Guess what I got??? And more with Woman…

That’s right ladies and gents… I got my new visa in my greedy little hands and I have people working on my tickets as we speak. The person working on my visa right now is an old friend of mine who basically said that I shouldn’t worry about anything he will get me to him by Saturday night.

So guess who is sitting here thinking of her wardrobe trying to figure out what to pack?

Not to mention… I thought I would have a few more days at least to figure everything out!!!

But I have decided which toys I am going to bring… Nothing too big, just my Jopen and probably something else. I don’t need more than my Jopen, but it is nice to have the option of having something else to play with.

I need to find my nipple clamps.

Anyways, I have my visa and my passport so I am free to run around in and out of China mooning the world and plan to spend Saturday night if all goes well shit faced like I was 22 again. Well, I haven’t seen this crew of people since I was I think 24 so it will be fun for us all to drink a bottle of Jim, Jack or Johnnie and see if we can still stand on our heads without getting into trouble. 

Oh the stories they could tell you about me. And the stories I could tell you about them too!!! Whatever you are currently thinking? Make it even bigger.

In other good news for me today, my last peice of lounging furniture will arrive (well should arrive) later on this afternoon… I cannot hardly wait!!! It is a chaise lounger and according to the seller, no one in Inner Mongolia has one of these chairs. It’s ruddy ugly, but it kind of grows on you. I am pretty excited about it, but I am very sad. I mean, I ordered it three weeks ago and it arrives the day I decide to leave my brand new home for the summer!!!

So, I decided that I was going to be more active on this blog and just as I have met my first week’s accomplishment, I must run away from your all for a little while! Please forgive me. I know I will have wifi in my summer apartment, and I will make an effort to drop a line as often as I can.

Now. Some of you saw my twitter post this morning regarding a man getting off his high horse…. well, I was involved with a man who fell off the world a few years ago and as much as I tried to have my guard up, it crumbled a little. He disappeared, I healed. Then he reappeared and my walls crumbled even more. He fell off the planet again. But that time, I wasn’t so hurt because I knew it was going to happen again. I got over it and life went on. Then again, he popped up again and expected everything to go back the way it was, because he had a pretty damn good excuse. I took him back, but again. After a few months of difficulty of life he poofed. Now I hate to say it, but around him, I actually feel… well like a girl.

Certainly not like the stupid dumb girls out there that pretend to be stupid, but almost caring-like. You know, like not telling him to shove his opinion up his ass if I disagreed with him but more saying, I value your opinion but right now this is the best thing for me.

I know. Protecting a man’s ego? So not my thing.

Anyways, I must say good-bye to you right now, my auntie duties have kicked in. My neice and nephew are just up on their little island of life and I must sing happy birthday to my little pirate!!!!!

Take care and I will fill you in more later!!!!!!


~ by Woman on July 11, 2013.

6 Responses to “Guess what I got??? And more with Woman…”

  1. Congrats on getting your visa renewed. You were saying it was going to be a hassle. I’m glad it’s done and dealt with. Have a great time! I’ll miss the games on Twitter, but I’m sure you’ll have more fun where you’re going.:)

    • Pull my finger.

      The games will still continue!!! I am bringing my laptop with me and that means I’ll have the ability to roam the internet as usual. So they shall still happen!!!

      I made a promise to try to spend more time writing on my blog and participating in twitter (I just cannot seem to get into Facebook… such a waste of internet space in my opinion… plus I mean I have William Shatner and GeorgeTakei (who is a riot by the way))… anyways…

      My neice and nephew were told they were lying by their teacher when they were huddled around the phone talking to me in the playground at the school. When the teacher said to hang up the phone, they said they were talking to their aunt in China. The teacher (the twat) did not beleive I lived in China. She got on the phone and demanded proof.

      So I called her a stupid, closed minded douchebag and why should I have to prove I am where I say I am if it is expected of me to beleive that she really is a teacher?

      I’m sassy, and I am damn proud of it! However; I think my neice and nephew might have detention today. Whoopsies!

  2. You’ve got the visa, now where are you traveling to? Enjoy the ride …😉

    • First stop, Liaoning province. After that? Who knows! I’ve got my visa I can go anywhere as long as I am back home the end of August.

  3. You are always so candid in these posts!

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