is probably my favourite ones, holding a toy in my hands and just being able to appreciate the beauty, ingenuity, colour and so much more of a toy before even turning it on the first time. I have never forgotten how each of my toys felt and how I felt the first time I held them in my hands. Some of these toys… they are indeed works of art.

I love bouncing ideas off of people, and the feeling of pride knowing that I can possibly help someone make a better toy purchase.

So the bottom line is simply this. EdenFantasys has been a great influence in this blog. And I for one will be forever grateful to EF for giving me the opportunity to learn from them as much as I have and to share that knowledge with all of you the readers of The World According to Woman.

So EdenFantasys.com; I just want it to be publicly mentioned just how wonderful you have been in helping me and helping all my readers, Happy Birthday!! Best of luck for the coming years!!!

All I have to say, is thank goodness this is not a Hallmark moment.


PS: I still wonder what will happen to my sex toy addiction when I move to Ethiopia?

~ by Woman on July 26, 2012.

13 Responses to “Woman publicly thanks…. who???”

  1. Ethiopia can be incredibly sexy and is probably a more open society than China. Not much…. but probably….

    • You never know!!! To some China had become VERY risque, to others it is still a conservative society.

      All in good time!!! All in good time!!! I cannot wait to see first hand!

  2. I wonder that as well, and I look forward to reading about that journey too.

  3. When you move to Ethiopia … did you say yes???

    • Oh I said yes as soon as I could!!! I go over in January to do some checking out, return home in February to start the Spring Term, then leave end of June to move to Ethiopia. And I start work in Ethiopia mid- July.

      I wonder what the jet lag will be like?

      • Wow! Super congratulations! What’s it like going though airport security with a suitcase full of toys? Are there regulations in Ethiopia for that?😉

        • That is something I’ll be learning on my first trip over in January!!! I am getting rid of a bunch of them before then though.

  4. You’ve certainly come a long way but…


  5. Who knows, Woman? You may be the one to find the lost Ark in Ethiopia and discover it is filled with sex toys!

    • “And god/God said unto Moses, take they hold rod and thrust it into your wives snatch.

      And Moses did and it was good.

      Then god/God said, go up yonder mountain I’ve got some instructions for you.

      So Moses went up the mountain and god showed him the way to make stone toys (as his rod was giving his wives some splinters you know… that happens with wood, and Moses prayed over it).

      Moses deemed these instructions on the slab so important to the fate of the world that he put them in a gold box and buried them in the sand, for when the Prophet Woman comes seeking for them.”

      Oh I can so see a comedy story here!!!

  6. Happy Birthday, Woman! You rock! Great post as always!

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