Woman shares the news from the North Korea area…

Well how didly do ladies and gents!

I am sitting here at work over my break- lunch break that is- writing
to you. Many things have happened here and many things have been

Needless to say, life is so very interesting here in the lovely
province of Liaoning.

Firstly, let me tell you some info about this place that is my tempory
home. Liaoning is indeed a strange place. The city has quite literally
exploded in size since my last visit here during the Spring Festival
2006. It was winter when I was last here, and while here, I was told
about how cool and wonderful the summers are.

I call bullshit.

I call some serious bullshit.

It has been so very hot and humid and raining elephants and horses for
days and days. We’ve actually had the city water turned off to try to
let the pipes drain properly. Never heard of that one before! But then
again, this is China and China makes sense to the people that live

Well, sometimes they do.

The city I am in is so very green. And right by the river that
separates North Korea from China. It was funny when I was asking some
local people about the “latest North Korean situation”. They kind of
laughed saying that the people here consider North Korea to be like a
spoilt little child always wanting to get their own way. I chuckled
and stated that it sounds like the Quebec folks who wanted (still want
to???) separate from the rest of Canada without taking the debt with

So that puts my mind to rest.

Other than the wet and humid and hot weather, it’s quite pleasent.
I’ve no air conditioner in my home, and the temps reach upwards of 30C
and I’ve not had a thought of needing one. It’s quite cool at night to

We drove up along the river the other day and I did try to kick my own
ass for not bringing my camera with me to demand to stop and take some
pictures to share with the world wide web. The China side of things is
booming with activity and growth not to mention copious amounts of
tall buildings and a Walmart (yes, those things are everywhere). The
Korea side is…. simpler.

Not simpler in a bad way, just more green and some what looks like
fishing villages and oodles of greenery.

It was quite the contrast.

There are many bridges- yes. I did indeed get weak in the knees
looking at all those bridges- ut only a few of them will take you all
the way across to Korea. I cannot wait to grab Legs and demand he take
me to a bunch of touristy sites and some un-heard of touristy sites
here to explore.

Speaking of Legs, he has requested that I teach him many things that I
know. I just rose my eyebrow, grinned impishly and said, “Oh? And what
shall I teach you first?” Silly bugger just grinned back at me.

Flirting with Chinese men is a task I tell you. You never know if you
are making head way or just… or just falling flat on your face. It’s
difficult I tell you. Chinese women are more open and it is kind of
accepted that Chinese women date foreign men. But for a foreign woman,
it is not as widely accepted.

Which I don’t get at all to be honest. In the next few years, there
will be over 30million men in this country whno will never get married
or have a girlfriend. And the government is working on getting the
common person to be ok with gay men.

So wouldn’t it kind of make sense for it to be accepted that Chinese
men date foreign women????

See! This is part of what makes it difficult for me here. Especially
with new men in my life.

Meh. Whatever. I’ll put him in a comprimising position and I’ll find
out soon enough.

And back to Liaoning!!!

I am used to seeing mountains in the cities I live in, but those
mountains are usually off in the distance where you have to travel a
little ways to see them up close and personally. Here? It’s
amazing!!!! I actually get to travel through a mountain, then around a
mountain to get to one of the locations where I work.

It’s freaking awesome!!!!!!!

Ok. I need food. My students have decided to share with me a diease.
Now I am ill. So I must eat some garlic to try to get rid of it. Thank
goodness all people smell of garlic here!!!!

Ta ta for now!

~ by Woman on July 28, 2013.

4 Responses to “Woman shares the news from the North Korea area…”

  1. So do you eat the garlic before or after flirting? :p

  2. The World’s Sexiest Correspondent continues to keep us informed!

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