The World According to Bears

You know… I don’t know how many people come onto this page to check out what is here… but those of you who do, you’ve probably picked up by now, my favourite animal is the bear.

And not just any bear… but… polar bears are my favourite animal, but… I’ll take and giggle and chuckle at any bear.

Now, I’ll leave you all to caption this fart up here above because in my mind, if bears could talk, he’d be saying something like,

D’oh! My folks are at it again!

August 25, 2012

Thanks Mister The Huff for the photo!!!! As you can tell… I have a thing for cute bear photos!!!

GRRRR!!!!! Look at my pearly whites!!!!!!!

And now back to the show…

The World According to Woman

one of the only blogs online of a sexually deprived Canadian in China

Whoops!! I mean ONLY!!!

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