A Woman and her chair…

I believe I have told you about my new granny smith green bean bag chair. This thing is so wickedly comfortable. But it is huge!!!!

It is quite seriously, one the most comfortable chair or couch I’ve been in in a very very long time. And a hammock doesn’t count.

My new home has had a constant stream of visitors, mostly students wanting to see how a foreigner lives. It has been quite the interesting time. But the constant dust is killing me!!! I have to sweep my floors twice a day and wash them daily just to try to keep some of the dust at bay.

Anyways, I’ve had a little bit of free time now that school for me is over, I’ve taken up a part time job at a local private school with my schools permission of course… but it is only for sure this week. That’s not so bad, because it all depends on my visa. I just really want to make my way to Liaoning for the summer. I’d like nothing more then to just let my hair down and relax with a few friends for a while. 

Not to mention, a bed mate for more than a few days.

I wonder if I’d be able to take my Eleven on the plane? Do you think I could take it in my carry-on?

And in any case, if I cannot get to Liaoning, at least I’d have a little job to do here.

I’m again looking forward to the winter, yesterday was just a wickedly hot day that pretty much did me in. Every time I thought about doing anything productive, my body just went, “golly, are you sure? It’s really hot”. We are back into the hot season here in Inner Mongolia, where you cannot walk more than one or two steps before breaking out in a sweat. And we have no air conditioning. I love it when I jump into a taxi and the air is one. I just hate not having to drive very far anymore!!!

My new floor lamps arrived yesterday, they are not very pretty, but easily hide-able in a corner. And that is exactly why I wanted them. I am still waiting upon another shelving unit (you know those wooden ones from Ikea???) and a closet organiser.

Good lord, Chinese people can make some really beautiful things… but storage space? They seriously lack on the concept of “storage space”. Although, at least my kitchen has some cupboards. This is indeed an improvement!!!

Well ladies and gents, I am going to munch down some wonderfully delicious homemade banana bread, and then enjoy my Eleven. I just cannot seem to get enough of that toy and I don’t know why. I don’t know if it is the metal, the weight, the size… of what. I just cannot wait to strip down and enjoy it again and again and again. I shall have to tell you a story about the Eleven and my new gianormous bean bag chair. Talk about interesting positions!!!

Till then!


~ by Woman on July 8, 2013.

11 Responses to “A Woman and her chair…”

  1. You always make everything into an enjoyable adventure! I hope things work out with your visa!

    • Darling, everything is an enjoyable experience once it is over!

      I am crossing my fingers for my visa to be done by weeks end. I’d love to get out of town for a purpose for a little while! Although, I think I’d be leaving my Eleven at home when I travel. My vagina will miss him. Lots.

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