Come grocery shopping with Woman!!

I was reading a blog post by Jennifer Avventura , a fellow woman of the world- in other words, a Canadian who has decided to make the world her home. Only her home is in Sardinia, Italy, where mine is in Inner Mongolia, China.

She had this one post where she spoke of her regular groceries, and that sparked a thought in one of the commenters head about doing the same thing, and since in my opinion that does indeed show fellow travelers exactly how much you get for the price… I decided why not do something similar!

And I thought it would be neat to show just what kind of “stuff” I usually have in my grocery cart.

As most men who come into contact with me very quickly discover, I am in love with mangoes. And these Sindhri mangoes from Pakistan are my favourites. So if I see them… I drop some pretty jiaos (Chinese version of cents, but really more of a dime) on them and for two, it is about the cost of the apples and the banana’s and the tomatoes put together.

The savoury veggie bread is basically whole wheat flour, onions, garlic, chives, sesame seeds, ginger (and other spicy yummies), an egg, water and put into a giant thingie (reminds me of a huge flat waffle iron) to cook it. They continually add some egg yolk and water mixer to keep the bread a little on the moist side rather than being a true “nan” or flat bread.  I take the fresh snow peas and blanched broccoli and tomato and make a kind of sandwich out of it for lunch.

The fruit is basically snack foods, and the veggies are for meals.

Batteries are for The Duck, and no I am not talking about a man whore. I am talking about the fun electro-stim vibrator to work my kegels and pelvic floor muscles (which I must say my vagina feels… well… so much more pampered than usual, but that will be another post).

Face wipes… well, it is hot here in China, and I’ve been all over town this whole summer and in people’s homes, hotels, restaurants and cars… and I have only been in an air conditioned car once and the big international plaza has air conditioning. And I hardly go there! And I ask the taxi driver to turn off the a/c. So my face gets a little… oily.

My mother was telling me when I showed her this picture, that her bill would come to what I paid in kuai in dollars. But I paid….

I don’t know if you read Chinese, but all the above (plus two bags of white vinegar, toilet bowl cleaner and a scrub brush which were all put to use as soon as I got home to attack the washer to clean it from the inside out… well the toilet bowl cleaner I used to clean the tile walls. I hate scrubbing walls) came out to 120.2rmb. Which is 18.9USD.

Ok. Now because I know many of you have never seen some of these fruits, and they are amazingly delicious… let me take you on a walk around these fruits. I just need to get a knife, some plates and my compost pail!!!

And I should have done this before I had my lunch. Because now I am no longer hungry!!!

But meh. It’ll give me some snacks for later!!!

Well it is much later and now I have a mango in my belly. And a mangosteen. The dragon fruit I’ll save for later.

Ok. My favourite fruit first:

Mangosteen: You eat the white fleshy interior and it is… I do not know how to explain it. But if they could bottle happiness… this is what I think it would taste like. It is like a burst of sunshine… you know that rush you get when you eat chocolate? Then you feel guilt? Well… this stuff is better than chocolate and no guilt afterwards.

Yes, I did say this is better than chocolate!!!

It is such an amazing fruit. Today I decided to do my fruit shopping at the actual store knowing I’d pay for few extra kuai (Chinese version of “buck” or “quid”) but that I’d actually get a receipt. But around here, these are usually piled up high on the back of a donkey’s cart or the back of a truck and sold from various street corners.

And yes. I did say donkey cart. I think I’ve posted pictures previously of donkey carts and fruits. It is very common around here.

Next up:

Sindhri Mangoes: Now I might say that these are my favourite mangoes, and yes, this is true. But I am not a mango discriminator. I will eat any and all mangoes. And will enjoy licking the juices that dribble down my arm while savouring each and every mouth full. Frozen, room temperature, mashed, chopped, added to stir fries or salads… I do not really care how it is served. I prefer my mangoes peeled and sliced or frozen. I also prefer my mangoes to be eaten like breakfast off a man’s body. But I will settle for a bowl of mangoes and a fork.

Now the main reason why mangoes are not at the top of my favourite fruit list is simple. Mangosteens are really expensive and mangoes are not. So I get mangoes frequently, and mangosteens are treats.

But, if you get a chance and it is a little on the warmer side outside, here is a nice little treat that you and your bed mate can partake in. Get a ripe mango (not overly ripe=squishy but more a semi hard mango=think peach here) and peel it. Slice it into long strips and lay flat on a peice of wax paper or into a ziploc bag and freeze. Make sure none of the mango peices are touching. Freeze- I usually freeze them overnight.

Then bring them to the bedroom with some yoghurt and other sliced fruits (papaya, apples, dragon fruit, star fruits… you know. Fruits!) and eat your breakfast from his or her body, and be sure to dip your fruits good and proper and if you happen to loose part of your frozen mango inside of your lady friend… that is why you have a tongue, lips and fingers.

