Woman is poo free…. end of week IV



In case you have missed it, about a month ago I decided to try a science experiment. This science experiment was going for one month with no shampoo and no conditioner, and none of my regular face soaps, or body soap. Just using soap to wash my hands and shave.

Because there is no way I want razor burn on my mound. Can you imagine? I’d be walking around scratching and going, ow ow ow ow ow ow ow all day.

Please note: No where in this science experiment did I say I was giving up soap for washing my hands. I found it pretty funny when I was getting emails telling me that you need soap to wash your hands, and I was like, I am still using soap for a couple of things! Just not body wash or shampoo!!! 

So in case you were wondering about the progression….

Original Thought

End of week I

End of week II

End of week III

Basically, I did not shampoo my hair for a whole month. I did “wash” my hair, I used a baking soda combination, and I had my head under the shower tap each day massaging my hair with my fingers trying to clean it.

Now, I have received many many many emails asking why on earth would a person; a woman, do such a thing.

The answer is simple. I wanted “BIG” hair. I wanted something more than the flat, thin, ridiculously straight hair I’ve had all my life. I hate using products. I am the wash n’ go kind of girl where I will put it up in the morning, and not want to touch it till I return home.

I was in love with all the people I have read who have done this experiment said that their once poker straight and fine hair turned into such full and thick and soft hair.

Well, what they forget to tell you is… your full and thick hair feels like… well just is gross.

Sure, it is that clean oil feeling, but I am sorry. When you cannot even run your hand through your hair because of the oil, and you have to wash your hands with soap and water after you do anything with your hair… and the number of times you have to wash your pillow cases each time you use them to make sure they are clean…. well.

I gave the science project one month and two days.

My hair looked great up as it did really really have lots of volume.

But that is the only good that I think came out of this all. That if I don’t wash my hair, I get wicked bounce!!!

There was also less whispies floating around, my hair was also much more manageable. Basically I mean, when I pulled it up and clipped my hair in place, I had less hair fall out of the clip.

I really liked that as well.

I just really hated that oily feeling on my fingers.

So for me, yesterday, was the first hair wash in a month. It was such a joy to have what felt like clean hair again!!!

I am not usually one to wear my hair down all that often especially in the summer time. But yesterday? Oh I wore it down all day and it felt amazing!!!

I am still going to try to teach my hair how not to rely on shampoo and conditioner to feel and look good, and I am going to try to get us3ed to the idea of only shampooing once or twice a week, with daily getting my head all wet to get rid of the stinkyness of day to day life here.

As for my skin, my face has cleared up wonderfully!!! But my neck? Not so much.

Strange things to note???

My hair while I was doing this experiment took forever to dry. It used to take maybe twenty minutes for my hair to be completely dry and not it is taking hours. I had a shower this morning at about 530am, it is now just past 10am and my hair is still pretty damp.

I plan on continuing this little science journal on my hair and what I find works the best. Because when I started looking for info, no one really kept one long term so I had no idea what to expect. So hopefully, this is help someone out.

And as another side note, on my body I had stopped using body soap to wash with. A few times a week, I would used the cocoa, coconut milk, coffee grinds and honey mixture to scrub from hair line to the soles of my feet, or an olive oil and white sugar scrub. Every other day, I took a wash cloth (the kind where my hand would go into it) and scrub down my body with just water. As I said, I only used body soap while shaving. Let me just tell you. My body skin looks and feels amazing!!! The fleshy part of my forearms, the swell of my breasts, and my shins always have been itchy from dry skin. I’ve not had a problem in over three weeks with itchy skin. I have also noticed my body’d natural scent is much nicer too.

You know when you rub your hand over your arm real fast then sniff your skin? Using soap, by the next morning if I did that I smelt like China. But since I stopped using soap, I think I smell a lot nicer and the women at the stores have been asking what did I change my soap and lotion too as my skin just looks better.

I cannot wait till winter and see what my skin and hair will look like. Will the dryness get to my skin and will I need lotion??? I guess time will tell.

But I can tell you one thing, I do so miss the bubbles.

Lots of humps… and in the next post??? I have something REALLY special planned that will make your imaginations soar. I know mine did!!!


I mean…


PS: and a HUGE thank-you to Mister Huff darling who started #MusicforWoman on Twitter. Join in the fun and the hilarious moments, put some songs you think of when you think of Ethiopia or China or food or what not. Have to give Mister Huff darling some credit for his most recent blog post, I watched the YouTube video and fell off my couch, coffee came out of my nose and I laughed so hard. I should take a picture of the purple bruise growing on my knee. Take a look and have some fun: #MusicForWoman (click that to get to the blog post because I don’t know how to put the video in here). If you decide to join in the music fun? Make sure you include me @Woman_China so I can thank you proper!!!!


~ by Woman on July 30, 2012.

15 Responses to “Woman is poo free…. end of week IV”

  1. Didn’t the Romans and Greeks wash by using olive oil on their skin and then have it all scraped off? It seemed to work for them although where you’d find a body slave to do this these days is something I’m not sure about. But look what you can get.

  2. HAHAHA!!! That kid rocks!

  3. hmmmmm razor burn on the mound…. the mind boggles….

  4. I’ve been thinking about trying the No Poo craze, too. Good luck, Woman!

    • Hello Beautiful!!!

      Thought I’d spill the beans rather than wait another week.

      I’ve been doing this for about three or four days and have some great success.

      I’ve actually found taking a small dime sized squeeze of shampoo and mixed with about a cup of water, shaken plenty, then squeezed onto the roots and massaged into wet hair seems to work pretty well.

      I then do a quick condition, were I take a squeeze of conditioner and while my head is under the water, quickly massage the conditioner into the ends of my hair.

      My hair is once again softer, feeling more clean and easier to work with. If I remember, next week I’ll write a post about alternate to the no poo movement like I did to a more moderate and gradual workings towards no poo.

      Thanks for swinging through!!!


  5. I bet you always look good, Woman! Great experimanert, though…

  6. Mad Doctor Woman’s experiments are rapidly becoming my favorite new parts of your blog!

    Everything comes down to Poo!

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