Woman’s Science Project… no poo? Week V

So I am back!!! With better hair than before!!!

And I am coming to you from a very rainy Inner Mongolia today!!! It is really kind of neat to feel this kind of humidity. Only me being me forgot to think about the wind, and that the rain is a dirty rain not a clean rain and I did laundry this morning and washed my floors only to see them flooded again and one side of my laundry all soaking wet with rain splatter.

It’s actually kind of funny if you think about it. I am spending the day indoors, curled up with books, various movies, sex toy reviews, thoughts and candles.

I have really forgotten how much I miss a simple candle.

It is one of those “healing” salt candles my younger sister… well pretty much everything but the photo of mine and my sisters legs, came from my younger sister. And yes. That is a Christmas Tree ornament of an outhouse.

Very old family joke. Remind me later and I might tell you about it.

Anyways, this is a post about my science project. Not my house!!!

So in case you were wondering about the progression….

Original Thought

End of week I

End of week II

End of week III

End of Week IV

And this is the end of Week V.

The one major thing I have figured out and can now say oh so very honestly, my hair needs soap. Just regular water or a baking soda solution just does not work.

My hair, needs soap right now.

And I did try the hold my head under the shower head and washing my hair with plenty of water and a small squeeze of soap… but I couldn’t regulate how much I was using each time and my over all goal is to use no soap. And since that is not a possibility at the moment, as little soap and conditioner as possible.

But I might have found a solution to get me over that last hurdle.

I took a tablespoon or so of shampoo and put it in a 500mL squeeze bottle. Filled the rest of the bottle up with water, and I did the shimmey shimmey shake till it was all bubbles and then squirted some on my wet head only near my bangs and crown, and massaged it in.

If you are thinking of doing this, please note, that you are not going to get a head full of bubbles or the ability to make your hair into a mohawk or really neat hair styles. If you do this no soap thing, those days are kind of over.

After rinsing well, I took a wee bit (less than a dime size) of conditioner and worked it into just the ends and rinsed well.

I’ve noticed that my hair looks much cleaner and softer than when I went no poo, and feels so much cleaner!!! I cannot stress that enough. It is so nice to have soft hair again!!! I have this amazing shine back to my hair, but not as many fly aways as I had before I started this experiment. I also noted that I have a little more bounce (not much but enough for the once poker straight stubbornly straight hair no matter what I did to sit up and grin) and a just the slightest natural kink.

So. I’ll continue using this method for another week and see how it goes.

As for my face, well, I have been trying out a new recipe (lemon juice, coconut milk, cocoa and some cinnamon) and have noticed that my face is not as oily as before so maybe there is something to the whole lemon juice to control oil. I will be doing some more experiments with that over the next little while.

So that is that my loverlies… another week over and done with for the science experiment. As always, if you have tried to go no poo, let me know how your experiment turned out!!! And before I forget, if you are curious about going no poo, you might want to try this “friendly” way I was reading about the other day;

– Take a brand new bottle of your favourite brand of shampoo.

– Every time you use some, refill it up with water.

– Shake.

-Repeat over and over and over again.

This way you use less shampoo but still get the cleaning effect of shampoo.


~ by Woman on August 7, 2012.

4 Responses to “Woman’s Science Project… no poo? Week V”

  1. I couldn’t give up my foamy suds. That’s my compensation for not having much hair up there.

    I think this “Go foam, or go home” attitude stems from being deprived of bubble baths as a kid.

    • I’ll have to one day take a picture of my bathroom. My laundry room, shower, sink, mirror, and toilet are all in the same room open, and not a stall type thing. I love it!!!! I shower in front of my mirror sometimes and yes, I sing to my reflection… when I had a mohawk going on.

      I will miss the foam but… it had to go!

  2. Good luck, Woman! Sounds like you’re making good progress so far….

    • Figuring out what works!!! I am happy that I am slowly getting something that works other than just soaps and such. I just wish I could do just water!

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