Greetings from near North Korea!!!

Hello all!

I am trying to keep my promise and post an update or two each week while on my summer vacation.

It is not really a summer vacation. It is more a work vacation with some old friends, some new friends and beer. Dear lord. I have missed just sitting around after work and having a drink and laughing.

With people who speak English!!!

This was what my holiday this summer was to be about. Work and fun.

And golly, it has only been a couple days since I’ve been here, and it has been hilarious.

My old friend has been telling stories about his mythical time with this giant Canadian woman who likes to get s little wild every once in a while. And I am so glad I came. And was able to come. So a private shout out to my local city’s Police Office Zhu for making it possible!!!

I was given an apartment in a not so nice part of town, but like most things in mainland China, to the outside observer it might not look too pretty, but get on the inside and it is none to shabby. 

My new co-workers get a laugh from my way of playing the Chinese “game” and how the new boss of the school I am working at is a little intimidated by me. They have sent me up to the office so many times today to ask for something or to get something that has always been just out of their reach. Which makes my old friend laugh and chuckle claiming that this all adds to the legend that is already there.

It all makes me chuckle with amusement. It’s really hilarious to be known as a legend and to know that my reputation is just not as a “teacher” but as a person as well.

It’s hot. It’s humid and I forgot how long it takes clothes to dry in this type of climate. Where I live in Inner Mongolia a humid day is about 35% humidity with themps getting into the mid thirties. Here???? I have no idea. But you cannot walk a step without sweating, your hair never fully dries and your clothes always feel like you have walked out of the shower wearing them. But… my skin is loving it and everyone else is sweating. So it is all good!!!

I saw this woman today whose make-up started to literally fall off her face like she was melting. It was so funny to watch!!!

And there is so much fruit here!!! I am at the moment eating fresh blueberries (I’ve not had fresh blueberries since I was last in Canada), cherries and grapes. You have any idea just how expensive grapes and cherries are where I live??? It is sooooo good to see them so cheap!!! I even had to ask the store clerk if her listing price was wrong. I couldn’t beleive it!!!

So of course with the cheap cost of blueberries, my mouth is jam packed with them and I am trying to say chubby bunny before I squish them all.

Anyways, this was a quick pop in to visit with you all… I am being beckoned. OH! There is a massage parlour right outside of my apartment door that does hour long massages, acupuncture and cupping… how amazing is that!!!!! Get off work, lay down get rubbed up, then walk next door and I am home.


PS- very important if you live in China and are planning on renewing your visa or visiting China for the first time:

~ by Woman on July 14, 2013.

4 Responses to “Greetings from near North Korea!!!”

  1. I’m so glad you’re having a wonderful time! It sounds wonderful. A legend, huh? Oh, to be a fly on the wall when those stories are being told.😛

    • To be a fly on the wall while making new stories to be passed on would be much more fun I think!!!! Thanks for swinging by!

  2. Oh the joys of the summer sun. Enjoy it while you can.:)

  3. Sounds like you’re having a fantastic time. You are indeed a legend.:-)

    Faile x

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