Woman talks about some new things…


Give me a moment. I think I want to have a cup of coffee so need to go make it, then I an going to settle into my brand new giant bean bag chair and write to you all some more. 

Are you going to join me in my morning coffee??? 

Ok so I didn’t go to make coffee, it is just so dang hot here at the moment that  refreshing green drink is the way to go. I started taking Greens+ or Greens Plus nowhere did I learn exactly which one is right, so I just wrote both. I actually kind of found it to be a little on the excessively sweet side. I was hoping when I started drinking it that it would be a little more earthy or grassy tasting. 

But alas. It was sweet. And not from the berries either!!! (I got both an original and the Wild Berry Burst)  

So about a week ago, I switched from drinking Greens Plus to drinking Green Vibrance, and within about three or four days I really did notice a difference. I didn’t really notice much of a difference when I took Greens Plus, but I did start to feel a difference when I took the Green Vibrance.

I think I have discovered which one I’ll be buying more of in the future!

So, I am currently writing to you from my brand spanking new ginormous granny smith coloured bean bag chair which measures just over 1.8mx1.4m. It is massive. And I am actually tempted to buy another one for another corner in red. I’ve got the space. It’s cheap enough…. I just need to figure out if I have enough company to warrant buying a new one!!!

Here is a picture of it, mind the mess around it, I am still putting away the small stuff from the move and I got a new set of shelves in from Ikea which of course I had to put together as soon as I could. I mean, Ikea items are just fun like a massive small number peice puzzle.

Image And It really is a vibrant green colour, but well you know. iPads. Pictures on the iPad look amazing, but as soon as you get them off the iPad? They suck. 

LOL! I am watching an old episode of Star Trek Deep Space Nine. The one where Bashir is talking to Garek about the boy who cried wolf. Jullian said that the moral of the story is that if you always lie, no one will beleive you when you finally do tell the truth. Now Garek turned around, gave one of his enigmatic grins and said something like, “Why doctor are you sure that is the moral of the story? I would have thought that the moral of the story is never to tell the same lie twice!”

Ok. And now back to you.

 I am not happy with this new WordPress layout. When did they change that? And why did they change it? I find it clunky and messy. Anyone else in the same boat? 

When I get the rest of my furniture in, I will take a video tour of my new home so you all can see a modern home in China. Compared to all my other apartments, this one is so… western. My first apartment, the floor was just a concrete floor. That was the standard. My next apartment, well there was hardly enough room to turn around anywhere- I felt like a sardine. My last apartment was pretty nice, but gosh it was old. No matter how much I cleaned, it always looked dirty. This apartment, everything is new and everything is bright and shiny and makes me happy!!! I jsut need to figure out how to keep some of this dust out. I know, I know, close the windows! but how else would I keep the apartment cool? 

So of course I saved the best for last… My Eleven. I showed you a picture in the previous post… and I am waiting till maybe Monday to sit down and take some pictures so you can see just how massive he is. I’ve got company arriving today and I’ve got some students that wanted a fun lesson tomorrow… so some alone time to properly capture the toy will be hard to come by. I do plan on abusing my vagina as soon as I hit publish on this post though. So while you are reading this… I am masturbating! Now there’s a thought. 

I’ve been asked a time or two about his size and fit and with him being metal how does that work? Let me tell you… he is just… perfect. My body welcomes his weight with that intense pleasure from being delightfully stretched. I love just laying there with my legs splayed open in every which direction, a little wet in anticipation but not nearly wet enough to properly take him. I just part my lips and loosely hold his smaller end at my entrance and let his weight and gravity and my body’s natural tightness slow him down. I don’t know how to explain it… I think I need more practice with him while having an inner dialogue with myself about it. The Eleven is simply amazing in that once he is in and if I touch a vibrator to my clit- I am pretty much gone in an instant.  

Overall, I think the greatest part of the Eleven is his weight. At almost three pounds of unforgiving metal, he pushes my flesh out of his way and it is like he demands me to orgasm. I think early next week I shall be bold enough to try out his bigger end and see if my body can take him. But I think that session will be a very, very, very long masturbation session. 

And my body just decided to agree with that idea. 

And on that note, I am going to publish this and go and enjoy various body parts for a while. But before I dash away to do some selfish deeds, if you are newerish to The World According to Woman, feel free to look me up on Twitter at @Woman_China. If you know of any off the wall blogs that talk about this and that with an edge, please let me know! I am looking for some new stuff to read as most of the blogs I read ages ago are gone. 

Lot’s of wet thoughts from me to you!!! 


~ by Woman on July 6, 2013.

3 Responses to “Woman talks about some new things…”

  1. All I can say is, “YAY!” I am so looking forward to seeing the video. And I too do not enjoy the new layout. It does not flow as smoothly I think. So glad to start reading your blogs again as I have the internet full time.:)
    Hubby darling and I have missed you and he will be happy to read this when I’m not on it. lol

  2. Very much so.😀
    I just started a new job, but I have a regulated schedule now and I plan on being around more.😀

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