Enjoy the juices!!! Best part of breakfast I tell you!!

Yeah I know… everyone seems to find banana’s and frozen strawberries erotic… sure. Be like everyone else. I find fruit buffets much more fun as they add variety!! Just make sure to have a towel or two to put under you or you’ll spoil the bedding and those things are a pain to clean. Or just enjoy the kitchen table or the floor or even the counter.

Dragon Fruit: This is one fruit that took me a while to warm up too. I find ours here in China to be a little on the bland side, but it is chalked full of the good stuff that makes your body happy so I buy them. Plus they really just look neat!!!

The skin is not hard like a durian fruit, which I should get, but those suckers are HUGE and I could never eat one before it would go bad. So maybe I will just have to get you guys some pictures from the market so I can show you this jurassic style fruit that smells worse than a skunk, has the texture of butter and tastes odd but all you’d have to eat is a mouthful of durian fruit every few hours and you’d never be malnourished.

Anyways. Dragon fruit, as I said ours are pretty bland, but I like the seeds.  When friends have come to visit, they enjoy this fruit in some yoghurt, but since I am severely lactose problematic I prefer my fruits plain!!!

Anyways… here I’ve shown you some of the more common fruits we have here in China that frequent my kitchen… rather frequent my belly.

I have a terrible love affair with fruits and veggies in the summer time, for as soon as winter comes, I’ll be stuck with root veggies and probably no fresh fruits except winter apples and frozen oranges… but I don’t really enjoy oranges here. And come the winter, my “healthy” choices are pretty much gone and I am stuck eating usually cabbage, radishes, beets, mushrooms, pumpkin and squash.

All I have to say is I hope to gosh this Ethiopian gig turns out because I would love to go to some place where I can eat fruit in the winter!!!!

So tell me great reader people, what is usually in your grocery bag?


PS- I should tell all you new readers to The World According to Woman that one of the reasons of my grocery bill is so cheap (even by most Chinese standards) is that there is nothing “western” in my cart. Someday soon when I have a “western” hankering, I’ll take you with me. The above will last me for two to three days of eating in, but if I were to buy western or foreign foods… I’d be bloody broke!!!

So far people who have taken part in the Cost of Living Around the World

Canadian Travel Bugs… a look at prices in Shanghai, China… and even my eyes jumped out of my sockets when I saw how much she pays for groceries!

The Daily Groceries Sardinia, Italy… Jennifer Avventura

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~ by Woman on August 13, 2012.

7 Responses to “Come grocery shopping with Woman!!”

  1. Awesome! And thanks for the shout out! Im going to link this post with mine, ok?

    I hate mangos. They have this weird texture I can’t stand, yuck. But I’d love to try a mangosteen. Those look heavenly.

    • There are so many types of mangoes out there…. some are fibrous and some are are so succulent that they just fall apart in your mouth and others have more of a brie like texture. It makes me sad to hear anyone not liking mangoes!!! Now if you said you didn’t like strawberries or beans on the other hand…

      I’m a mango whore. And my little nephew when I visit will sneak into my room at night to tell me that there are mangoes and that he is hungry can I help him to peel mangoes for a midnight snack?? To which of course I indulge the little turkey.

      Mangosteens… mmmm…. I was trying to find some wax berries too or some lychees but it is a little out of season for those guys.

      Of course! Link away!

  2. […] Curious to see what the Daily Groceries cost in China? Check out my blogger friend –  The World According to Woman – Come grocery shopping with woman. […]

  3. Thanks for the link. I absolutely love mangoes – they are one of my favourite fruits. It´s always good to try out new ones, though, which I got the chance to do when I spent two months in south-east Asia earlier this year. Like you, I try to stick to local produce to keep shopping bills down.

    • LOL!!! It is also the best way to eat in my opinion! Everything is much more tastier when it is fresh and not from a package!

      It took me a very long time to get used to grocery shopping for one to three days instead of once a week. And now that I do?? My bill is almost cut in half.

      I cannot wait to do this when/if I move to Ethiopia!!!

  4. Mmm. Fruits and veggies. I love, love, love fresh produce.

  5. Hi Woman…
    Great post. Jennifer had a great idea.
    Groceries in Shanghai are a little high, but there are a lot of expats here and rich local Chinese who sold land a few years back. You will see A LOT of flash cars here. In my opinion the prices are higher because they can. My husband also likes to shop at the Western Shop where we can get some items from home… and of course that is WAY more. If I shop more local then it is cheaper. I should do another post and compare the western shops to more local wet markets.
    PS Thanks for the ping back.

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